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BREXIT - hopes for normalcy.

Thanks to our own Reserve Currency, the effects of a Brexit have not been too harsh. The Pound Sterling fell, by about 15 percent, that was the first shock. But it seems Britain may stave off the recessionary environment we feared, putting it down to merely the scaremongering. In the meantime, the cheaper Pound may help exports greatly, creating a surplus in the balance of U.K. trade. That will be money available for investing in the various projects under way in Britain.

In the meantime, until the United Kingdom puts in Article 50 to the E.U., trade seems to be going on just as before.

Movement of workers within the E.U. seems to be going on as before. In fact, craftsmen and people with special skills will always be needed by the different nations, and the people always be welcome to come to U.K. to work. What the British people are against is the 'open door policy' which allowed so much immigration. No more. The space, the houses, schools, medical and educational facilities and spare financial resources are just not there to welcome any more people, much as this nation has sympathy for the millions of refugees stranded outside. It is hoped those people may be rehabilitated in their home countries, like Syria. A political solution must be found to encourage the government there receive all her people back. It is a crying shame that Syria has become empty and her people are begging for refuge outside.

With the E.C.B. Stimulus, which ECB President Mario Draghi has confirmed could be expanded further to help Recovery pick up speed, it seems Europe will experience good growth and a rosy environment. It is a pity that only a limited number of the refugees will be given entry into the E.U. but the truth is the resources are stretched and the thought of all those suffering human beings makes people feel uneasy. But it may be best for them to be rehabilitated in their own homelands. That may seem harsh, but in the long-term it will be the right act of kindness. After all, it is wrong for people to be in power who have made their fellow-countrymen homeless refugees. The solution must be to stop the civil conflict, which has ruined the economy and brought so much sadness to so many people and families. I pray the E.U. nations and Muslim nations can help President Bashar al-Asaad to arrange some peace plans and then inspire people to agree to receive back all those beleaguered hapless people.

In the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

(c) Durudarshan 11:03am GMT London 26th July 2016

Decide to vote In E.U., and have good, refreshing sleep

If Britons decide to pull out of the European Union - a decision that would be binding and irrevocable - it will deliver a recession to Britain, I believe. Already Denmark is making contingency plans to pull out £150 billion invested here. Other European nations might respond in a similar fashion. It is costing U.K. a net amount of £8 billion annually to stay In the E.U. That is about £120 yearly for each Briton, roughly 35pence a day. For such an amount, we win so much trade and investments, those are more than worthwhile. Why are the Leave campaign so fussed about it? I believe these are people of above average income, who will not be affected by a downturn in the economy. Some of them even have an idea of turning London into an elitist state, suitable for the very rich, or uber rich as they like to term them. However, a Leave vote will impact millions of the rest, virtually most of us in U.K. My common sense suggests most Britons will vote to stay In, and that would be satisfactory for all of Europe as well. Just to make sure there is no mistake, I would urge everyone possible to vote IN on 23rd June. Kind regards.

- Durudarshan H. Dadlani 8:59pm GMT London 2nd June 2016

A Brexit would bring a downturn in U.K. and Europe - it is best to vote In

Prime Minister David Cameron, upon returning from the talks and agreements he had with the European Union leaders on Britain's renegotiated position, came with the persuasive conclusion that Britons should vote to stay In.

The Chancellor cautioned against pulling out of the E.U., expressing it in stark terms, that the result would be 'financially catastrophic'.

Having studied projected figures from Open Europe on this debate, I am inclined to support these views, and would suggest that Britain would do best to stay In. Being Out would result in drop in trade with our E.U. partners, resulting in job losses in the financial sectors, in the services sectors, and a drop in the GDP figures for the foreseeable fifteen years to 2030. Voting for the improved status quo post the successful renegotiation by Mr Cameron, it would be best to vote In.

Why anyone should wish to venture into a shaky future, I cannot imagine. With great clarity, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn agrees on this principle. I trust the informed views of these admirable leaders shall inspire the voting on 23rd June 2016.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:19pm GMT London 9th March 2016

Today I have, like all people up and down the country, received a booklet from HM Government, making the case why we would do best to vote In and stay with the European Union. And a very sound case they have made for Britain staying In. The government states that over 40 percent of our exports go to the E.U. and nearly 50 percent of our imports come from the E.U. Also, in 2014 Britain attracted £496 billion of Foreign Direct Investment from the European Union. Isolating ourselves from the union would impact about 3 million jobs in the U.K. plus loss of the good relations we have with them. I shall be voting In.

(c) Durudarshan 9:43am GMT London 12th April 2016

A Fed rate hike should be counted out, until after 9th November, I suggest.

In view of the slowdown perceived in the Oil exporting countries, due to fall in revenues with the lower Oil price, it is apparent many countries will be facing recessionary environments at home, and consequently impacting their trading partners. In awareness of this, it may be prudent for the U.S. Federal Reserve not to raise the rate, possibly not before November 9th (when the President will have been elected), or better still, not until after 21st January 2017, when the new U.S. President shall be in the Oval Office.

This would be prudent and necessary to continue the economic Recovery at home, and help the other world economies. For the growing nations, I suggest their Central Banks should consider reducing the benchmark interest rates, and start wider social spending and infrastructure building programmes, to stave off the recession they fear. That is my suggestion for Nigeria. I send you all my good wishes for a continuation of the worldwide economic Recovery. With the right measures, it would strengthen, and take the world to a period of Prosperity, which is in the next year or so, I believe.

(c) Durudarshan 9:43am GMT London 25thMay2016

Economic Stability

To maintain stability and indeed the integrity of the global financial system, I believe the following measures will be needed : Japan has to taper their Stimulus, the huge size of it is dampening the economy. Spain and France have shown improving growth numbers, so the E.C.B. stimulus could be further deployed to bolster the Euro Area economies.

Britain seems on track for continued growth, but perhaps a resolution to stay with the E.U. would bolster confidence and take away the uncertainty. As for the U.S. it seems to be smoothly riding the economic Recovery they have enjoyed so far, and this will strengthen further, as it seems either Mrs Hillary Clinton or Mr Donald Trump will be the Presidential Nominee. On numbers alone, let alone their radical policies, the other candidates - Senators Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich - seem to be ruled out, and will carry commiserations for a race well run.

(c) Durudarshan 9:34am GMT London 29th April 2016

I have a great idea! How about some wealthy individuals backing me to take a stake in Tata Steel UK? Anyone who invests in undervalued companies with upside potential. I would appreciate hearing from them, and then I could give them a succinct picture of what is possible. Please send me an email in the first instance : [email protected]

Thanks. 6:39pm GMT 22/4/16.

A Management Buy-out may be a sound proposal for Tata Steel.

It seems good news for the workers at Port Talbot in the steel plants, that one of the managers, Mr Stuart Wilkie, is considering a 'management buy-out'. This seems a sound way to save the Tata steel plants, and save the jobs, about 4000 at Port Talbot and another 7000 at the other plants. Mr Wilkie is said to be a man of steel through and through, knowing all the manufacturing processes well as well as the stocking and distribution logistics. It may be that steel price at the moment is at a record low. Regardless, it is true that there will always be a demand for the high quality steel products traditionally produced in the U.K. (Some say the demand outstrips supply). The management buy-out may turn out to be the best deal for all the workers and investors, if the up-pick in demand resumes soon. With all commodity prices at all time lows, there cannot be a better time for build up around the world. So, who will provide the funds? Could the Tata Pension funds invest in saving themselves (if their rules permit; or could they be amended)? Or how about Rolls Royce? - their name signifies everything the Tata Steel people are trying to preserve and enhance. Or, how about Jaguar Land Rover, surely they constantly require the best products for their cars, and Tata is a sister company. As they were losing £1million a day at Tata, perhaps the government could consider a saving investment of £365million : that will preserve the jobs for a year at least, and if everything works out as envisaged, all will be celebrating. For someone, this will turn out the best investment this year.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 4:23pm GMT London 20th April 2016

Today I heard the U.K. government is offering to take a 25percent stake in Tata Steel U.K. and would invest a Billion Pounds. That obviously values the plants at £4Billion; only a wealthy corporation or individual would invest such an amount, although such a person may be in the top 250 billionaires in the world, perhaps someone in finance or commodities or some complementary sector. Perhaps Stuart Wilkie could find backing ? or Sanjeev Gupta of Liberty House? Or someone from Toronto, or France? or Germany?

8:21pm GMT London 21st April 2016.

On Steel Exports, China promised an 'accommodative policy' in October 2015. Hopefully that is still on and being implemented.

With its current stocks of steel, China has started to cut down this production, some plants are idle, the villages around them vacant, the small shops closed. It seems China would listen to tariffs being introduced on their products, even with reluctance. In October 2015, when President Xi visited Britain, and soon thereafter, its seemed the Chinese were agreeable to introducing 'accommodative policies' to curb steel exports. If tariffs are introduced by U.K. and E.U. partners, this would greatly assist the situation. If China, S.Korea and Taiwan release their stocks slowly and profitably for themselves, it would be so much the better for every nation.

(c) Durudarshan 9:42pm GMT 11th April 2016 London

The European Union and United Kingdom should consider tariffs on steel imports from outside the bloc, to safeguard the industry

China produces nearly 49 percent of the global steel, up from only 10 percent barely 10 years ago. Steel production is important to every country, including the Ruhr valley where it is an established component of their economy over the last three hundred years. I imagine the steel mills have to rationalise (if not nationalise) to save the future of the steel industries in the European Union nations, and Europe as a whole. Even if they were to use scrap steel at home and install on-and-off burners, production may not be cheap enough to compete with imports from China. For the long-term future survival of the steel industries, the European Union may be best advised to introduce tariffs to delay imports. In the United States where electricity is 280 percent cheaper than in the U.K., they have tariffs on imported steel. That is a protectionist measure, but it has been prudent and necessary. It would behove the U.K. to introduce such tariffs too. Our Chinese, South Korean and Taiwanese friends should implement slow release of stocks, and that would be profitable for them, instead of shipping it out at a loss.

