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Potholes, potholes everywhere....hello India!

Posted on July 25, 2013 at 9:37 AM Comments comments ()
It is monsoon and rains intermittently, making roadworks difficult.  Much money has been allocated to repairing the roads, which are full of potholes, in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Banglaore.  Within the last 24 hours, 4 people have been killed on the roads as a result of the potholes, sending people off their scooters and cars off balance.  Traffic grinds down, and it is sheer determination of people to go to their work, take children to school or return home that makes them carry out these bumpy, back-arching journeys.  Just to see the roads on NDTV and their representative coverage of this situation makes people cringe.
There is no clarity as to who is responsible for keeping the roads up to date.  The local people have given up on the politicians and councillors, whose job it is to organise the repairs and point them out to the relevant municipal authorities, but confusion over which patch it is, whose jurisdiction it is, who is responsible and so on leaves a poor impression.  Just how do the politicians and councillors and the road works departments liaise and co-ordinate is a fool's blessing. 
Of course there is a lot that can be done to rectify the situation, and ensure the traffic moves at a normal pace, saving people time and frustration.  This would surely add to the economic growth?  Time is money, and a satisfied people can enjoy the finer things in life than being regularly trapped on the bouncy journeys. 
It is time clear maps were drawn for people to know who is responsible for road maintainaince on each patch, and then for the teams responsible to get the work done of filling the potholes.  It may not be the best plan to fill them all in a short while of say 48 hours, but rather to fill in a few roads each day when the weather permits so that the job is well done and the filling solidifies and takes hold and lasts longer.  Attention to this problem of repairing the potholes will do Indian cities a lot of good, and the people proud.  Those who are in charge must ensure they don't let the people down.  Travel on Indian roads ought to be safe and comfort and free of stress as possible.  That's something to achieve.
Kind regards,

Swollen legs

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 4:13 AM Comments comments ()
Swollen legs are a most painful condition.  I am diabetic, and I developed swollen legs, and I was frightened.
My legs used to feel like lead.  The blood was not circulating properly.  In fact, blood was collecting in the lower parts of the legs.  I was determined to find relief for me, through some method, if a method there was.
First thing I remembered was something called 'bench exercises', which a reknowned magazine owner had once written about.  I tried what I imagined were bench exercises.  I would hold the edge of the table and try to raise up and down on my legs - do sit ups holding the table.  Very painful with bloated legs.
But observing Baba Ramdev doing his exercises on Aastah TV, I realized that the way to do this exercise is to lie flat on the back, then BREATHE OUT and bring one knee to the chest, BREATHE OUT again and bring the other knee to the chest.  In other words, knock the air out of the stomach, naturally and not forcefully.  The relax.  And, still lying down on the back, do cycling movements with your legs, for five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes progressively as the legs become less bloated, more normal and are able to take more exercise.
Another thing, and in fact the first thing to do, is to soak your legs in a bucket of warm-to-hot water with some Dettol or antibacterial liquid, and enjoy this for 20 minutes to half hour, till the veins open up and gradually after a few days the circulation may be restored to normal.
The third thing is to wear tights (or hosiery) from a chemists shop, although I imagine any tights will do for the time-being if those are not available.  Wearing the tights will give pressure to maintain the good work done.  Then, if you follow this routine, within about eight weeks, your legs will start to look and feel normal.  Then use this routine with your own judgement, as and when necessary.
May friends, I wish you good health.
Kind regards,

May Allah make Peace

Posted on June 22, 2013 at 1:06 PM Comments comments ()
A reader from Saudi Arabia put in the search phrase, May Allah make Peace, and found my website.
Indeed, the Being, the Force, the Entity we call Allah, which translates into God for the Christians and Bhagvan for the Hindus, is the only one who can inspire people to restore peace, brining peace of mind, cessation of hostilities between brethren and kindred folks, and indeed to mankind at large.
May Allah bring peace, and inspire man and women to appreciate the wonderful nature of God's creation, and His gift of life to each and every one, which is so precious to us all...May we understand that it is equally precious to others.
May Allah in His mercy inspire us to understand that He has created the world with abundance, and may it be shared by all in a fair and just way. 
Often people are fighting over dominance of something, a house, a piece of land, a family business or anything.  Often people have died over such things, even over leadership, only to discover later that it was in vain, not worth the fight, and that the use or ownership of the same could have been achieved with fairness and just means - if such a subject had been opened up in words, and agreements made cordially.
In the Bible it says "Ask, and it shall be given to thee"  (Of course, one has to be patient with faith, as things happen in the fullness of time).
Similarly, I liked very much what the Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talaal has suggested : "For whatever you seek, ask Allah....and when you get it, give thanks." 
Allah the merciful, the magnificent, loves all mankind and living creatures, for we are all His creation.
In the fullness of time, Allah shall grant to each and everyone to their hearts content what they desire, as they live by His commandments and live in peace and allow others to enjoy peace.
Each has to ask : "What bring we into the world?"  Other than God's name and good deeds, is there anything that He would like us to carry to Heaven?
Kind regards,

A Spirit Phone, Mr Edison?

