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Posted on March 2, 2014 at 4:19 PM Comments comments ()
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Forest Arizona

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 6:15 AM Comments comments ()
The news of the forest fires in Arizona has been terrible, with deaths of 19 of the 20 elite firefighting force there.  Such are the tragedies which such brave men give their lives to, in the service of their communities, as part of their job.
The rising temperatures in various regions of the world, including the mid and west coast of USA, points to the urgent need for something to be done in thinning forests by punctually felling trees in a systematic fashion so that there is least contact between trees and would help prevent forest fires from catching on and spreading further.
If there were five trees in a row, and five rows of trees, then a suggestion would be to take out the first, third and fifth tree of the first row, and 2nd and 4th of the second row; then first, third and fifth of third row; and so on.  Draw a little diagram and see.  Such felling would not cause deforestation, and would in fact add to the fertility of that land, as fewer trees drink the water.  It would change the ecological system for the better, with more moisture in the air, improving humidity, and lessening the tinder-box stage which has caused such devastation in Arizona. 
Every year, at around this time of the year, forest fires are heard of in Greece, Australia, west coast U.S. and various places, with loss of houses and lives. 
My hope remains that the authorities in all such areas would make a concerted effort to thin the forests, and the central governments must allocate budgets and help in this cause.  Nationally and internationally, such initiatives and their implementation can only benefit all world communities.  They would make a much needed contribution to reducing global warming as well.
I close this with a prayer - May the souls of the brave Arizona firefighters rest in peace in Heaven.
(written by Duru-darshan)

My posts for the last 30 days, to 1st June

Posted on June 1, 2013 at 9:21 AM Comments comments ()
Hello Readers,
Thanks for your visits to my website and blog.  The stats are quite impressive to me anyway, with an average of 12,000 visitors a month over the last six months, with a total of 196,493 visitors so far since I started to blog in June 2011.  So the latest numbers indicate a gratifying growing number of readers, thanks to you all.  I hope you continue to find my blog informative on debates of contemporary concern In the world of finance, economics, philanthropy and other issues of human concern.
Anyway, my posts over the last 30 days were as follows, and you may wish to look them up and have a read :-
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  Hello, Amsterdam.  Masseur voor Frozen shoulder.
That's it for the moment.  Wish you all an enjoyable weekend.
Kind regards,

More, or less, quantitative easing in the U.S.?

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 6:52 AM Comments comments ()
Today the markets, and indeed the world, waits to hear Federal Chief Ben Bernanke's testimony at the FOMC, on the issue of QE.
At the moment, the quantitative easing and mortgage-backed securities buy-back is running at around $85 billion per month, and it seems to be working as job creation seems to have stabilised, the housing market seems to be trending slightly upwards, the stockmarket is rising nicely (to levels which it should have achieved last year, perhaps) and there is a growing optimism throughout the world.
The Bank of Japan has loosened up its monetary policy, and allowed the Yen to fall vis a vis the major currencies.  This is likely to help Japanese exports of their excellent products and help production pick up at home and earn them from overseas markets and provide for their economy, which seems to have started a turn-around.
The appointment of Party Chairman Xi Jinping who will assume full powers of leadership in China in March must auger well for China.  Paying heed to his ideas in the past have created a boom in China. 
Perhaps another $15 billion per month in the U.S. for a period of six months may bring America back to a full Recovery, with creation of many more jobs, doing up and sale of many more houses to hard-working citizens who are earning their living, as well as housing for social projects (perhaps funded by generous philanthropists who can turn their paper fortunes into real wealth with their hallowed names attached to the building and stocking of community centres, libraries, study centres, playgrounds, etc).
Do you think the day is far away when the generosity of the wealthy will give them soul-satisfaction, and create happiness for the people in Ghana and Nigeria who need laptops, appreciate reading real books, would be happy wearning clothes which they know are known as apparel in America?  Do you think that day is far away?
There is a subtle law of prosperity, as you add more to the stream, the richer it becomes, and riches flow into the world, and the richer everyone too becomes.
Listen to your hearts, and look at the world. 
Kind regards,

