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Honest Information, Profitable Trading

Durudarshan - Investment Analysis

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About Durudarshan

mobile: 0784 205 4438

I am an Investments Analyst, and have worked at Banks, Stockbrokers, Foreign Currency traders, and traded a small private fund. I know how the markets work, and my passion is Investment Analysis.

I am the Small Investors' Friend. When market conditions are right, I will trade your money, I will invest it in the market. If those conditions do not prevail, I would not bother.

I traded Gold to a system, starting an account with $2,508.77, taking it to $3,203.81. $700 in a week! Good return?

Another time, again trading to a system, I traded Gold and £/$ derivatives, starting an account with $2,157.61 to close at $3,561.81. $1,400 in 4 months 20 days. Percentage? Work it out!

These figures - exciting figures! - they are real figures!

These today are historical figures. Such opportunities I believe will always exist,

and provide opportunities for speculation and making profits.

Losses of course are also possible, should you get the direction wrong.

I have been analysing what commentators like Robert Kiyosaki

have said regarding gold. I have a view that will impact the

markets in about six to seven months. Watch this space. 19/6/14

In 1973, I worked at Moody's Services Ltd, Bunhill Row, near Liverpool Street, during my summer school holidays, reading three reports of each company and extra-polating the figures. I was so good, they wanted to keep me there, they offered me a full time job. Great skill. But I left to return to High School. What a mistake! That job at Moody's today is done by PhDs and super-computers! I used to do it with a pencil, a few biros, an old calculator, and a bottle of Tippex fluid, and walking up and down to the printing room, where I enjoyed chatting with the Italian girl who minded the press. 

Foresight is not extrapolation, is it? Predicting markets in a geo-political context

is a gift to some few individuals in the world.

Does such a Method work in today's markets?

Yes, but not mechanically!

From my recent item on Tweet regarding Gold, I believe the Method does work! (Gold went down from 1530, through 1510, to 1495. Profitable for those who shorted it! )

Now, of course, the dynamics have changed after that drop. The price has since moved well up!

But Mining co's were shorting at $1700;

however, now Newmont thinks it is headed much higher.

There's the clue.

Demand for gold is down 17% last year,

and Mr Soros had closed all his positions.

However, Gold has become an Investment. Portable & Valueable.

Venezuela and India are actually airfreighting gold for their reserves. A very positive sign.

Above this level seemed a bubble, for the moment...held by a few very wealthy individuals and corporations and Central Banks. Now it is a two-year Investment. In the mid-term future (two years), I believe gold will reach $2,500 an ounce, so people with patient money can invest and hold.

Mr Soros the Superinvestor has opened some positioins.

Short term traders however can look at a range (careful now!)

of between $1600 and $1650, that's just for the short term.

Mining companies were selling at $1650, but Central Banks have in the past

bought it to $1900, and they must have calculated their risks properly.

(That's my opinion. Risk is your own, as always.)

Revised 12th March 2013.

In the meantime, good houses in good neighbourhoods are becoming the preferred investments. Over a year, house prices in the U.S. have appreciated some ten percent, and with a strong economy can creation of 260,000 jobs in February, it seems the trend will be strenghtening. All who work hard and can get a mortgage, should try and buy their own house, which is a good investment at current house prices and record low interest rates.

Once people have jobs, jobs tied with housing, work-from-home with housing, multi-family use of big houses in U.S., market there will stabalize even further.

Revised 12th March 2013.

The Case-Schiller Index is dropping - very good sign!

Houses are real wealth, they are not toxic assets.

Ford and future for Detroit.

Houses that have been abandoned in Detroit could be put to good use.

Most owners have left a pitbull tethered in the back yard.

If the animals have no one to feed them, they become emaciated,

while the houses fall to neglect.

Now that Ford is building its Fusion there, and created 1500 jobs,

hope could be rekindled that Detroit will start to restore.

This once-great city needs God's umbrella to

help process of restoration. A few men and women of vision

can help play their part. Come on guys, Detro-it! Make it whole. 3rd Sept 2013.

As Bank of America has quashed some principal amount, the repayments will be more affordable.

Merrill Lynch say they are doing special deals for war veterans so Heroes can come to a real welcome at home. 30/3/12

(The Law of Generosity has reciprocated - look at the Bank of America share price!)

12th March 2013

The Debt Ceiling issue is resolved, thank God,and US Vice President has been to China and got confirmation and approval of continued co-operation between the two great nations. Even the economic newscasters seem to believe in God.

