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The magic of human chemistry.

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 4:50 PM Comments comments ()
There is something about the chemistry, about the language and communication of the mind and soul, which brings people together or drives them apart.  It is this chemistry between people that I would blame for.....or, rather, a change in the chemistry between people that I would blame for separation and divorce. 
I am surprised that Napoleon Hill was not given the Noble Prize, but then again there is no category in the Noble Prizes into which his work fits.  Perhaps, on that point, I would suggest there should be another category created by the Trustees of the Noble Foundation.  The Increasing of Human Understanding.
Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the most successful people in America in the 1920s, and from those interviews he wrote many articles, published in his Hill's Success Magazine.  But a few people made a huge impression on him, viz Andrew Carnegie, Firestone, Henry Ford, Dr.Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Thomas Alva Edison.  And yes, Mr Edwin Barnes, who said it could not be done, that is to say, the writing of a blueprint for success based on the interviews with successful people.
Napoleon Hill turned that into a questions: Who said it could not be done? and went on to publish his Think and Grow Rich, a book that sells well throughout the world, in many languages, in number just after the sales of the Bible, Koran and Bhagavad-Gita and other religious masterpieces.
In his research, Napoleon Hill says that the first three years of a marriage often have petty squabbles and friction, but the love that exists between the two will carry it through.  The next fifteen years are those in which the lucky couple start to look alike in their eye movements and thinking, influencing their value judgements and expressions, meaning the happy couple have achieved understanding of one another, and a state of harmony exists between them that we attribute to the magic of chemistry.
A state of harmony, an instinctive understanding, an automatic understanding of mutual goals. It is like both have the same road-map, or at least complementing road maps.
Those for whom a partnership does not work, it seems are rather like a horse-drawn carriage where the horses want to pull in differing directions.  Where it is not possible to bring harmony of direction, abandonment of the journey becomes the alternative.  Such is what happens in business partnerships as well, and in politics as well.
A question that may help bring harmony back is : What was the road map that brought the partners together in the first place?  Can it be modified and restored?  If the answer is Yes, then hope still remains for reunion and success.
Kind regards,

More, or less, quantitative easing in the U.S.?

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 6:52 AM Comments comments ()
Today the markets, and indeed the world, waits to hear Federal Chief Ben Bernanke's testimony at the FOMC, on the issue of QE.
At the moment, the quantitative easing and mortgage-backed securities buy-back is running at around $85 billion per month, and it seems to be working as job creation seems to have stabilised, the housing market seems to be trending slightly upwards, the stockmarket is rising nicely (to levels which it should have achieved last year, perhaps) and there is a growing optimism throughout the world.
The Bank of Japan has loosened up its monetary policy, and allowed the Yen to fall vis a vis the major currencies.  This is likely to help Japanese exports of their excellent products and help production pick up at home and earn them from overseas markets and provide for their economy, which seems to have started a turn-around.
The appointment of Party Chairman Xi Jinping who will assume full powers of leadership in China in March must auger well for China.  Paying heed to his ideas in the past have created a boom in China. 
Perhaps another $15 billion per month in the U.S. for a period of six months may bring America back to a full Recovery, with creation of many more jobs, doing up and sale of many more houses to hard-working citizens who are earning their living, as well as housing for social projects (perhaps funded by generous philanthropists who can turn their paper fortunes into real wealth with their hallowed names attached to the building and stocking of community centres, libraries, study centres, playgrounds, etc).
Do you think the day is far away when the generosity of the wealthy will give them soul-satisfaction, and create happiness for the people in Ghana and Nigeria who need laptops, appreciate reading real books, would be happy wearning clothes which they know are known as apparel in America?  Do you think that day is far away?
There is a subtle law of prosperity, as you add more to the stream, the richer it becomes, and riches flow into the world, and the richer everyone too becomes.
Listen to your hearts, and look at the world. 
Kind regards,

The Paralympics, a celebration of human spirit...