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 4:08 PM Comments comments ()
You have to appreciate how many times the name of the Wizard of Menlo Park comes up with so many inventions - the incandescent light bulb, the motion picture, the telephone.  Having found a means of supplying people with electricity, Edison also invented the meter so he could charge people for the supply thereof.
In 1920s, he said he was working on an apparatus to communicate with the people In the spirit world.
Just as we can communicate with our friends with the aid of a mobile phone, is it not possible to communicate with God or with the spirit world through something that is beyond such technology - the human spirit.  I would suggest a finely tuned human being is a spirit phone.
Kind regards,

The youth unemployment and the Retirement age

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 7:24 AM Comments comments ()
It seems a little bit of tweaking and changes in policy may improve the situation in Europe dramatically, at least I believe so.
The high rate of unemployment amongst the under-25s and the debate about the Retirement age surely throws up possibilities of correction and growth in the right segments. 
People like to retire early, not work into their old age!  People like to work a slightly shorter week, so they can enjoy some leisure time enjoying the sunshine, pottering around town, meeting friends, playing cards, taking youngsters to all the exciting places, and so on.  That is the boon of the Digital age, where people shouldn't have to work long hours.  Each new generation should have more leisure time, and a better standard of living.  Why not? 
And the young people, why should they be unemployed?  If there is work to be done, they should do it instead of the older people.  Does it not make sense?  It would reduce unemployment amongst the young people, who are the strength of this generation.  What a relief it would bring. 
If more young people are facilitated into the jobs market, they will become empowered to do all the traditional jobs such as plumbing, shop-keeping, driving, cooking and catering, house-building, architecture, book-keeping, teaching, nursing, pharmacology, dentistry, librarianship, well you can add a few names as well.
As the young people work, the economy will boom, able to support the people who need to retire and draw a pension.  It will seem fair if people who have worked hard for so many years can retire at a reasonable age and enjoy a future of a leisurely life, whilst the young can convert all their talents and energy into wealth for their nations, by work, enterprise and innovation. 
Europe can endeavour to put young people into traditional occupations, as well as nurturing talents for the digital economy.  Maybe the lucky ones will help create some star performers like Facebook or Pulse or Tumblr, and those can be developed as hobbies by the rest of us I guess. 
Now I hope the legislators and labour department superemos can sit down and formulate some ideas that will turn all that latent energy into wealth and growth for Europe.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev shop in Ilford

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 5:28 AM Comments comments ()
It seems lots of my readers are interested to know about Baba Ramdev's herbal medications and yoga techniques.
The shop is at 855 High Road, which is near Goodmayes station, at the junction near Barley Lane.
Half a minute from Tesco.  The shop is called Divine Supplements, and is open at different times, so please phone for details : 0208 590 7900.
Patanjali Yogpeeth products are also available online.  Please check www. nature and herbs.
(I have just typed it like this so it is easy to read.  No spaces in the name) 
Another source is in Hayes, Middlesex : Sira's Supermarket.
Both yoga when done correctly and the herbal medications have beneficial effects on health, to which
lot of people bear testimony.  When the shop in Goodmayes was open regularly, there was a constant stream of visitors, it's almost they are going to a pilgrimage or an oasis.
A simple and effective method of yoga is this : Close the right nostril, and breathe steadily through the left.  Now, after fifteen seconds or so, close the left nostril and let out the air from the right nostril.
That is all.  This simple method will put more oxygen into your system.  Thereafter, taking a few deep breathes throughout the day will also do good.  If you put in the time and small effort, at no cost you will find improvements in your health.
I wish you love and good health.
Kind regards,

The situation in Egypt

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments ()
When Dr. Mohd Morsi became the elected President of Egypt, he declared that he will govern by 'Dastoor', that is to say, by rule and pragmatism, that is tradition. 
When he recently announced that he would rule by decree, that seems to have caused a lot of misunderstanding.
Dr. Morsi in his wisdom may have just meant that he will be able to make decisions for the Egyptian people in the traditional way but without consuming time in lengthy consultations, as he tries to restore peace and a stable government to his country.  The good Doctor has been instrumental in arranging peace between Gaza and Israel, and hopefully that has been found worthy of approval by his Muslim Brotherhood supporters, as peace in the region will eventually restore peaceful development and prosperity to the region, in which Egypt both under Gen Nasser and Anwar Sadat has always taken a pan-Arabist leading role, much to their credit. 
After the recent reactions, the wise course of action would be for Dr. Morsi to rescind the powers of decree, and once again keep within the remits of the established powers of his office, so that there is no doubt in his nations mind.  Supplementary to this, the legislators must show unity of support and purpose for Dr. Morsi, and help restore peace and calm.
In an atmosphere of peace, the Egyptian tourism can continue to draw visitors from all over the world, and help restore this great nation to its prosperous, happy state, and continue in its support of their Arab brethern and help propagate peace in the region.  Dr. Morsi is the leader for that, and I pray that his people will help restore peaceful atmosphere at home and inspire the region.  For that I pray.
Kind regards,