My blogs over the last 30 days

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 8:36 AM Comments comments ()
I am glad to note that there are at least a few hundred visitors who like to read my blog each day.
My blogs over the last 30 days have been as follows :-
  -  Right to work demos in Michigan
  -  If the Fiscal Cliff a Roller-Coaster, or is it a Merry-go-round?
  -  25 Years after they became Rich
  -  You can sense the sense of duty Mr Obama has to America.
  -  What's up, Beverley Hills?
  -  Children dying of measles in Larkana, Sindh.
Now I have over 1,000 blogs to date, and nearly 96 readers have responded with some comments, I am glad to note.
Recently I have had blog comments on issues on which I wrote about a year ago!
But just goes to show, readers read something, bookmark it, and then when they see the comments have made good, they pay a compliment.  That has been in the nature of my blogs on Tree thinning, share prices (Bank of America, J P Morgan, Thomas Cook, LinkedIn, MacDonalds, and so on). 
Let me know what you think, you can fill in the comments under the blog.
Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

Austerity, or Growth?

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 6:29 AM Comments comments ()
Dismal unemployment figures for the Eurozone, at 11.7 percent. 
Not so good for Spain either, with 26.8 percent unemployed.
India the growth figure has slowed to 5.4 percent.
What is to become of the world?
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton observes, in the context of what has obviously worked in America, that Europe could do with growth instead of austerity.
Mme Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund has been suggesting just as much.
Growth instead of austerity seems the right recipe, so that all people the world over can return to working and growing and producing and trading and getting the whole circus of life moving at a more purposeful pace. 
Easy enough to say, but difficult to implement.  Nevertheless, the recipes seem pretty clear :-
    - The Eurozone governments to slow down the budget cutsnot make them so steep or so fast;
     - Spain to seek the bailout and pump it into their economy, to create growth instead of the        miserable state it is in; it is obviously an economy with great promise of growth;
      - India with all the hard-working people obviously needs to reduce the Reserve Bank rate from eight percent downwards, perhaps to six percent or so.  The lesson of the 2008 G.E.S. should not be lost.
In a world full of consumers, normal growth and international trade needs to be encouraged.  People have to stop worrying about future generations, and instead do what people need today and now.
Common sense suggests that the worldwide economic Recovery has every chance of continuing if the government policies are tweaked in line with the realities.
Kind regards,

Hello, Kieseldv, Ukraine!

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()
I have received 88 visitors today, who have read 217 pages.  A lot of the visitors have been from Kieseldv.  My friends, I am so pleased for you and your kind hospitality during the Football Cup.  All visitors had a great time, in the midst of a civilized crowd.  In the world's estimation, Ukraine is a regal state, as the name suggests.  I know your nation is preparing to join the Euro, although I don't know why.  The Mother Currency of 17 Eurozone nations is going through teething problems at the moment, and it my belief that it will mature in due time with even more nations under her wings. 
In the currency markets, the Euro is referred to as the Vatican Euro, suggesting that it has the blessing of the Vatican, which reassures everyone even more.  Currently the Euro-Dollar is 1.30 or so, having climbed from 1.20 hardly a few weeks ago, after the ECB President Mario Draghi confirmed his intention to authorize the buying of 2 and 3 year bonds.  The U.S. too is in tune, with Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announcing record low rates till about 2015, coupled with a programme of the Fed buying U.S. mortgage-backed securities to the value of $40 Billion every month.  This has reassured the markets, and as you have noticed, the stockmarkets have gone up, and the currencies have been a favourable play for investors and speculators alike. 
Whilst I write this, I remember your former Premier Julia Tymoshenko.  How is she?  She is in hospital, I understand, and I am sure she will be treated in a civilised manner, that is to be expected from the authorities of Ukraine.  If she is actually granted a pardon, I hope the noble heart will help bring more admiration for your people and nation.  Maybe she informally overstepped her authority in opening the gas supply to Europe on that bitterly cold Saturday when my hands were turning to ice and people were dying of hypothermia, but in the hearts of many in Europe who realise what a noble deed this was, Julia Tymoshenko will always be regarded as a heroine, and she brings pride to your nation.  Tell her she is remembered here with great appreciation.
Kind regards,

The U.S. jobs report... what does it mean?