(c) Durudarshan 8:33pm GMT 9th April 2016 London.

A Brexit would bring a downturn in U.K. and Europe - it is best to vote In

Prime Minister David Cameron, upon returning from the talks and agreements he had with the European Union leaders on Britain's renegotiated position, came with the persuasive conclusion that Britons should vote to stay In.

The Chancellor cautioned against pulling out of the E.U., expressing it in stark terms, that the result would be 'financially catastrophic'.

Having studied projected figures from Open Europe on this debate, I am inclined to support these views, and would suggest that Britain would do best to stay In. Being Out would result in drop in trade with our E.U. partners, resulting in job losses in the financial sectors, in the services sectors, and a drop in the GDP figures for the foreseeable fifteen years to 2030. Voting for the improved status quo post the successful renegotiation by Mr Cameron, it would be best to vote In.

Why anyone should wish to venture into a shaky future, I cannot imagine. With great clarity, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn agrees on this principle. I trust the informed views of these admirable leaders shall inspire the voting on 23rd June 2016.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:19pm GMT London 9th March 2016

Today I have, like all people up and down the country, received a booklet from HM Government, making the case why we would do best to vote In and stay with the European Union. And a very sound case they have made for Britain staying In. The government states that over 40 percent of our exports go to the E.U. and nearly 50 percent of our imports come from the E.U. Also, in 2014 Britain attracted £496 billion of Foreign Direct Investment from the European Union. Isolating ourselves from the union would impact about 3 million jobs in the U.K. plus loss of the good relations we have with them. I shall be voting In.

(c) Durudarshan 9:43am GMT London 12th April 2016

A tale of two market technicians

I hope my readers realized that I had cropped this picture - previously the pencil was poised over a stock price 23-3/16th. Some bright spark may have assumed there was some subtle significance. I can assure you there was none, it is just an old stock picture of a newspaper page. Strangely enough, the trader who is being accused of having spoofed the market and making a huge amount of profits from that appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court here in London on 23rd. According to U.K. law, he has done nothing wrong, he was just trading using the techniques people pick up. But the U.S. authorities would like to extradite him. Such a court case in the U.S. would highlight the farcical techniques people seem to use in trading - would they sue the companies when the small trader makes loses? That is the situation such a case would surely throw up. I would like the prosecutors to consider the fact that he is a man of very modest means, the big money he cleared from the markets apparently he soon gave back to the markets, over a period of five years. He has no extravagant tastes, still goes to the temple to pay homage to God regularly, and lives humbly, his company has huge liabilities. His parents and family love him dearly, and feel sad at the prospect of a 300 year jail sentence. No one lives that long...what are the Federal prosecutors trying to tell the world? On the very same day that market dropped nearly a 1000 points, it recovered most of it by the close, inspired by a canny market technician. Does the market technician deserve some reward?

(c) Durudarshan 8:26pm GMT London 24th March 2016.

A Brexit would bring a downturn in U.K. and Europe - it is best to vote In

Prime Minister David Cameron, upon returning from the talks and agreements he had with the European Union leaders on Britain's renegotiated position, came with the persuasive conclusion that Britons should vote to stay In.

The Chancellor cautioned against pulling out of the E.U., expressing it in stark terms, that the result would be 'financially catastrophic'.

Having studied projected figures from Open Europe on this debate, I am inclined to support these views, and would suggest that Britain would do best to stay In. Being Out would result in drop in trade with our E.U. partners, resulting in job losses in the financial sectors, in the services sectors, and a drop in the GDP figures for the foreseeable fifteen years to 2030. Voting for the improved status quo post the successful renegotiation by Mr Cameron, it would be best to vote In.

Why anyone should wish to venture into a shaky future, I cannot imagine. With great clarity, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn agrees on this principle. I trust the informed views of these admirable leaders shall inspire the voting on 23rd June 2016.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:19pm GMT London 9th March 2016

Today I have, like all people up and down the country, received a booklet from HM Government, making the case why we would do best to vote In and stay with the European Union. And a very sound case they have made for Britain staying In. The government states that over 40 percent of our exports go to the E.U. and nearly 50 percent of our imports come from the E.U. Also, in 2014 Britain attracted £496 billion of Foreign Direct Investment from the European Union. Isolating ourselves from the union would impact about 3 million jobs in the U.K. plus loss of the good relations we have with them. I shall be voting In.

(c) Durudarshan 9:41am GMT London 12th April 2016.

Freezing Oil production at January levels is not a solution at all. That happy agreement achieved by the biggest Oil producers didn't gel with the rest of the producers. The current inventory levels in the U.S., said to be in excess of 500 million barrels, suggest the price will continue to slide downwards for the meantime. To utilise this glut would necessitate production cuts of at least 2 million barrels a day, even then a lower price may be workable, for about the next six months, to absorb the excess. That is a true picture of the Oil market, as at 19th February 2016, when Oil is trading at$31 and $34 for WTI and Brent. (c) Durudarshan. 

The Oil producing nations ought to agree on some production cuts, and announce it, before the situation becomes rotten.

" Good Evening, Your Majesty (this is addressed to the King of Saudi Arabia).

I, like most people, am surprised to hear the news that there is such an Oil glut in the world that soon people may have to use their swimming pools to store the excess. In the meantime, the Oil price has slid, from $90 in 2012 to the current $30, going towards $25. I hear that Your nation and Russia are the biggest exporters, and although Your Kingdom have cut some production, because of lack of demand from such countries as China, there is now the Oil glut. Forgive me, it would make a dirty scene for Oil to fill people's swimming pools (those who are lucky enough to have such luxuries, I don't). Could You kindly direct Your Ministers to agree production cuts with all OPEC members, and then announce it, perhaps at a specially arranged meeting very soon. I believe that would not only help shore up the Oil price, but it will enable sufficient revenues to flow to the Oil producers to keep their development projects at home expanding, and trade with the other nations continuing, and thereby helping to avert what could otherwise become a Recession, and I trust nobody wants that.

I pray that Your Majesty will have the wholehearted support of Your fellow brothers in the OPEC nations and beyond (hopefully including Russia) to implement such a policy. I pray for the continuing Prosperity of Your nation. I send You my good wishes, Your Excellency."

-----Durudarshan H. Dadlani

(c) Copyright, but may be shared freely for widest distribution. 10:25pm GMT 11February2016

The Psychic predicts flash floods.

The Psychic and Author Betsey Lewis has written about the changing weather. She is predicting Arctic conditions in U.S, Europe and even Africa in the coming few weeks. Her predictions are worth paying heed to.....she predicted the sudden cold and snow in China and Taiwan only a short while ago. It has happened.

She is advising people to heed warnings of flash flooding in their move to higher ground, and not go to the flood roads.

She updates the predictions on her website. Friends, you may wish to warm yourselves :

Make it easy for Spain, take away the unnecessary pain

Minister for the Economy and Competitiveness in Spain, Luis de Guindos, recently spoke up about Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, that it was under his leadership Spain has seen the economic Recovery, with creation of a record number of jobs. For this trend to continue, perhaps the left-wing could extend their support to Senor Rajoy to form the government, and continue his captaincy of the would be in the best national interest.

- Durudarshan H. Dadlani 7:35pm GMT 26th January 2016.

Shifts in the patterns of weather

Unseasonally warm weather in the northern hemisphere at this time of the year. It is 12 degrees C in London, about 8 degrees more than in previous years. 2015 was said to be the warmest year so far. The changes in the pattern of weather, cold when it should be warm, snowing when it should be warm, like in Beijing and Taiwan at the moment, suggests the global warming and climatic changes are causing all this. The international lobby that is trying to find ways to combat such climate change, perhaps is also considering ways to combat the resultant phenomena. A professor in San Francisco says the change may be attributed to the formation of a 'blanket of carbon dioxide' a few miles over the surface of the globe. It's either a blanket or perhaps clouds of carbon dioxide, as well as the crack in the ozone layer over Australia (probably causing the bush fires there) which are probably responsible. Can humanity do anything to combat all these developments, and co-operate as world communities to safeguard the planet? What measures can be taken to help the crack in the ozone layer heal? I don't know, but I imagine it may take a good ten to fifteen years to heal. In the meantime, they can 'thin' down the forests, and that applies to Greece as well, where forest fires seem a regular occurence during summer in Europe. As for the carbon dioxide blanket, well, could the different nations deploy some jet spraying, of some compound that neutralises the blanket, and hopefully rains down in some benign form? I only studied O Level chemistry at school, but I believe there are some possibilities. I feel sure there will be students with good imagination who could suggest some solutions.....but it will remain for the politicians and governments to actually deploy such tactics.

I would also suggest that war and conflict have to be resolved through diplomatic methods. It is an observation of common-sense that the global warming has accelerated since the conflicts in the Middle East, since around 1990. All the bombings and burnings and dirty smoke have in the meantime accumulated to give the world community these shifts in weather. I hope I am wrong, but I fear worse is still to come....unless peace prevails everywhere, and creative methods are tried.

- Durudarshan H. Dadlani 11:28am GMT 25th January 2015 (London)

Continuation of economic Recovery in the U.S.

Today, Larry Fink, the moneymaster at Blackrock, has given his forthright view that he does not see a recession ahead, and expressed confidence that the U.S. government funding will continue as is normal (i.e. in perpetuity). This together with soundbites coming out before the FOMC Meeting, confirms that all shall be well, and indeed the funding will continue as before.