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 12:29 PM Comments comments ()
If you asked me to name three Paralympians, I would not be able to name even one.  That I admit is a shortcoming on my part, which I hope to remedy forthwith.
The Flame has once again reached London, in readiness to light the cauldron tonight, to mark open the London Paralympics, the celebration of human spirit. 
Just seeing some of the clips on TV, I am truly amazed at the javelin thrower in a wheelchair, or the World Wheelchair Tennis Champion in India, who has yet to be given the highest sporting honour by the government there although of course he richly deserves it.  Again, on Facebook I saw a photograph of a man born without the lower limbs, but has worked himself to build a perfect upper part, the body of a bullworker champ.  I cannot help but marvel at the dignity of these personalities, who through sheer determination have triumphed with a competitive spirit of self-worth. 
These sportsmen and women are an inspiration to us all.
Kind regards,

My blogs being read over last 24 hurs

Posted on August 18, 2012 at 7:27 AM Comments comments ()
I am very glad to note my blogs are popular with an increasing readership.  I write on topics relating to  factors which may influence the continuation of worldwide economic Recovery.  I believe the world is a rich place, and wherever peace is maintained, prosperity will unfold.
People were reading the following blogs over last 24 hours :-
  -  Industrial Production slumps in India, but there is hope
   -  Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ
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   -  Olympians training may provide inspiration for the UK economy
   -  The Olympics Feed Good Factor
   -  Couold the DOW Jones go up 500 points a month?
You can read these and all my other articles at
Until next time,
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analysis
Goodshow Trading Ltd, IG3 8BQ,
United Kingdom.

Amitabh Bachchan to run with the Golden Flame

Posted on July 26, 2012 at 5:51 AM Comments comments ()
Bollywood Badshah Big B Amitabh Bachchan will be running with the Olympic Torch today, Thursday, participating in the relay of the Golden Flame from Above as it thrills its way through London towards the opening ceremony at Stratford tomorrow.
Excitement is certainly mounting up for the opening ceremony to the Games.  The weather is just beautiful, giving visitors a natural welcome.
The £9 billion spent on the Olympics is money well spent.  With the recently unveiled Shard Building, the City of London will attract ever more visitors and friends.
Kind regards,

Government investment for English High Streets

Posted on July 25, 2012 at 11:06 AM Comments comments ()
The BBC tv carries a story today, highlighting the plight of the English High Streets facing competition from online shopping and bricks-and-mortar shops having to shut down.  Good news seems to be that the government is putting forward £1.5 milliion to help 15 town centres improve their appearances.  This seems like £100,000 per town centre, and while it may appear enough for superficial improvements and putting some flower baskets and things around town, probably more is needed to help breathe more life into the shopping experience.
I chatted with a local Councillor in Ilford a few months ago.  He is a Senior Councillor with a lot of experience.  I asked him what the Council was able to do to help local businesses.  "Not much," he said, to my shock and surprise.  "I did not become a Councillor to see businesses close and people lose their jobs.  But there is not much that we can do, I am sorry to say."
"Can't you reduce the uniform business rates?  That could help businesses survive."
"No, afraid not.  That is to do with Central government.  They fix the rates.  We the local government just collect it."
Obviously, the central government could do something to help.  Or would chance be a fine thing?
Here is an opportunity for the government mandarins to do something to help the economic slide from getting worse.
"What about the shop landlords reducing the rents?"
"They are all individuals and different landlords," the Councillor explained.
"Don't they have a local chamber or something?" I enquired.
"Maybe you will be surprised to hear - but : No, there is no local body of landlords" 
Here's another collective body that needs to be set up.
These two measures, plus bright ideas which businesses can dream up to rescue their businesses, could bring the shopping experience back to life, together with thriving High Streets. 
And, oh yes, now that the Chancellor has decided to pump ready money into the economy, it will be very effective if the money is actually loaned out to local businesses and entrepreneurs, including those being encouraged to become self-employed.  Money begets money, and work and enterprise creates wealth.
Kind regards,

The U.K. Chancellor's measures to combat a double dip...

