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Thanks, Referring Traffic and Search Engines w/e 15/12/12

Posted on December 15, 2012 at 2:37 PM Comments comments ()
I am thankful to the staff of the following, for listing my website and blog and helping a steady stream of Readers find their way to me :-
  -  -  tops, tops for many consecutive weeks!
  -  Google -  always up there, as you would expect from the trillion dollar brain
       (I dare say with the aid of the people who freely contribute to the information
          store at
  -  Vistaprint, who maintain my website and blog and have helped keep my
       revisions in the public's eye so efficiently, and the staff are always charming
       and helpful. 
This week I have also seen the name of   -  this I suppose is an Internet listing organisation in Russia.  I'm glad to hear of them.
As always, you can read my blogs at :
I wish you the season's greetings, and pray that the worldwide economic Recovery continues.
Best wishes and Kind regards,

Sleepless in Seattle, what's up?

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 1:50 PM Comments comments ()
Yesterday, 3 a.m. London time, I received over 1200 visitors to my website, mostly from Seattle. Normally I get about 300-400 visitors per day.  I wonder what's up. 
Recently I have written in my blog my views that (a) China has had a soft landing, and their economy will continue to grow domestically and, as things improve in other parts of the world, internationally.
(b) that the U.S. will be in a strong position when it comes to the fiscal cliff if Mr Romney is in charge.
Yesterday I watched the CNBC interview again, and I was deeply impressed that Brother Romney is indeed a deeply religious man, and he actually has an innate agenda of peace, which should auger well for the world, especially the Middle East.  Once peace is enjoined by diplomatic methods in that region, people can work hard and prosper and have sound sleep, not worrying whether one of their neighbours is going to mount an assault overnight.  I sincerely believe Iran is not in a position to have enough centrifuges to enrich sufficient uranium for an atomic bomb, and the intelligence that they are at least four years away is probably correct, even if we disregard the fact that they have always stated that it is for an alternative energy strategy, which would help that golden country develop even further. 
Within the course of the next four years, the U.S. President will have ample time to modify the foreign policy in line with the emerging world picture, which of course will be influenced by his stance.  The world will respond according to how safe they feel in different nations, and here I feel if Mr Romney is in charge, just by his very genuinely peaceful being, I believe the world will too respond peacefully to him and the U.S., and that will do wonders for free trade, movement of goods, and thereby a stronger continuation of the worldwide economic Recovery. 
In his closing words in the debate, Mr Romney give an impression of his likely agenda, namely, the pursuit of peace by diplomacy and other channels with war being the last resort; the creation of 12 million jobs, and the strengthening of the U.S. presence abroad through greater and perhaps much-needed investment in the services. 
I have an affinity for Mr Romney as he is a Bishop in the Church of Latter-Day Saints.  I gather that he is a deeply caring man, with family and community and God as the centre for our life.  With such a man in charge, and much work and many things needed around the world, Mr Romney's presidency would become a time of growth, peace and prosperity.  That I truely believe, and I wish Mitt Romney total success in his cherished dream.
Kind regards,

Calling the RainGod....India has not received its rain...

Posted on June 27, 2012 at 7:58 AM Comments comments ()
Water in Maharashtra is being rationed to water for drinking only.  In the sweltering heat, where lands have gone dry and crops cannot be planted because of lack of rains, any water the local authorities are providig is for drinking only. 
Having planted his seeds at a cost of 100,000 rupees and waited for the rains, a farmer is out of pocket.  The rains didn't come, the seeds did not yield crops, it has all been wasted.  The farm has become dry arid land.  The government will give him some relief compensation, of 5000 rupees.  Due to lack of rain, the farmer has become poor.  He is facing a loss of 95,000 rupees and gets water only for drinking.
Several hundred farmers have committed suicide over the last two years in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, unable to face their creditors.  This is a serious situation, in which government intervention would be an ideal solution.  If the money-lenders themselves show some mercy and defer the loans and reduce the interest rates, that would alleviate the situation.  Mercilessly taking over farms which are turning to arid land, with the hope of developing buildings there, may not prove such an easy option.  Where there is lack of water, it will be difficult to build, and people will not be wishing to move into such an area. 
A critical point seems to have been temporarily reached, where there is shortage of water.  Water reservoirs will need to be built, together with transportation of water either through pipes or roads, from areas which receive abundant water to areas such as the above.  A co-ordinated plan of co-operation between States will have to be formed, and enlistment of co-operation to carry out the projects to completion.  Most years, the Eastern coast states receive more than their share of water, and sometimes are even deluged.  That water, if harnessed for transport to the regions that need it, can prove a great blessing.  Some agro-economists from West Bengal have looked at such issues in the past 50 years or so, but not much has been really done.  Hopefully, when Dr. Pranab Mukherjee becomes President, he will have the klout to initiate the implementation of such projects, which would prove beneficial to both Bengal and the whole of India. 
To the Rain Gods, I pray for rains in India, all the rain-makers kindly join in.
Kind regards,

When the new tech starts to pay for itself...

Posted on June 26, 2012 at 6:54 AM Comments comments ()
When the new tech starts to pay for itself, money will start to flow into the system.  It is not a matter of money-tising things, it is a matter of finding value in what people enjoy doing.  I believe that will be the way forward. 
Kind regards,

Hopeful, still hopeful....