The stockmarkets, the DOW having already fallen about 20 percent which Richard Fisher was predicting, seem to have found a point of cheap evaluation, and consequently moved up today, ending this as the strongest finish this New Year, presaging further gains in the coming weeks and months. At least, that is what all are hoping for. No individual or nation would again like to endure a recession if it can be avoided. Despite a small increase in number of unemployed individuals, the U.S. can be expected to build on its strengths. In no small measure that has been helped by Democratic policies under Mr Obama; I have a gut feeling the American people will wish once again to elect a Democrat to the Oval Office in November. In this greatest of democracies, if Hillary Clinton gets the support in Iowa, that would set the ball rolling for her election as President.

Today some of the best words and fondest wishes of humanity were expressed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, expressing hopes that there could be improvements everywhere, so that it may be appropriate to lift sanctions against Russia, and let their economy prosper instead of facing an imminent recession. Mr Putin it is hoped will respond with favourable policies, especially on ensuring the Minsk agreement is honoured in all details and peace prevails over Ukraine.

Regarding Syria, Mr Putin is advocating and suggesting to President Assad to resign, so a deal may be possible with all warring factions to bring about a much-needed peace there. Hopefully Mr Assad will listen to this wise counsel and let someone else (or perhaps a group of people) be appointed to lead this beleaguered nation. The 250,000 persons who have sadly died in this conflict and the several million who have fled Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Damascus and other areas are currently the exodus to Northern Europe, trekking so many days, hungry and thirsty, and now at the mercy of handouts from various governments. Their suffering brings tears to people in Europe, but Syria, their motherland, can offer them more than sympathy, perhaps the chance of rehabilitation in their homelands. Hopefully the European Union could offer to help them rebuild their houses and infrastructure in Syria itself. I pray they do.

It seems trade has recommenced with Iran, and they were just sardonically teasing the markets. A valuable commodity like Oil is unlikely to be $25 a barrel, let alone talks of $20, and consequently the Big Oil Shorts have started to go Long on the market, with a whopping 8percent jump in price just today. This Sunday is the Full Moon, and I am sure people across the world will be praying for peace and prosperity worldwide.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 8:36pm GMT London 22Jan15. 

Expansion, not Austerity measures, in Europe, please.

By tightening the budgets, by cutting public services and reducing welfare payments, governments in Europe are implementing Austerity measures. The result of this will not help them address the deficits, but create a contraction in the economy. Less money, less jobs, less happiness. Compounded over a few years, it will create an on-going recession, leading, collectively, to a Depression. To avoid that scenario, I believe the policies to use are the Expansionist policies such as the United States has used, to create jobs, maintain welfare payments, keep the economy going with forward financing. I would suggest to the European Central Bank, who issue the Euro, the Mother Currency of the Euro Area nations, to utilise their Stimulus towards this end also, and enable the various nations implement Expansionist measures. That will in the long term create jobs, fill up the empty houses and factories, get the transport moving, and the people purposefully back in work. The creation of Zero Hour Contracts has worked in Britain just like in Germany (which originated the idea). Creating apprenticeships en-masse as well as favourable easy financing for students to attend Universities and Colleges will pay off. It is something to invest in the future of your citizens and your nations.

And as to the forward financing, expanding the Balance Sheet, this will not get out of hand, the nations will not be in debt to anyone else, but only to their Ledgers. The rationale on this is simply this : If all nations expand their balance sheets, and expand their capital base, they will be doing their duty towards their citizens. As all nations undertake such programmes, eventually the expanded balance sheets will become the norm, and the debt inter alia will have been neutralised. If the powers that be keep this in mind, they could even write up BASEL IV. The world can experience a rightful Prosperity.

I pray that all people will understand the logic of this. In the name of Jesus our Saviour. Amen.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 7:35pm GMT 17th December 2015 Sunday London

Glad to note over 3,000 readers from Tel Aviv. My message to you today is that taking Lord Rama's inspiration, that where there is peace, there shall be prosperity, let all nations strive to create peace, living happily side by side with other communities, even those we may have come to distrust. Let us accept our proximity to our neighbours, and foster an atmosphere of peace worldwide, that would be favourable to all of humanity. Iran is set to grow, resuming imports of medicine, food, clothes, cars, etc from the world. Israeli new technology would be of use to them, and could be offered to them, with the reassurance that Iran will never use anything against Israel, or any other nation - they are more interested in the development of their nation and the well-being of their people. They will use the inflow of Oil revenues to create jobs and enterprise for their people, and higher standards of living. Peace unto all humanity (and their sentient creatures) will enable all nations grow, exchanging the resources God has granted each nation.

May there be God's blessings of peace unto Israel and all her neighbours.

(Hopefully, the U.S. could welcome some number of people from Gaza and Israel to settle in America, where the land is vast and opportunities may be possible for all who reach there. That would be so good. I pray for that.)

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 14:43 GMT London 30th Dec 2015.

Manoj Bhargava is here to help save us - Billionsinchange

Sometimes I wonder what the new world order would be.It occurs to me that the new world order will be a philosophy, of the togetherness of humanity, all the 7 billion citizens of Mother Earth, to discover ways of improving everything, making life joyful and easier for as many as possible. I can imagine food growing everywhere, through the availability of irrigable water, which at the moment is in short supply; availability of cheap electricity, as Nikolas Tesla had once prophesied; continuation of good health for all, which can almost be proclaimed as a birthright for everyone who does not transgress the laws of Nature. I believe that chapter is opening up. Yes, I am referring to the change that will happen for billions of individuals, through governments adopting use of devices made by Manoj Bhargava, the monk from India who first created the 5-hour energy drink, and is now promising generation of electricity through a bicycle rotor attached to a battery; desalination of sea water on a barge and transporting it to California via floating pipes;

and a pulsating machine that helps renew blood, a magnetic recharging of the arteries, for restoration of health. I sincerely believe all this will be possible. All that technology will work. We may wait for the Second Coming of our Saviour,

but this is as good as, instead, the presence of such a gifted mahapurush as Manoj Bhargava amongst us. If we invite him to do so, I feel sure he can help all nations.

I would suggest to President Obama to offer every co-operation to

Mr Bhargava. A new chapter is being opened up in this new age of

abundance and prosperity for all.

- Durudarshan H. Dadlani 6:21pm GMT London 8Dec

No Bank of England interest rate hike - possibly not until 2017

This is good news, with a sense of it being a mixed blessing, namely the announcement by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney that the low interest rate will remain on hold for the foreseeable future - perhaps the rate rise won't happen until 2017. Pensioners and other savers who rely on income from interest on savings will not be too happy about this, but for the economy as a whole, for trade and industry as well as housebuyers the news is just brightening. Inflation may not be reaching the desired 2 percent mark, nor is the core inflation just yet, providing sound reasoning not to hike the interest rate. I would rate this a boost for the economy, for stable growth going forward into 2016. This news will probably help people spend a bit more shopping for Christmas, and good news for house purchases.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 4:32pm GMT 5th November 2015 London  

Forget November 5th, the U.S. has the Debt Ceiling fixed to 11th December 2015. Fixing that to November 2016 at least, harmoniously by both Democrats and Republicans in the national interest, would give everybody a great time for Christmas and beyond. And who doesn't wish for this?

The economic Recovery in the United States continues at a moderate pace, but it looks quite healthy. Instead of 7 million new mortgages a year, they are only issuing 5 million, to ensure those able to carry the mortgages are granted them, and that underpins a fairly strong housing market. There is more demand for single family units, and more are being built. The very upper end seem to be now pretty well catered for, but as more millionaires are emerging, that segment will be pretty steady. The consumer price index reflects inflation is about 1.8 percent, while core inflation is not high enough to justify a rate hike by the Federal Reserve this once. I would guess the earliest there could logically be a rate hike may be February or March next year. The Debt Ceiling issue will now be reviewed on 11th December; it is to be hoped that they will fix it until November 2016, so there will be no uncertainty until that time, when they will know who becomes President-elect. Current polls suggest Mrs Hillary Clinton is leading the field, now the clear Democrat candidate. As for the Republicans, Donald Trump is head and shoulders above his fellow contestants. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon with gifted hands, is gathering more support, and Mark Rubio undoubtedly has potential (I believe he could reach Vice President perhaps next time round). Just the dynamics of the political and economic climate suggest to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton shall win, but of course she must keep fighting strong to the close. This scenario augurs well for the U.S. for at least another year.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 7:25pm GMT 3rd November 2015 London. 

Honourable Xi Jinping's visit to United Kingdom was very much appreciated. He has re-established the bridgehead to Chinese investments overseas, and this will share and grow China's prosperity, creating excellent GNP figures. Mr Xi assured the world that there is no slowdown in Chinese activities - only there is a refocus from industrial to more service sector activities in China itself, and now enhanced investments overseas, in joint ventures with friendly nations. The construction of three New Generation nuclear power plants in England augur well for the future, for cleaner energy generation and less relying on fossil fuels. This is a trend that will be welcomed in other nations as well, to reduce the CO2 emissions. Eighty two billion pounds worth of new business was signed by British and Chinese corporations.

- Durudarshan 24th October 2015 4:48pm London

Hello, Japan, Welcome, Welcome

Glad to see so many readers to my website from Japan. The solution for your nation I believe is to taper, to reduce the Stimulus. Other suggestions are : increase the social security payments, especially to young couples and people with children. Instead of keeping puppets, people should have real children, so social security payments to encourage this would be a great idea. Other suggestion is for the people with huge savings to start spending some of it, or gift it away with your name. Enjoy life a little bit more, help perpetuate your name or the memory of beloved ancestors. That way, Japan will start to "live it up" and you shall have the miracle of inflation. Your direct investment in other nations is just great, it will help the developing nations develop faster, and create huge markets for Japanese exports.

I send you my best wishes. Sayonara.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 17:55 GMT 15th October 2015 London

Congress in U.S. is passing Bills to ratify the Debt Ceiling, and this should be done in time to prevent a government shutdown. Secretary of State for Finance Jack Lew said otherwise the U.S. would be out of funds.