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 8:03 AM Comments comments ()
The much-awaited jobs figures from the U.S. Labor Dept seemed to dismay the markets last week.  Only 90,000 Non-farm jobs created in June?  Disappointing, disappointing. 
Previous to the announcement, the ADP report was indicating a jobs growth for June of 180,000 jobs.
If an employment agency gives that figure, then I think most would be inclined to take that into account, as they ought to know how many people they have placed in employment.  Probably both figures are correct, suggesting that 90,000 persons who were registered unemployed have found work, and, in addition, another 90,000 who did not hit the registers, have also found work. 
I would be pleased to hear views from readers of this blog.
Considering a dental assistant in the U.S. can earn nearly $55,000 and a Physical Trainer $44,000 any number of jobs created ought to be good news - heatmaps of happiness for the people finding work - in the context of new unemployment claimaints falling in number below the average, a good sign, and increasing hourly rates of pay. 
The U.S. economy is making Recovery at a gentle gradient, and with the Oil price now seeming affordable, it is probable it will pick up again this month. 
Europe seems concerned about a slowdown in China as much as the Chinese are concerned there is a slowdown in Europe.  It is like a see-saw.  If only all the economies have faith that things will improve and nobody wishes to see another recession for a long time, the consumer and jobs creation bandwagon can continue in the midst of peace and plenty.  Instead of fearing a recession, the body politic should be giving the people a message of peace and hope, and, truthfully, that even Prosperity could be round the corner.  An era of optimism would do wonders for all, a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For that I pray.
Kind regards,

The God Particle. Day of great celebration today for Mankind.

Posted on July 4, 2012 at 4:06 PM Comments comments ()
Today is a day of great celebration for mankind, the day when they have revealed the finding of the God Particle, the sub-atomic structure that is the DNA of the beginning of Creation.  It is a milestone, like the landing of the First Man on the Moon, or the discovery of penicillin... or even hearing Vivaldi's Four Seasons for the first time.
The announcement came amidst palpable excitement amongst the scientists and other observers alike, from the Cern laboratory in Switzerland.  There, in the tunnel of 27 kilometers that houses the Collider, the Higgs Boson particle has been isolated.  What benefits this discovery brings to Mankind, remains to be seen.  It has certainly brought joy to Dr Higgs and his team, which has consisted of 8,000 scientists from over 100 nations, working in co-operation.  The project is said to have cost about $30 billion, and it seems money well spent.  I don't know what was Professor Higgs' inspiration all those 40 years ago when he first proposed the idea, but I have read in the Bhagvad Gita that when the boys and girls playing with Lord Krishna looked into His open mouth, they saw a galaxy... It is virtually as if the God Particle may have fallen out of that vision. 
It is naturally fitting that the name of Dr Bose is associated with this project and this particie, for Dr Bose's name is the foremost in super-magnification.  The Higgs-Boson particle, the God particle.  Today is a day that shall inspire many more visions of what there can be, to be found which already exists in Nature, waiting for mankind's curiosity and persistence to unearth it. 
Kind regards,

What should it be?

Posted on July 4, 2012 at 4:30 AM Comments comments ()
As the world awaits what the ECB Chairman Mario Draghi will announce on Thursday, a rate cut or some additional stimulus, the question that needs to be asked is :  what is really needed?
With overnight deposits at the ECB running at around Euros 820 Billion, and withdrawls hardly Euros 320 million, I think it is self-evident that the wherewithal for growth in Europe is already there... 819 Billion Euros plus parked in vaults is a fantastic figure!  As to a rate cut, it does not seem necessary.  At one percent, it is pretty low -  otherwise the banks would not find it profitable to lend vigorously, they'll just do inter-bank deals, collect their cut and go for lunch. 
The solution which is taking place with improving numbers for the manufacturing indexes (although below the 50 level) is a return to confidence, the confidence to borrow, the confidence to lend, the confidence to spend and the confidence to grow, a confidence to try and balance the books with China and India and Brazil and OPEC, and a confidence to create jobs, confidence to fill up the empty houses, and a confidence to acknowledge that the world system has always existed on credit for further growth, and this generation cannot be any different. 
If this generation is fine and we pull ourselves out of this sticky patch where lack of confidence has slowed things down, then austerity will be replaced by an ambience of happiness and growth, sustaining people to their expectations and dreams of a more fulfilling, more promising, more prosperous future.
It is a natural agenda.  People on welfare benefits will be happier if work is given to them, which would fill up the empty offices and factories and warehouses and the idling computers. 
The world has to fully awake and arise, and not have another recession in the midst of plenty.
Kind regards,