Once they start investment into job creation in the U.S., the whole world will re-gain its confidence. As one of the most developed economies, I feel the US should set an example in the congizance of the genius that happens when two sides combine for a cause. If the Republicans agree to back Mr Obama, it will do the country a great deal of good. Don't worry about the next generations, let this generation grow up happy, and each generation will look after itself. Perisheable things like food, God gives to the world constantly. Good leadership is something each generation should practice.I believe that will ensure a second term for President Obama, may God's blessings be onto him.

The European debt crisis will get resolved -

Tourism will give it a huge lift-up!

Just imagine : More jobs in U.S., more spending power for families,

if more upliftment for people on low incomes = travel, fun.

As will accomodating immigrants with capital.

With the truce announced by ETA, a peace now obtains

in Spain which is conducive to selective immigration,

and a resumption of growth there. Creating jobs,financing

family businesses, granting visas, giving mortgages on a soft-loan

basis, will help to fill the empty houses and create wealth in Europe, similarly in America, and Australia, where

in Melbourne they need Greek-speaking people to look after old folks of Greek origin; AUSTRALIA should grant visas.

Mr Sarkozy and Mme Merkel say there is a provision of 440 Billion Euros, that's plenty, to use as a cash-flow provision for the near future.

So long as some cash is constantly swirling in the system, everything remains Okay.

The Law of Attraction says Paint your own rosy future, and that's what more of us should do.

Should Europe unfold the Red Carpet for China, or the Blue Carpet?

Signs are, one by one everything will get resolved.

When money starts to swirl in the economies, everything works.

Bill Griffiths the CNBC host and commentator was saying : Re-flation. He is right!

In Japan, Mizuho Mitsubishi have announced 100 Billion programme, for Asian investment, it turns out.

Japan has positive growth after the tsunami, God bless their nation and their people.

I guess Chairman Ben Bernanke will have to roll out QE3.

Say, $45 Billion a month? ($38 Billion already factored in)

$7 Billion of this for creation of jobs for 3 million people, empowering small business owners,

i.e. shop-keepers, painters & decorators, gardners...

This will create wealth, which will feed back into the system.

This is investment which will pay off, I believe.

It is better than giving young and able people social security.

In the good of all is the greater glory of God.

The markets will provide many opportunities.

I need support of backers and investors to capitalise on that.

My company is Goodshow Trading Ltd.

Our Bankers are H.S.B.C., High Road, Ilford.

Simply stated, the Method does works, but it took many years of study, understanding things like false signals, volume, reliability! 

If I trade a pool of a Million, I could probably give my Investors returns of 20 percent or so a year, and have a good income for myself ! So, if you are reading this and have some investment funds, do get in touch. 

I invite investments of $10,000 and upwards. Patient money, which can remain invested for a minimum of one year, to get quality returns. If anyone wishes to invest smaller amount, please let me know. Please put a few words on Guest Book page.

If you introduce any investors, you'll get a commission. But the investment must be for a minimum of one year.

It takes lot of care and attention to detail (and of course luck!) to trade well, but I would enjoy trading for a living, that's why I'm starting this Trading Fund.

My profile is on LinkedIn. dadlani/15/230/306. 

You may wish to read it. Connect with me on LinkedIn, my name is Durudarshan Dadlani.

On Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon.

Some people are looking up my profile. I would

appreciate hearing a few words, to discuss possibilities.

I am a member of the Hedge Fund Traders Incubation Program (whose meetings I attend regularly, in London), Money Managers Group, and Commodity Trade Advisors Group forums on LinkedIn, where I have been very popular on the White House Forum as well. 

Recent talk in June at the Market Technicians Association was by Trevor Neil. The subject was ' Why I don't like Candlestick Charting '. Trevor uses Candlesticks, and very profitably. But he showed that they don't work as effectively as in the past. Nowadays, the markets are 24-hours, across different time zones, finishing at one price in London, trading further in Chicago, to close later in Japan at yet another price. But candlesticks do work, if interpreted in the context of a global 24-hour market and the dynamics of it.

Our company, a Trading Fund, which is a Limited Company incorporated under English Law, is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I take pride in constant and careful analysis of Investment Information. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, I trust a high percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the small Investment Fund industry.

Member of :

  • Commodity Trading Advisors Group CTA
  • Dubai Business Network
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