Whilst they are about it, to ratify the arrangement to March 2016, why don't they actually extend it to November 2016, when they will have a President-elect confirmed? That way, Mr Obama's Presidency can continue without any financial hitches. Continuation of a monthly stimulus of 110 billion dollars would be both prudent and necessary. I feel confident even the Republicans will agree with that, and in a spirit of bi-partisan co-operation in the national interest, they will endorse it.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:25pm London 2ndOctober2015.

Welcomes to readers from Gera, Germany, Montr-Tal Quebec, Netherlands, France and all other places. I believe it would be a good idea for each nation to consider taking in some refugees each from Syria, especially the displaced Yazidis. I saw a family in London who have just arrived from there. It made my heart weep. Gentle people, who have been so mistreated in Syria, arriving here in miserable condition, but happy to be safe. May God's blessings be unto them. Amen.

The world is likely to see positive growth, along with China.

It is greatly heartening to hear the Chinese President confirm that China is expected to have positive growth, despite the slight lull in exports. Just the dynamics of a huge population with growing demands and improving standards of living shall see to that.

Coupled with that, it is also heartening news to hear that Spain seems to be now lifting out of the recession and into the start of Recovery. Add to that the factor that Germany and other European Union nations are offering resettlement to hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, that money that is associated with housing, medicine, schools, clothing industry will be boosted up in all those nations, as well as the civil service infrastructure, creating and sustaining substantial numbers of jobs. By helping these refugees, Europe will be blessed with growth in their own economies, and unemployed will soon I guess find jobs. As happened in England in 1972-74 when the GDP shot up by additional 3percent after the influx of Asian immigrants from Uganda, similar can be expected in Germany, Sweden, Iceland, etc. who have so generously agreed to accept huge numbers of people mainly from Syria. I assume the refugees will have access to banking facilities to take up leases on shops and factories and put in their hard work and make them sparkle and profitable. That has always happened in the past. England is full of Asians who got such a good start and are today second generation doctors, dentists, bankers, politicans. Africa is now creating unprecedented number of successful entrepreneurs, which will add to the success of their economies. All things considered, I believe the whole world will see positive growth, with very good economic numbers materialising. I pray for that.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 10:32am London 10thSeptember2015

P.S. The Maponya Institute in SA offers courses in entrepreneurship. These would be useful for those wishing to follow the example of South Africa's wealthiest entrepreneur, the famous Mr Maponya. He started work at a textile finishers, and purchased some amounts of end-line material from there, to sell on to shops and traders, later opening his first retail shop, and building his chain. He later built the Maponya Mall. If there is less red tape, and financing is available to suitable applicants, then there can be rapid growth in South Africa, he believes. He would like to build cities, starting with Soweto.

13th March 2016, London.

Oil likely to head higher, alas.

There is news that OPEC will talk with member states about curbing production.

That would reduce the stock piles, which are now starting to thin somewhat.

Iran may introduce their Oil cheaper, but that will be in December.

In the meantime, it seems the price will be higher.

Most producers are looking for price of $55-60 a barrel, that is economic.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 5:40pm 31stAugust2015 London

Aghast to hear not enough has been done to rebuild New Orleans

The most memorable scenes on TV after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans was the devastation it left behind, with leeways broken, dams overflowing, sluice gates all askew, thousands left homeless. At that time, I heard the government had allocated funds for rebuilding and rehabilitation of the displaced folks. Mr Obama must have felt aghast that not enough has been done, mainly due to lack of funds and proper directives. I would suggest it is up to President Obama to get some extraordinary funds allocated for rebuilding and rehabilitation, to oversee that housing, schools, hospitals, community centres are built, and the infrastructure refurbished or built anew. A few billion dollars may be required for the purpose, but central government can certainly find that and issue it. It would be prudent and necessary, the duty of the nation towards one of the States, struck by a natural calamity and much devastation. Such acts, together with Obamacare and the historic deal with Iran, will define this man who understands his peoples' needs and champions their causes so tirelessly, and gets the promised delivered, as a great President. May God's blessings be upon all who support him. Amen.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 2:54pm London 28thAugust 2015

Is it likely OPEC and Russia could announce some production cuts next meeting?

Now that Oil has reached $40/barrel, as I predicted about a month ago, I cannot see the sense in the producers adding further to the glut in the markets, and to their own misery. With such a valuable commodity, the Oil producers are smacking the face to spite the hand by producing so much. Politically they are hurting one another, but this will slow down their own economies as their income falls month by month. Saudi Arabia is having to issue bonds for about $30 billion to shore up their funds. It shows, this price war and stubbornness not to cut production is having a negative impact on their own economies. From this, logically the market would expect some production cuts this time. If that happens, the Oil price could start to go up and stabilise around $40-45 soon, rendering the current price a bargain, to be snapped up. That's my opionion (nice new word, wrote itself).

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 4:01pm London 21st August 2015

A note on the Debt Ceiling question

I note that a Debt Ceiling agreement was reached by the United States Congress, with confirmation by both Democrats and Republicans, to extend the debt ceiling agreement to mid March 2016. That provides the confidence for continuation of the economic Recovery in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, and augurs well until early 2016, when I suggest Obamacare will most probably have sufficient numbers of people subscribing to call it a success. The environment will exist for the American people to wish to re-elect a Democrat to the White House, and I suggest that will be totally in favour of Hillary Clinton most likely to become elected President at November 2016. It is up to all well-wishers of Mrs Clinton to give her their support upto then and beyond.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 5:41pm London 11thAugust2015

A rate rise in September in the U.S.?

It would seem logical for the Federal Reserve to raise the interest rate this September - possibly by 25basis points. For one thing, the U.S. economy has grown pretty steadily, with new jobs being created each month, although around 200,000 and not the 500,000 that may have been desired - but that was quite some time back. Now, with the additional situation of a Debt Ceiling raise, and another 13 months to go to the next election, the uncertainity around the world, the falling Oil price, loss of jobs in the fracking and shaling sector and the inflation target of 2 percent seeming like a high bar, it would be logical to raise the interest rate for once in over six years from its current historic low. That, paradoxically, will spurt consumer demand, and people will start to borrow before they miss the boat, and that combination will move the economy upwards, creating the inflationary pressure that is much desired. The banks also ought to find it profitable to lend money - at the current miniscule rate it must be like minding the bank for little reward, just to keep things ticking. I as lot of other observers and analysts would expect there to be a rate rise in the U.S. next month. Twenty five basis points would be just the right figure, I believe, which would be affordable by most individuals and industries, to create buoyancy and not dampen demand. Let's see what Dr Yellen decides.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 7:46pm London 8thAugust 2015.

The perceived industrial slowdown in China does not augur well - hope it can be avoided.

I don't like to write about things that may have a negative impact, but today's news from China is something that people should bear in mind. Hopefully circumstances in trade can be such that the slowdown can be averted, allowing China to thrive, and helping other economies to thrive also. It is an inter-dependent world, where a slow-down in China would impact a lot of other nations' economies, whether they be trading partners or nations benefitting from the cash flow created by trade by China. The news I did not like to hear was the Purchasing Managers Index slipping from 49.3 in June to 46.4 - that indicates a probable slowdown in the manufacture and production sectors in China for the third quarter. To compensate for this lack of export demand, the Chinese could of course expand their investments overseas, in properties and factories around the world, be it Portugal, Dublin, Greece, France, Italy, California, England. Their money will be welcome in most places, as are their goods. In most cosmopolitan cities, the Chinese people have always found their way and quietly settled in, adding to the multi-cultural celebrations. I believe the world should continue to import from China as before; and the Chinese can help by importing from other nations, to help balance of trade. High-end items from Europe and America seem a suggestion. The good news is that I understand policy implementation in China has a turn-around period of only six weeks. If favourable directions are given by the government, trade can be enhanced quite quickly, helping to avert this perceived slowdown, and thereby helping the worldwide economic Recovery. All nations have to help in this, I pray.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 7:15pm London 3rd August 2015

Hello, St Petersburg, Ukraine, Abingdon, Kansas City.....Today, Sunday, I have had a few readers from all these places. My guess is they are all looking for a solution to the situation in Ukraine. Namely they are all waiting for a peaceful solution, to withdrawal of the 'rebels' with their artillery, as agreed at Minsk peace accord. Also of course Ukraine is waiting for funds from the IMF - if Russian generosity can offer some also, it would help heal this nation, who provide the transit for the gas supplies to Europe via Kiev. Only peace and resumption of trade with this nation may restore the trade balances totalling about $24 billion a year, which is affecting a lot of people. Why make so many people suffer, it seems unnecessary. The principle argument for attacks inside Ukraine and annexation of Crimea have been well understood, and Ukraine putting their hands up in the air and downing their weapons was a sign of that. This small nation has signed the peace accord at Minsk, and they count on Mr Putin keeping his side of the agreement. Peace must be restored here, as well as rebuilding. The ceasefire that came into effect at midnight on St Valentine's day must surely be fully observed, and let the Minsk agreement mature into an agreement of understanding between kindred people, for the purpose of survival with dignity and resumption of friendly relations and trade, which would also restore Russia's fortune and help them avert a recession. Russia owes it to her own people to create peace in this region; then they can import and export foods which people enjoy from across the borders. Can our Russian friends not have pity on the people of Ukraine, whose lives were at 1950s level of Europe, and which have been so blighted by the current conflict? I pray they should have sympathy for this nation of fellow Christians. On a macro-economic scale, it would be a win/win situation for all sides, the restoration of peace, which would lead to continuation of the economic Recovery. All people have an interest in that, I would suggest.