Posted on July 14, 2012 at 12:48 PM Comments comments ()
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a very welcome stimulus of £80 billion, to combat the effects of the tone of an impending double dip that were hovering over Europe.  This very decisive action will most probably put the U.K. economy back on track to Recovery.
Some of the banks have taken the initiative to announce mortgages at low fixed rates for 5 years.  Provided the banks actually lend this money to the widest possible customer base, that will ensure stability in the housing market and lift up the low volumes of mortgages processed in the past few months. 
If the PM were also to now initiate the much-awaited re-introduction of the Council Right-to-Buy, undoubtedly that would help to lift up the market.  People when they become owners instead of tenants normally do up their houses, and whole neighbourhoods become gentrified with the effort and expense people put in.  That would boost the painting and decorating sector, house repairs and refurbishments, as well as much needed trade for the paints and wallpaper and tile manufacturers.  When neighbourhoods become gentrified, people buy new fridges, washing machines, TVs, DVDs, cars, buy better quality clothes, etc, and the whole circle of cosumer confidence picks up, creating jobs and bringing taxes to the Exchequer.  People also start to have confidence to aspire higher, and invest in education, books, cultural activities.  The whole tone changes, creating a brighter ambience.
Britain seems in a good positive mood in this Diamond Jubilee Year, ahead of the Olympics.  Hopefully this mood will continue, and help the economy grow.  With the opening of the Shard Building, London will be a much bigger magnet for wealth in the coming months and years. 
Kind regards,

"He is Divine, he does not lie..."

Posted on July 12, 2012 at 2:31 PM Comments comments ()
Such is the telepathic transfer I received this morning.  Later, I had confirmation of that.  Dear lady, I am honored by the trust you show in my words.
Professing no such powers, I however do my best to comment on the markets, and opining away, as
I find guidance when I sit at the computer and bash away at the keys.
Anyway, my Blogs over the last 7 days have been as follows :-
  -  Bank of England adds £50 billion Q.E.
  -  Money, work and implementation
  -  In the midst of war, people look for food, safety and loved ones.
  -  Floods, forestfires, landslides...what's happening?
  -  The U.S. jobs report... what does it mean?
  -  The Libor-fixing scandal...
You too may wish to read them, at :-
Kind regards,

Bank of England adds £50 billion Q.E.

Posted on July 6, 2012 at 4:11 AM Comments comments ()
Yesterday, the Bank of England has announced that it will add a further stimulus of £50 billion to its Quantitative Easing programme.  These funds will be released into the economy over the next four months. 
Compared to the slow-release £100 billion Credit Easing announced only few weeks ago, this is actually printing and distribution of notes and electronic credits.  If the money reaches where it is needed most, amongst small and medium businesses as well as local neighbourhood shops and for initiatives such as house repairs, setting up of local Academies and colleges, grants to students, loans to businessmen and women just setting up, and empowering people with skills sitting jobless who would benefit from a soft loan to buy a van and tools and get to working and earning a living, then it will be money well invested.  It shall circulate in the economy and create work and wealth, and return to the banks with profits.  When people are busy and money is circulating, they are so busy they eat outside and can afford to; occassionally take a taxi instead of crowding in a bus all the time; carry shopping from a supermarket by mini-cab instead of walking all the way home or by bus;  replacing clothes and sagging furniture; putting good quality wallpapers in the lounge....etc, etc.
Buying cars, taking out a mortgage, brightening up the shop or local restaurant are other things where money could be well utilized, as well as provision of loans to hard-pressed families who at the moment borrow from high-interest money lenders.  Church, community centres, all such places could benefit greatly from some soft-loan cash-flow. 
The High Street banks now need to put into action a vigorous policy of lending to the local people, and this will see a resurgence of economic activity....It is great that it has come just before the start of the London Olympics.  The enveiling of the Shard Building which brings its own glamour to the London skyline and will bring in many more wealthy people to the City, is a brilliant timing for London to capitalise on this.  The thousands and thousands of visitors who visit the Olympics, some of them will wish to stay on, seeing the peace and quiet that dwells here, amidst an ambience of peace and prosperity and well-being.
Hopefully the gentlemen in Threadneedle Street and Whitehall are listening.
Kind regards,

A Prophet, a 'spy', a billionaire, floods, the God particle.

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 3:08 PM Comments comments ()
My blogs over last few days have been popular, I'm glad to note.  Between 1st and 4th July, I have posted the following, some of which you may be interested to read as well :-
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  -  The God Particle.  Day of great celebration today for Mankind.
You can read more of my other blogs (about 962 so far) at my website,
Thanks for your visit.  I do hope you find something interesting and informative.
I am always happy to receive your comments.
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analyst