Posted on June 25, 2012 at 11:40 AM Comments comments ()
The announcement at the weekend by Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh that something will be announced on Monday was awaited with huge hopes.  Now it turns out that the Indian Finance Ministry have increased their Bond purchase target by overseas investors by $5 billion.  This is the alternative way of raising funds for development, and although no big ticket projects have been pre-announced, it may be an indication that something will be done with the money being invited. 
Strangely enough, on the news wires, I note that Qatar is looking to invest $5 billion.  They could consider investing it in India.
Indian Finance Minister Dr Pranab Mukherjee (known respectfully as Pranab-da to his community and Pranab-babu in the Ministry) is resigning his office - so he can focus on the task in hand, namely that of becoming the President.  He has been so nominated by majority of the parties, the exception being the Trinamool Congress under Mrs. Mamta Banerjee.  Pranabda has his fondest dreams for further development for West Bengal, and under his Presidency will receive considerable attention it is to be hoped. 
Hopefully, an interest rate cut may not be ruled out.  It is one of the tools that would alleviate the situation.  Perhaps a cautious approach of gradual reductions of 50 basis points over the coming months could be on the cards?
Kind regards,

"Sahib, interest rate is stubbornly high..."

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 6:25 AM Comments comments ()
Can you imagine, the Guv'nor of the Reserve  Bank sitting at a tea shop in Mumbai, watching TV and eating some pav bhaji with the owner.  The Chai-wallah is keen to tell the Guv'nor what is wrong with the economy.  "You can see, the jail-bharao protest against the petrol price hike... Here in India we have put up the petrol price when worldwide it has come down.  We seem to be doing things upside down!  Secondly, people may wish to buy a car or a scooter... but the interest rates are too high.  The banks say the repo rate is too high....If I wish to send some money to my children who are studying in New York, it is costing me more rupees...People are not too keen on the stock market because it doesn't seem to hold...If there is no money for growth, no interest rate cut, the economy will stagnate and we will enter a recession.... What good will that do, tell me, Guv'nor?"
The Guv'nor ponders these questions, sips his tea, finishes his pav bhaji and pours another cup of tea.
This Chai-wallah has a point.  The repo rate ought to be down. 
"Waht do you think Fed Chairman Bernanke would do in such a situation, eh?  If he had such a luxury, he would bloody well cut the interest rate, wouldn't he?" the Chai-wallah tries to vent his anger with some humour. 
The Guv'nor adjusts his cravat, ponders the question "50 basis points, 100?  How much?"
"Sir, next month we won't have the luxury of asking this question if the Industrial figures fall again."
This jolts the Guv'nor.  The TV journalist says foreign funds are not too keen on India's Sensex or Nifty, not with the economic uncertainity.  And the Rupee has fallen to an all-time low of 57 to the Dollar.
"Between you and me sir, it is time for swift action.  Now excuse me, I must get back to my till."
Hopefully, the Guv'nor will make a pragmattic decision and lower the rate, perhaps in unison with the other Bric countries?
Kind regards,

Imagine the nations were shops in a bazaar...

Posted on April 22, 2012 at 10:10 AM Comments comments ()
Imagine a bazaar, with shops selling various kinds of items, some shoes, some toys, some household furnishings, perhaps a cafe, an artists shop, a watchmaker, a hat shop, a drapers, a stationers, an arts and crafts shop, a furniture shop, a computer shop, etc.
Imagine each nation had a shop in such a bazaar, selling things made in that country.
Wouldn't it be a wonderful experience?  It would be a very busy bazaar, with so many world citizens being the consumers.
....and that is how it could be, with more open trade, bank facilities for exchange, and nations' policies to encourage such trade...
...all people would have jobs, and all nations would prosper from the wares of their respective economies....
...such a day is yet to come, and that will help create the continuation of the worldwide economic Recovery...
...such must be our Heavenly Father's plan...
...The One who keeps all the galaxies in perfect motion, who gives us the sunshine and the rains, and breathes the soul into the body, He cannot have created the world with so many different resources and peoples with so many talents for all of us to perish in the midst of plenty...No, that cannot be so... God has created everything for a joyful and prosperous world, only the leaders have to sit down and amicably devise a plan of Peace and Prosperity...
That I believe.
Kind regards,

My blogs being read in the last 24 hours...

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 12:22 PM Comments comments ()
Over the last 24 hours, my following blogs have been read, together with more recent ones:
   = When they wear red dresses, the markets go down.
   = Sensex hits two year low
   = The high price of Oil remains the top issue
   = Shock of the Twisters
   = Say a prayer for Japan
If you are interested to read them, they are indexed in my Blog :
Kind regards,

Posted on April 1, 2012 at 3:45 PM Comments comments ()
Over last 24 hours, I have received traffic to my website and Blog via
Stumbleupon (tops, 10th week running for my website and Blog), Google
from Germany (de) and Denmark (dk), as well as Yahoo.
I notice also - if I have regular followers, I am pleased.
Hope you continue to enjoy reading my Blog.
As I have mentioned on Twitter, I try to live on God's inspiration, and I freely share my views and economic analysis with the purpose of giving my opinions on the broad world picture.
Let me have your views.
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investsment  Analysis and Management
(Goodshow Trading Ltd)

Nuclear Arms limitations for Little Blue Dot.

Posted on March 27, 2012 at 12:53 PM Comments comments ()
I hope they are going to agree to reduce the number of nuclear missiles in existence or to be built. 
The budgets could instead be spent on upgrading or building more useful infrastructure, like bridges in India, oil refineries in Nigeria, etc. etc., not to mention schools, hospitals, dispensaries, factories, farms, housing, shopping malls....
As there is less stress and more friendliness between nations, each nation can develop to the fullest extent of its gift of resources and talents of its people, a happy world where nations can trade and feed and make their people happier with improving living standards.
A cessation of warfare which has left so many nations impoverished will open up a new chapter in the history of our Earth, known as Little Blue Dot in the galaxies.
People of countries where they have civil wars just have to look at the folly of it, and how much better it would be to have a peaceful understanding and then allow their nations to develop.  They would all be better off  with Peace, which must be God's plan.
With peace will come improvements, and prosperity will develop from there.
Kind regards,