Sunday, 26thJuly2015 9:28pm London

Jambo, dugu yetu! Kenya welcomes Mr Obama, visiting his father's home country for the first time since he become US President 7 years ago. The visit has been long overdue, and today it serves the dual purpose of Barack co-hosting an Enterprise Summit with the Kenyan President. "Enterpreneurs are owners, responsible for creating their own income," he prefaces the Summit, expected to be attended by entrepreneurs big and small. "Don't be shy to ask them for finance or discuss your idea. Don't be afraid of tough questions" he also suggests. Goldman Sachs representatives will be there at the Summit, seeking to invest upto $100 million. That will go very well with the young entrepreneurs, most of whom need capital to get started. There must be thousands of ideas that will be practical and help create businesses that will succeed. There must be enormous potential in house building, making furniture, tailoring, tourism, processing agricultural produce, film making, arts and crafts, yes, all the traditional businesses with a new slant or expanded capacity to serve a bigger customer base. The needs are there, but with capital to serve as cash flow in the system, such as the money being offered by Goldman Sachs and also the other investments coming into this Entrepreneurs Summit in Nairobi, certainly the people of Kenya will do well.

It is a great idea to empower women entrepreneurs, the 'powerhouses' and the marginalised people who have not been given a chance so far. With a forward thinking agenda of empowering the people of his ancestors, this son of a Luo King will be doing well by his people in Kenya. Harambe, dugu yetu! 25th July 2015.

Greece will save the world from a downturn if it saves itself.

Today, the greatest news is that the European Union President, Jean-Claude Juncker, who welcomed Alexis Tsipras with an avuncular hug, has offered the Juncker Plan, a macro plan of 38.5 Billion Euros to enhance economic Recovery in Greece, through creation of jobs and enterprise and related infrastructure developments. This would I believe propel the Greek economy out of the quagmire that have kept them in a prolonged recession, out of which it is just starting to exit.

As for a Greek exit or ejection from the Euro or the Eurozone, neither the Greeks nor the European Union would like that, so it is time the markets can count that out. Less volatility may be good for the markets, a period of stability that can help the world continue the economic Recovery that could lead to Prosperity in due course. Today it is up to the Greek parliament to back Prime Minister Tsipras' consideration of the new bailout terms. Although similar to the deal they rejected last time, and which the Greek people approved at the Referendum last Sunday, this new deal - especially when fed into the economy simultaneously with the much favoured Juncker Plan, 38.5 billion Euros of additional money to propel growth - seems the one the Greek parliament would do best to consider as a total package and consider. Approval of new bailout together with the Juncker Plan, may prove the saving grace at this point in time. There is no other option. Today, the Greek banks are running out of cash. People who were deriding the 400 Euro pensions may suddenly find themselves without even that, if the new bailout is not accepted. When the nation runs out of money, the lawmakers may not be able to receive their monthly cheques. It may become a nation unable to get anything but pity from other nations. But if they accept the deal, Greece may find much favour with the other European nations. They would certainly be pleased that the integrity of the Euro remains intact. The European Union would feel happy their generosity and co-operation is being appreciated.

My opinion is that accepting the deal will save Greece, and that will help preserve the economic momentum that seems to have slowed down, worldwide, with worries about Greece and the Euro and the Eurozone. So, Greek friends, today is your day to help save the situation, and win the lifeline that has been offered to your nation.

10th July 2015 4:21pm London - Durudarshan H. Dadlani

Africa - wonderful resources for the service of the people...

How many gallons of water flow down the Victoria Falls per minute? It is quite a few thousand gallons. If this can be channelled to the fertile lands in Zimbabwe, the crop rotation can be used to yield rich harvests. The bread basket could regain its crown as that, by diligent application by Mr Mugabe's people and grace of God.

I have heard several times that there is great potential for generating electricity that lies almost unused in the Matadi Dam. I heard that it is enough to provide electricity for large parts of West Africa and beyond. A few engineers need to go and fix the problem tha's holding it back. These are God given gifts that Africa has, and perhaps with help and know-how of well-meaning people (perhaps the former colonialists) these resources can be unlocked and put to good use for the people of those regions?

Calm waters ahead

There seems some anxiety as to what happens after the Stimulus comes to an end in September this year, when the Debt Ceiling would have to be raised again. I would say there is nothing to fear, as the line in the sand will be drawn again, as an American banker suggested to me recently. In the meantime, a stable environment with money sloshing around in the economy needs purposes to be used and turned into wealth. Opportunities seem to be everywhere, and people would take up the opportunities if governments can give them the guts and cheap financing to take on the riskiest venture. For every venture is risky, and sometimes people don't have the courage to take the risk. But if governments and banks accommodate the risk, and lend to people, I believe lot of folks would take loans and venture capital and try and make a go of running and building a successful business. Most will be slight innovations on businesses that already exist - but some will be stars of the future. Once money is made available to people, the fear of failure is taken out. It replaces it with courage and enthusiasm. (May I say, the same thing could apply to the Greek economy; if they have the finance, it seems they are at a turning point to build on the Recovery that is already there in improving numbers.) Enhancement of consumer demand will serve a golden purpose, creating jobs, utilising industrial capacity, sustaining livelihoods and creating wealth in the longer term. I see a stable environment for sustained growth in the U.S. and United Kingdom, the Euro Area nations, Japan, China and India for the foreseeable future. When the OECD revealed that there are around $57 Trillion in the corporate coffers around the world waiting for suitable investments, I think we should all take courage and know that things can only get better, once the right people with preparedness meet the opportunities. I believe entrepreneurs should approach their bankers and sound out on workable ideas. I wish you great success.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 9:18pm GMT 4thJune 2015.

India - a tiny 25bps cut

It is lukewarm news to hear the Indian Reserve Bank has cut the benchmark rate by only a quarter percent. At seven and a quarter percent, it is far too high to underpin the growth that Mr Modi has laid the groundwork for, and which so many nations have agreed to partner in and commence. Why does the RBI keep the public starved of credit at an affordable rate? Anything near 6 percent would I believe be just right. Don't they realise how difficult it is for the multitudes? Only with cheaper credit will industry do better, creating jobs for the millions who are waiting. It will also boost up consumer demand, and allow people a higher standard of living. But when I hear of the thousands who have died in the 50 degree heat in Andhra Pradesh, I just shudder to think what is going on? India needs added power generation capacity, so people can have the fans working. I believe Mr Chatwaal of New Jersey had a Fund for development of Nuclear power plant(s), especially in the Punjab. Such ventures should be encouraged. It is clear people of good heart would finance good works for Bhaarat Mata, just for the love of it. Corporate India would like to participate fully. In a nation where people have substantial savings and holdings of gold jewellery, it would be pleasing to see the RBI have enough faith and do the necessary, to spur the huge growth potential that is inherent in India, which all observers remark on. It is time the right measures were put in place. It would be a Win/Win situation for everybody. Bhaarat Mata ki jai.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 10:10pm GMT 3rd June 2015 

I believe that for the creation of two million jobs in the U.K. together with measures to increase enterprise and learning, the government must make directives for easier lending to businesses, and lend to those with practical business ideas but no collateral. Like happened in the 1970s, when Asians had to flee Uganda and settle in Britain, the banks here were happy to lend to Asians the finance to buy the leases on Newsagents shops, Fruit & Veg shops, Tupperware shops, Clothing factories, Stockists of imported goods, and such like. Most of the Asian businesses made good, helping to pay for their own housing by working round the clock as families, running the corner shops. A lot of them have prospered, buying leases on additional shops, and sending their children to the best Universities. Now that the Secretary of Employment is Mrs Priti Patel, part of her job creation agenda I hope will encompass such measures.

The boost to the GDP in 1972-74 was about 3%, so hopefully similar ideas will help growth of such a scale even today, acknowledging that in the new economy, there are great challenges, but with the connections people have in the developing world, I can suggest a lot of international trade can be facilitated, especially Britain's exports. That would give a boost to the manufacturing industries. Faith in backing small businesses will prove to be a very sound idea.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 1:11pm 1st June 2015 London

Worldwide economic Recovery to continue and strengthen for all nations.

I believe the worldwide economic Recovery continues, trending to Prosperity in the U.S.A., especially there seems to be some kind of peace holding over Ukraine, the Rouble has regained its strength, the Russian central bank has cut back the benchmark rate, and this will propel further growth for Russia, with happiness for her people. If trade with their main partners is re-established, they will do even better, having forged stronger links with China, India and South America. The oil price around $60 a barrel is in my view an optimal price, beneficial both for the oil producing nations and the consumers. Around this level, even the developing countries can afford to use more oil to drive their engines of growth, especially I hope with the discount or subsidy they normally (used to) receive from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Vienna.