Goods lost on an aircraft.....check on

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 4:04 PM Comments comments ()
Recently I travelled to Los Angeles, on 31st October, and being somewhat forgetful, left a carrier bag with a paperback book on the plane after a pleasant twelve hour journey. 
Later, on the way back to London from Las Vegas, I may have also forgotten another book.  This was on the 9th November. Both in and out journeys were on British Airways; the service on board was excellent.
Now, to find my two books, I have started to search the internet.  No, I have not found the books yet, but while I was looking through  I noted people have left lots of things on board flights.  Such as : Cash, ring, necklace, Cellphones, laptop computers, several passports (American, Irish, Italian ID,) Duty Free goods, and so on.  Yes, lots of people have forgotten jackets or cardigans, scarfs and hoodies, handbags, the list can be quite long. 
So, if you have travelled by B.A. and lost anything, perhaps it may be useful to log onto the Internet and check the site : www. missingx. com   -  I am deliberately leaving a space so you can read it. 
Dear readers, I hope you can retrieve your goodies, they may be waiting there for you to collect.
Kind regards,
PS Books I may have forgotten on board are : Autobiography of a Yogi, and Multiple Streams of Income.

Inspiration for Personal Development

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 1:11 PM Comments comments ()
It seems people have fallen in love with the church again.  Yesterday, there were two baptisms, attended very well for a cold evening which seemed like it would rain (but did not, thankfully).
It was the baptisms of Sara d'Silva, who is ten, and was attended by her Mum, brother, sisters, aunts and many friends and relatives.  It was also the baptism of Shahzad George, a Pakistani born in a Christian household in Pakistan, but who chose to immerse in the water to Christ at the Latter-day Saints church in Ilford.  A huge crowd from the congregation arrived to attend.
Today, Sunday, also was a big gathering, hence I observe that people are falling in love with the Church again, to the glory of God.  It proves a communal place to gather and share the Gospel.
The two main speakers today to bear testimony gave inspiration for personal development :-
     "The Lord knows what gifts he has given us.  It is essential for us to pray
       and discover what gifts and talents God has given us, so that we may
       develop them."    These are words from Brother Ernest Omuroyi. 
       "Patriarchal Blessings can tell me what I can become (not what I wish
        to become)," these are observations from Brother Jonathon Edosomwan.
        "We all have great potential, if we believe in it."
Patriarch Kemp will be very busy now, and I must book my appointment with him straight away.
Tomorrow, Monday, is a Family Evening hosted by Brother and Sister Saltzman, from 7pm at the Ilford chapel, and all are welcome to attend.
In the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.
(written by Duru-darshan
Melchizedek Priest)

The Conference at the Latter-Day Saints Church

Posted on October 7, 2012 at 9:52 AM Comments comments ()
Today at the Church, the Conference was broadcast live from Utah.  It was 10a.m. in London, and night in the U.S.A., and it was great to share the inspiration being relayed to the congregation gathered at the church in Romford.
The Melchizedek choir of Utah opened with the song, Praise to the Lord.
This was followed by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's opening words : The Holy Ghost will teach us to the power of our need.  (Not more, not less, but to the power of our need).
Nowadays titles like "Demise of men" or "Where have all the real men gone?" tend to suggest a denigration of men, on the premise that one gender should dominate the other.  Men and boys get demeaning and conflicting signals, as these books, mostly authored by women, portray men as incompetent, immature or just self-absorbed.  The Lord says, "Love one to another".   
Yet women are at the same time crying, "Oh men of God".
Society is stronger when men provide spiritual and moral leadership in the family, a family that has spiritual nourishment. 
Counsellor Anthony D. Perkins of the 70s observes that "Pornography is a raging storm, tearing down what was once wholesome", and it is necessary to remain aloof from such material.  David, who overcame the mighty Goliath, was yet vulnerable.  When he saw Sheba bathing, he was tempted.
He lost his connection with his eternal family.  What a price to pay.
The message was Turn away from temptation. 
Elder D. Todd Christopherson had in his prayers Omar, a 14year old boy in India, who does two jobs to support his family, doing his first job before he goes to school, the second one after.  And he finishes his homework by 11 pm before he goes to sleep.  The Elder was very proud of Omar although he has never met him.  I would say there is a huge number of people in India like that, of the one billion plus who rise to the challenge of living this way, every day. 
President Thomas S. Monson had the closing words.  "We should have the capacity to see men not as they are, but as they can be."
"People can change"  "Men can change"    "Men change everyday."  That is the change I pray for, to the glory of God and the loving kindness of our Saviour, Jesus the Christ.
(written by Duru-darshan
Melchizedek Priest )