What could be done to keep Recovery on track, and by which nations

With the power outages in South Africa, I believe they could do well to cut the benchmark rate, so money can be available cheaper to service the needs of the nation. It would make good common sense. Same I would suggest for Brazil, they should reduce the benchmark rate. China and Russia have listened to this reasoning, I hope Brazil does too. As for India, in a country that is gifted with so many resources and a young population, and now the gift of the Presidency of the BRICS Bank, with abundant savings of the people, India can I believe lower the benchmark rate without foreign capital fleeing the markets; To the contrary, a lower rate will spur unprecedented growth in India, and encourage capital from overseas to stay there and enjoy the growth story. The E.C.B. President confirms that the Stimulus for the Euro Area is and will be in place for the foreseeable future. With the capital flows available in U.S., China, Japan, and now Russia (whose banks are buying up dollars for their reserves), it seems the next few months will be very positive for world growth. For that I pray.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 8:30pm 15thMay2015 London

Positive signs for the U.K economy

David Cameron continues as Prime Minister of United Kingdom, with his Conservative Party today winning 331 seats at Westminster. This workable majority will enable them implement their progressive agenda of good management of resources and continuing with the economic Recovery. The careful implementation of giving people work instead of welfare has been a huge success, and the people simply love the Tories, as is evident from their support. Now the Trident programme can stay on course, maintaining jobs in that sector, as well as maintaining the defence capability, which is always important. The huge win by the SNP in Scotland certainly empowers Scotland to have a robust agenda for progressive improvements to their side of the region in the United Kingdom. It augers well for the whole of the Union. Hopefully the Prime Minister will also spare some thought for additional developments in Wales and Northern Ireland as well. Regenerating some of the manufacturing industries which were the best in the world, can hopefully lead to creation of wealth in this nation, as in the past. That may be something to look forward to.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 6:54pm 8thMay2015 London

The Euro Area Stimulus could help Ireland this month, I pray

When I heard about the 5,000 houses facing repossession by the Allied Irish Bank, and another 1,500 buy-to-let landlords in Ireland facing the same fate, my heart shrank for those people. The Bank would be left with a dodgy balance sheet, and good habitable properties would become 'toxic' assets, while families who live in them would face the harsh elements outside without a roof over their heads. Bless them, Lord, bless them. Could the ECB do some asset-backed purchases here this month - bailing out the Bank and saving the families from miserable times? I guess about Four Billion Euros may be a reasonable figure to offer to the Irish economy for this month. I pray the ECB board are listening.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:16pm 25April2015 London 

David Cameron will return as Prime Minister, supported by Nick Clegg as Deputy PM, I believe.Realistically, I believe Tory-LibDem coalition will return to form government on 8th May, meanwhile SNP might hold sway in Scotland. A supportive and progressive agenda would therefore be on the cards in the Queen's Speech, when she reopens Parliament. (c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:46pm 6May15 London

In a hung parliament, a Tory-SNP alliance would be magic, but unlikely

Most pollsters are predicting a hung parliament in U.K. at the election on 7th May. That is a reasonable trajectory from the current state. A change in the 'marginal' constituencies will decide the balance of power.

The Liberal Democrats with their agenda of building more affordable homes every year are certainly going to find massive support, as Nick Clegg's endorsement by top entrepreneurs suggests. In these times when Russia has made some recon attempts into British airspace, it would be prudent to support the Conservatives who will maintain the defense capability, including the Trident project, which will also help maintain jobs in that sector. The SNP's leader Nicola Sturgeon outlined her vision for Scotland and Britain, seeing more investment into the NHS and other services in the near future and cutting the deficit over the longer horizon. With greater autonomous powers being conferred to Scotland, this is a bold and admirable vision, and practical it sounds as well. Just imagine what a Conservative-SNP alliance to lead the country would do for Britain? I believe it would be magic.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 9:59am 21/4/15 London

Recovery in the Euro Area

For regeneration of economic growth in Italy, as in France, surely they should seek support from the E.C.B? Of the One Trillion 80 Billion Euro Stimulus announced by the ECB, perhaps they should allocate a total of 100 billion each to both Italy and France, over the course of the 18 months that it is envisaged to run its course. The pragmatic solution to the Greek finances would be to reschedule their debt repayments, so it is manageable for Greece. The U.S. Quantitative Easing is perhaps to be used as a guide. That method has produced the Prosperity which is beginning to show up in the United States. (c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 19:04pm 17/4/15 London

Economic improvements are the peace dividend to Russia and Ukraine, and the region.

Capitalism under enlightened governance is the best, so that is the agenda for the foreseeable future, throughout the world.

Employment of capital together with peace prevailing within the region, as well as in the wider world. That is what the Russian government must now have concluded from recent events, after their annexation of Crimea and the follow-on troubles in East Ukraine. The Rouble plummeted on the world markets once the sanctions came into operation by the Western nations against Russia. It brought the Russian economy on the verge of a recession. Loss of a share in the trade with Ukraine, Germany, U.S. accounting for $24 Billion annually made a difference everywhere, especially in Ukraine, which relies on support on Russia for continued revenues and jobs from the gas transhipment industry. Europe relies on that gas, and Ukraine relies on those jobs, and Russia gains from goodwill on this situation. Peace in this region, with extension of credits to Ukraine for a few months, and satisfaction with secure gas supplies to Europe, has once again seen the Rouble improve in value. Now perhaps there will be greater trade with Europe, via Greece, leading to renewal of jobs in the shipping world and related service sectors, both in Europe and Russia. A return to normality would be a great peace dividend for this region. (c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 17:52pm 11/04/15 London

Encouraging statement from ECB President Mario Draghi, for continuation of economic Recovery in the Euro Area and Europe.

Public Sector debt is being taken up under the Stimulus announced for the Euro Area. It is to be hoped the Private Sector, perhaps the publicly quoted companies, may also receive some backing; that way that will stoke up investment and job creation, and give a much needed boost to every sector, added confidence and consumerism will see to that. Spend your way out of the huge unemployment and empty housing into an era where people work and can afford to buy houses, cars and durable items for the home. Don't you think every house, even the most modest, should have the best television sets and computers in the new reality of the Digital Age? Co-operation between various nations will possibly bring that about. China could and is investing in European housing, and now the Pirelli company. Japan can continue to finance the imports into Europe of their electronic equipment, etc. As so many nations are doing a monetary stimulus, creating enough money supply to satisfy the needs of their people, certainly hard work and enterprise and shrewd investments will turn all the raw materials and creativity into wealth. And trade will ensure the books are balanced. I believe even the BRICS nations will have to start a Stimulus soon, perhaps also by the African nations. The financial books will become balanced by increased trade between and among all nations, to a rising common Prosperity everywhere. These great measures which are being implemented today will see a golden harvest in a few years time. In the meantime, there is a promise of good times for Europe. For that I pray.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 21:13pm 24/03/15 London

The Distribution of the Stimulus in Europe?

*19 nations in the Euro Area, therefore the distribution of the Stimulus would be even better : 4 portions each for the Big Four (Germany, France, Italy and Spain), and 1 each for the remaining 15.

That makes it 4 x4 = 16, plus 15 = 31. 60 Billion into 31 portions = Euro 1.9354 Billion each portion.

If Greece is helped and given 5 portions for the first month only, to stave off a default, which would be very messy for all, then perhaps Recovery can roll on for the whole of the Eurozone. I can only pray for that. (c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:44pm 19/03/15 London

The Trillion Euro Stimulus for the Euro Area

The Bond buying measures announced by ECB President Mario Draghi, and said to have been ready for commencement on 9th March 2015, are being viewed by some as 'easy money measures'. Regardless, for most of the nations who have adopted the Euro as their mother currency, these measures to stimulate the economies are to be welcomed. Especially by Greece, which has immediate need of 7.5 billion to stave off default this month; and of course by Italy and France, and Ireland and Portugal, to help them stimulate Recovery. Spain too could expand their programmes with more money to invest. Lithuania, the newest member, will certainly look for adequate supply to replace the old currency they have displaced. The Trillion Euro will play out over the next eighteen months, meaning 60 billion per month. Once each month's supply is adequately divided to cater for the needs of the 26* nations, this flow of available easy money will greatly assist in creating jobs, rejuvenating industries, as well as enabling people hopefully to buy houses which have been laying empty due to lack of bank/building societies finance. Once this money starts to pump in, it will be like a God-send, and help the Eurozone nations celebrate a re-joining of economic Recovery.

It is exciting, and I can imagine it leading to Prosperity in Europe in a year or so.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 12:02pm 13/03/15 London

Capital Expansion measures

As other nations join the Euro Area, and Greece threatens to leave if the Syriza Party wins, the Euro is in for an interesting time ahead to 25th January, when we will have a clear idea what Greece will do. To the Euro Club, Greece must have been a losing proposition, having to bail her out several times, together with the many haircuts.

Regardless, the Maastricht Treaty is in need of the addition of a Sub Clause, to facilitate the expansion of the capital base, so the quanta of Euros can be increased to cater for the additional member nations as they join the Euro Club. In the present shape, it seems there are more and more members, with the same pool of capital they started with. That is something that needs to be fixed, giving the E.C.B. legitimate reasons to start the Stimulus Mr Draghi has so far only spoken about. As the U.S. did a Quantitative Easing of a Trillion Dollars per annum, and has again raised the Debt Ceiling by another $1.1 Trillion over ten months to September 2015 (meaning $110 billion per month), it is perfectly logical and convergent for the E.C.B. to do something on a similar scale, I would suggest. Japan too continues with the Stimulus, a rational simulation for their economy, of about $85 billion a month, which will go on into the future while its architect Mr Abe is PM for the next four years. It is high time the E.C.B. started the Stimulus. After that, who knows, maybe we will see the BRICS nations doing a Stimulus, perhaps Africa as well, and internationally the national books will get squared. It is so perfectly logical.

(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 18:10pm 5-i-15 London.

Both Italy and France seem to be waiting for the E.C.B. stimulus to start in earnest. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. An early commencement will do the job.

2nd January 2015 21:06 London

A Stimulus in Europe

It would be prudent for the parliaments to start debating these issues soon, and relay their decisions to Germany, so that the ECB can authorize the full steam Stimulus, perhaps by end of February 2015.

5th December 2014, 20:42pm London  

The Dow went through 18,000, as I had anticipated. Now to June 2015, I imagine it will try for the 18,500 mark.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year! 30/12/14 London

A $1.1 Trillion Debt Ceiling raise in the U.S. to September 2015

Just in time, the U.S. Senate have voted in concurrence of a Debt Ceiling raise, to the tune of $1.1 Trillion till September next year. This was both prudent and necessary, and surprisingly the Republicans carried the day, and have helped avert what otherwise might have been a government shutdown.

With the DOW having played with 18,000 before climbing down from there, on worries about this raise, it is probable that once it finds upwards momentum again it will try to scale that golden figure once again, which I believe is achievable to end the year on a rounded note. With another Trillion going in for another year, it may even be that the DOW will head for perhaps 18,500 in 2015, although readers take bets at their own risk, I am merely stating my assessment of the likely scenario.

With Obamacare said to be nearing an enrolment figure well over 9.1 million citizens, it seems the Affordable Health Care Act will be the great success that it deserves to be. While opportunities are there, diseases can be there also. I hear the Ebola-hit Sierra Leone has rich diamond mines, while Liberia has ample iron ore deposits, which Laxmi Mittal's ArcellorMittal was willing to extract. The Firestone rubber plant in Liberia may have had the first cases of Ebola. Help to those nations to control that dreaded disease may be a good investment, as well as a great humanitarian gesture.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Mr Shinzo Abe with his monetary expansionist scheme which has been dubbed Abenomics but is a rational simulation of the Quantitative Easing in the U.S. is predicted to be the winner of the snap election being held there on Sunday. His win will augur well for Japan and the world. His policies will keep the worldwide economic Recovery on course, leading to a growing Prosperity worldwide. For that I pray.

12th December 2014, 17:29pm London

A Stimulus in Europe

It would be prudent for the parliaments to start debating these issues soon, and relay their decisions to Germany, so that the ECB can authorize the full steam Stimulus, perhaps by end of February 2015.

5th December 2014, 20:42pm London

It seems the European Central Bank, acknowledging the need for a Stimulus in Europe, specifically in some of the 18 Euro Area countries whose Mother Currency is the Euro, has progressed the idea to start a programme of underwriting or purchasing a quantity of assetbacked securities, such as national bonds, to the tune of $1 Trillion, perhaps as early as within a few weeks. Obviously a Sub Clause will have to be introduced into the Maastricht Treaty, allowing for this, once calculations have been made as to the exact proportions in which the Stimulus would be loaned out to the member states. As the Euro Area nations are all the flowers of the same bouquet, hopefully the criteria can be such that those countries which would benefit most from such a Stimulus would be given the necessary means to rejoin the procession of Recovery and thence to Prosperity in the whole of Europe.

11th November 2014 London 13:44pm

Forgive me, I am just playing with an idea : how does 100 Germany, 108 Spain, 200 each France and Italy, and 28 each for the other 14 nations sound? Just figures to play around with! 11th November 2014 London 19:35pm.

Cheaper Oil

No production cuts announced by OPEC at Vienna today.28/11/14

The markets were anticipating some production cuts, especially by Saudi Arabia. But in the face of Russia maintaining their production levels, the OPEC nations too have decided to keep the Oil flowing at current level, creating surplus supply and promising lower prices. The additional income for all the Oil producing nations will be very welcome, as will the cheaper Oil in the developing economies. The Western hemisphere may experience a colder winter, and this will be endured in comfort if the Oil price remains low. But for the meantime, this news is very good.

28/11/14 10:33am London

U.S. Debt Ceiling.

In December 2013, I noted that the U.S. Senate, in a spirit of bi-partisan co-operation, had voted for the U.S. to be fully funded till mid-2016, with additional capacity of some $2 Trillion.

This augurs well for the continuing worldwide economic Recovery, being powered ahead with expansion at home in the United States.

The Chinese economy, being focused on rising standards at home, is equally ready in its export drive, with healthy CPI figures released recently. With economic and technical co-operation among the BRICS nations, who have a bank of $100 Billion to propel growth within the five bustling economies, growth this year will surprise us all, I believe. In India, under the leadership of Nardendra Modi-ji, growth is expected to surpass even the bright numbers seen in the past. The economic and technical co-operation Modiji has agreed with Japan, China and the United States will fulfil the huge potential. 26th October 2014 London.

Fair Scotland

Is it a divorce, this devolution?

The Union was so glad Fair Scotland decided to stay on with us, with over 55percent deciding Better Together. Prime Minister David Cameron is calling together meetings to decide on what additional powers shall be devolved to Scotland. In fact this referendum has given all people an appetite for additional powers for their own regions; there is huge untapped potential in the economies, including up North, and these new winds of change will certainly do everybody a lot of good. The great thing about this continuing Union and keeping the British Pound is that the growth that may be realised will stay within the Union; In 2015, once it is under way, I believe it could add 2-3 percent to the UK GDP. 23rd September 2014 London.

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, is quoted as saying Scotland would keep the British Pound upon voting Yes. David Cameron, to save the Union, is promising greater autonomous powers for Scotland for its regional development. Now all can see the great potential that lies there. The great thing will be, even if they say No to devolution, Scotland will still come out winners. And certainly, in unity is strength. 17th September 2014, London. 

The Scottish referendum on devolution is likely to be a very close affair. If they go for what is being termed a 'separation' from the Union, there would be loss of value in the synergies and efficiencies currently enjoyed and taken for granted. Scotland is doing just fine, but may envisage voting Yes and joining the Euroland. With the current state of play, Scotland would end up being a net contributor to Europe as well as of course increasing their market share of the trade with that region. So it would be a give and take situation, not a net win.

Really, some people would be concerned about the defence arrangements currently in place. Just recall the alarming day when jets had to be scrambled after the Russian fighter breached the air space. I believe in the current climate, Better Together is the best bet. By the way, is it true that the Loch Ness Monster has also decided to locate down south?

12th September London. 

The continuation of the economic Recovery in the U.S.

I hear that the U.S. Fed Reserve will end the stimulus by October this year. Perhaps there is sufficient economic strength in the jobs numbers, the housing figures and the number of autos being sold, as well as interstate travel and growth in tourism. Some small permanent stimulus will have to be maintained, for the time being, I believe, to pay for school lunches and Seniors welfare, which should never have to be affected by cuts. 17th September 2014 London

With the Federal Reserve, Dr Yellen is doing a fine job. Her tapering was to be expected, although I would have suggested it over 20 months rather than 12, at the gradient it was introduced the quantitative easing could be reduced.

31st July 2014, London


The Argentina default could have been better managed to roll-over the debt and offer a manageable coupon. Now the dollar bonds have taken a hit, and those who exported to Argentina on credit will have a rough ride. 31st July 2014, London.

Obamacare - The Affordable Health Care Act. The handling of complex enquiries on their website(s) and simulataneously doing complex calculations for each individual enquiry, of course is a complex task, and in no small measure has it contributed to the rolling out of Obamacare, which probably should stand alone over and above Medicaid and Medicare, to cater for the 14percent of the uninsured U.S. population who would find it most beneficial, as suggested by Professor Gruber of the MIT. After initial resistance, once more and more people realise that it is a sensible policy to opt into, the premiums ought to come down also to become affordable as actuaries assess the huge numbers in the context of probabilities and contingent liabilities and come up with figures that would prove acceptable as affordable. In all probability that will so prove to be the case, on numbers alone. If between 30 and 40 million people, most of whom are young and healthy anyway, decide that it is a sensible cover to have, then of course it will prove to be practical. If the ethos is that of a non-profit enterprise, it could create many jobs as well in the health sector, not by providing extra revenue for over-worked doctors but creating jobs in the care sector. This would, to use a pun, add to the health of the economy. I would suggest a time period of about three years for full roll-out. Originally written 9th November 2013. 

Debt Ceiling resolution : Recovery turning to Prosperity

Not blocking the votes, Senators John Boehner and Ted Cruz allowed the passage of the Bill to extend the debt ceiling. Now the U.S. government will be fully funded to 15th January 2014, and the debt ceiling issue will arise again on 7th February. In the meantime the reversal of the shutdown and furloughs hopefully have restored a semblance of normality to America, and people can celebrate Christmas with good cheer.

Jacob Lew is correct in advocating a "sensible cutdown" instead of the Sequestration, which is of course counter-productive to a continuing economic Recovery. The Sequestration cuts were $7 Billion per month of the $85 Billion Stimulus. Creation of 400,000 to 500,000 jobs per month at a cost of $6 Billion per month is an idea I would suggest to them, and within 6 months the people would feel Recovery turning to Prosperity. 25th October 2013, 12:17 London.

An agreement was reached in Congress to increase the debt ceiling on an ongoing basis for a period of two years, in a spirit of bi-partisan co-operation by both Republicans and Democrats, laying a firm foundation for continued Recovery in the United States. This was in December 2013, confirmed in March 2014, and therefore the prospects remain rosy for the citizens of U.S. until at least March 2016.

- INFORMATION Noted here on 9th August 2014, 11:01am London.

What the Eurozone needs

The European Central Bank seems to have decided in principle on the need for a Stimulus, which has been promised by Mario Draghi. In 2008, Germany issued some 400 Billion Euros under the direction of Mme Merkel, and France issued some 350 Billion under the direction of Nicholas Sarkozy. In the current state of Recovery, I would revise my guestimate noted below, and suggest here that perhaps cash flow of about 200 Billion Euros would be helpful for Italy, perhaps 100 Billion Euros for France, and the remainder 400 Billion to be equally divided among the other nations which use the Euro, and could be referred to as Euroland. That means 400 Billion Euros for 20 nations, i.e. 20 billion for each. This could be offered to them over 2 years, once (hopefully) this is confirmed and ratified in the Treaty, which would need a sub clause that indeed such a fiscal stimulus can be added, as an Extraordinary Stimulus. The prospects remain good for the Recovery that has already been established, and the cash flow would add to further gains, hopefully to take all to a period of Prosperity, where people have jobs or finance for their small businesses, and are able to provide adequate sustainance. For that I pray. 26th October 2014 London

It occurs to me that Netherlands is doing well, without need for a Stimulus.

Am I correct? I send my good wishes to friends and readers in Holland. 27th October 2014, London.

Just for historical record.

I guesstimate that for the Eurozone they need a cash-flow of $1.45 Trillion, this figure assumes 200 Billion for each of the larger economies(Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands) and the rest divided amongst the other 13.Europe already has everything going for them, but the cash-flow would enable Recovery to continue or resume, with global trade also developing. 9/12/2011 

Ireland Republic

The Recovery in Ireland seems to be growing and stable, and likely to sustain further into the future, with house prices having started to stablize and likely to move upwards from very very attractive low prices. In the context of the European Union, their requirement may be 10 billion a quarter over next year. Of course, it remains to be seen whether they would agree.


If there be concerns about France, the above may be a guide. Spain is starting to prove the efficacy. (with a growth of 0.2 percent GDP announced 26/9/13) 9th August 2013, London.


Correction : 50 billion, not 10 billion. 8th July 2014 12:12pm London.

An investment of 50 Billion Euros per quarter for one year is the formula to regenerate Italian Recovery. 4th July 2014, 14:15pm London.

Similar formula for Italy, managed under the new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, may be a solution.

London 24th February 2014.


About 80 percent of people applying for visas to Portugal from China are prospective property investors. News also reaches that China is now re-focused on domestic economic growth and the exports sectors have also seen improving numbers. Couple this with statements coming out of China that they have reserves of several trillion dollars for investments, this must auger well for nations such as Portugal. Once this trend becomes established, other countries could well see money arriving to their shores. But it is certainly good news for Portugal.

Historical interest:

By Presidential Prerogative under the 14th Amendment, or with bi-partisan co-operation in the Congress, the Debt Ceiling shall be raised. That seems to be the considered consensus opinion prevailing in the world economic, political and press circles today.

5th October 2013. 21:32,London.

U.S. Secretary of State Jacob Lew is concerned that as at 17th October (2013) there will be a cash-flow of about $30 billion remaining for the $4 Trillion dollar enterprise. Well, at current burn rate of two-and-a-half billion a day, that will give the U.S. cash flow for another 12 days, i.e. to 29th October (2013). Certainly, all bar some of the Representatives in Congress can understand Mr Lew's concern. 7th October 2013 7:43 am London.

A timely Debt Ceiling extension will help avert this very painful scenario. For a nation of 330 million people, a per capita extension of 4000 may be appropriate, for a full twelve month period, quantifying at $1.32T. If it is temporarily extended for four months, pending further re-consideration of Obamacare costings, then a sum could be possibly derived from the maths of this figure. 16th October 2013 6:43 am London.

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On continuation of worldwide economic Recovery

Detroit Bankruptcy -what hope?

The Chapter 9 Bankruptcy filed for Detroit on Friday is a sad indication of the decline of an economy. From its heyday in the 50s with the highest GDP in U.S. to its fate today is disheartening. But I hope there is hope. A man or woman of vision or several of them can lend a helping hand in restoring the shape of this once-great city. If it's going down for lack of $18 billion, surely there are enough entrepreneurs in the top list who have the wherewithal and the faith to back it in the process of restoration. Big hearts and minds with guts - that rare combination which exists for salvation. I hope President Obama will be seeking them out. 21st July 2013 20:34 London.

What the Eurozone needs

I guesstimate that for the Eurozone they need a cash-flow of $1.45 Trillion, this figure assumes 200 Billion for each of the larger economies, and the rest divided amongst the other 13.Europe already has everything going for them, but the cash-flow would enable Recovery to continue or resume, with global trade also developing. 9/12/2011 


If there be concerns about France, the above may be a guide. Spain is starting to prove the efficacy. 9th August 2013, London.

A God-send The U.S. Open Window for European institutions of $585 Billion seems like a God-send. If they keep $295 Billion for contingency use, and feed the rest to the 17 Eurozone nations, the Recovery will continue. They could allocate 4 portions each to France, Germany, Italy and Spain,and 1 portion each to the other 13 nations, making 29 portions. So, $290 Billion spread out over 4 quarterly periods.$10 billion per quarter each to the bigger economies, and $2.5 billion per quarter to the other thirteen, how's that? Fab! 29/5/12 

Mme Christine Lagarde of the IMF says the stimulus in the Eurozone cannot continue indefinitely. Indeed it cannot once signs of a full economic Recovery start to take hold. In the meantime, a stimulus as above of 290 Billion per annum may be a very good investment in European Recovery. 10th July 2013.

Cyprus made the call, and the EU and IMF have helped Cyprus avert a bankruptcy. 25/3/13

This money can recapitalise banks, increase lending, fund projects, lend to students, build schools, small businesses, and come back with profit. 11/1/2012

The ECB has $623 Billion on deposit. If that is not a magnificent amount to start a programme of Recovery, what is? 21/1/2012. The ECB seems to get substantial deposits overnight, 827 Billion Euros recently. Such money should be invested into businesses and given as loans to individuals.That,when employed, will create work and wealth. 7/3/12.

China GDP a stable picture, reassuring

The China GDP for April - June has been down to 7.5 percent, down a touch from 7.7 percent, in line with a deliberate policy of slowdown till refocus on domestic consumption and growth rather than internal expansion via big projects. Over next five years, the slowdown is expected to bring the GDP figure down to 7 percent, in line with planning and expectations. Compared to the rest of the world, such stable growth figures are reassuring, and under the leadership of Honourable Xi, it is probable that international co-operation and trade will improve the picture. 15th July 2013.

Why not just call it Lending for Growth? That is what is needed,

and would support the banking, construction, housing, financial services sectors. 10/4/13

The essential ingredient is that the money must be loaned out for industries as

well as creating employment, for individuals and SMEs.

That would unleash the true potential growth in the new economy.

The ECB rate cut to a record low 0.5 percent today should add impetus to growth 2/5/13

The rate cut to a record-record-low of 0.15 percent recently is to

further stimulate growth. European banks may be charging 0.1 percent

to look after depositors' funds. 19/6/14

Some more historical interest, but still valid in context of

the Worldwide Economic Recovery 

Now that the Debt Ceiling has been fixed, VP Dr Joe Biden has been to Beijing and received confirmation and approval,there should be grounds for optimism for economic growth and resumption of the Recovery, worldwide, provided Oil remains at an affordable price, ideally under $85 a barrel WTI and under $100 for Brent ICE, for a sustained period, say six months. The Locomotive of the world economy needs bit more steam. 114,000 new jobs created is a good sign for the U.S. That was inJuly. During August, they have created 103,000 private sector jobs, and reduced some public sector jobs. Everyone looked forward to Mr Obama's message ofhope on 8th September. An announcement of creation of 250,000 new jobs would pep everybody up. 16.33 pm 3/9/11

Say 150,000 positions for Young Entreprenuers at $2,333 per month or even $1,333 per month each could help, if they are chosen from a broad spectrum. 22.21 28Sept./14.36 28/10

Can you imagine? Young, bright students, fresh from Uni or college, with debts and some hope? If they are living with parents who are on medium-to-low incomes, it would boost their household budgets, they can start a small business on a shoestring, maybe travel to other States or even overseas? 8.03 14Oct.2011

A Billion Dollars a month for so many jobs? That's possible. November they have created 240,000 Farm and Non-farm jobs. Great! 3/12/2011 And some of them will turn out to be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of this generation. Over a million jobs created over last six months in US seems very impressive. 16/1/2012. 245,000 jobs created in January seems a remarkable add-on. The US

economy is gathering pace, and it means so many more happier people.17/2/12

Goodshow Trading

The Quantitative Easing Measures

Few hours before President Obama's speech, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke outlined details of his plans for the Economy. The world heard that the Locomotive will continue to maintain Recovery, which the USA is uniquely gifted to do. 23.00 pm 6/9/11

Mr Bernanke has to capitalise the Federal Banks to lend onwards for money to go into the local businesses and make the economy thrive. Forget the billionaires! 17:50 London 9th Sep 2011.

If you lend quarter million or half million to family businesses or small companies, it will do a power of good, creating work activity, enabling people earn their livelihood and create wealth. Have faith, banish doubts.16/1/2012.

The Stimulus (QE2) seems a quiet sort this time, but $400 Billion as announced

by the Federal Reserve Chairman is a very substantial amount.

He has suggested that US interest rates will remain low till 2014 - that is a boost enough for the Housing Market to pick up, together with manufacturing in run down areas.

But people have to see vans laden with money leave with Security from Fed to Regional Banks..

A picture is worth a thousand words!

When this is introduced into the economy, much enterprise will result.People will hire staff,buy houses, cars, durable goods, etc.

(I note this is now actually happening. 15/11/2011)

Housing in U.S. should start to improve now.

Mme Christine Lagarde should not worry about a double dip..

By IMF empowering nations & facilitating trade, everything shall be well,

by the grace and mercy of God. 29/8/2011 4.22am London.

I believe this is true, on 15/11/2011.

Dr Zoellick who is privy to detailed world statistics says there is no fear of a double dip.

Europe should arrange to roll out the red carpet for Premier Hu Jintao,

like President Obama did in January.

Instead, Mme Merkel went to meet Premier Hu Jintao, and

China has re-affirmed support for European investments. 16/2/12

The Chinese Leadership can help fix the problem, with aegis of U.S.

The U.S. has opened its Discount Window to the European banks,

with Dollars loans upto 3 years. This money when deployed to

create wealth through investment in jobs and industry, will help

Europe from slowing down. It seems Russia, Japan and China are

also likely to pump some money in. Great blessings! 25/12/2011

The Swiss government was considering banning Investment Banking.

I guess you could say buying and selling currencies and commodities which people don't physically own is just like naked short-selling and buying back!

20/09/2011 London.

Nothing like that will actually happen. Investment Banking is Investment Banking.

The Swiss National Bank has a pile of $350 Billion in FX reserves.

Who would best follow Chairman Bernanke's accommodative policies -

Janet Yellen or Larry Summers? I would have thought Larry Fink

26th August 2013. 

Dr Yellen is doing a fine job.

Her tapering was to be expected, although I would have suggested

it over 20 months rather than 12, at the gradient it was introduced

the quantitative easing could be reduced.

31st July 2014, London.

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