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Posted on November 9, 2013 at 6:12 AM Comments comments ()
My thanks to the staff at these Search Engines for listing and indexing my website, and to Vistaprint for so beautifully hosting my website over last 28 months.  It has built from strength to strength, drawing many visitors each day. Thanks to all :
                        Google (the multi-trillion dollar brain)
                        Twitter  (tweet tweet to you)
                        LinkedIn (professional and so well defined)
                        Yahoo (book readers love you)
                        Bing (looks like people like spy thrillers)
                        and, just for good measure, a few porno sites, harmless fun is okay I'd say.
My blogs being read overnight are as follows :
  -  The ECB's 25 basispoint cut
  -  Stephanie Ruhle, CNBC interviewer 
         (She's actually an anchor for Bloomberg, working in New York)
  -  This is time for buyers to support Bangladesh factories
          (American companies have done so, may blessings be unto them)
  -  Thomas Sugrue's review of The Last Great Prophet
  -  The Bank of America share price.
Yesterday I heard the news that China has experienced good growth and far from a hard-landing which people feared it is experiencing very sound growth, with PMI figures up and increasing. 
One commentator has stated that China has several trillion dollars of reserves for investment, so I imagine the worldwide boom can continue.  Today I heard that 80 percent of visas being taken for visits to Portugal are for Chinese property investors.  This way, all economies with an open-door policy to encouraging property ownership and immigration would benefit from the Chinese wherewithal to sustain growth and Recovery. 
If the Chinese sources are suggesting U.S. is looking for $561 Billion for next six months, it augers well for the U.S. that the jobs numbers were pretty good and growth potential is inherent in America, and it would be very probable that China would support such borrowings and support, as they have done in the recent past. 
The luxury sector may start to rebound in China, who continue to buy Rolls Royce cars and jets as never before, and with the refocus on domestic consumption and increasing exports from China, it is apparent that the Honourable Xi Jinping is inspiring policies that will help the Chinese people achieve higher standards of living. 
For stability and optimism into the near future, what more could the world wish for?
Kind regards,

Hello Putian, Beijing, China....

Posted on October 23, 2013 at 3:29 PM Comments comments ()
Recently I've had a lot of visitors to my blog and website from Putian as well as Beijing. 
I note the Indian Premier Dr Manmohan Singh has been to visit Beijing soon after his trip to Moscow, and
things are looking good for co-operation on peacefully observing each other's shared borders as well as increase in friendly relations and trade.
My personal hope is to become nominated by the Congress Party of India (UPA) as the Prime Ministerial candidate for May 2014.  Should my wish be fulfilled with approval of Rahul and Mrs Sonia Gandhi, I would be thrilled and would go to India straight away to start campaigning in earnest. 
I have a vision for India as a good neighbour to China, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the whole region, as well as to unlock the huge potential that there obviously is for growth of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, power generation, further irrigation, as well as housing, hospitals, schools, universities, and so on, which would utilise the resources and cater to the public, as well as use the skills and expertise internationally in building up this great nation.  I have lived in London the last 41 years, and see the n-th degree developments of this nation (United Kingdom) as something India could well try to aim for.  I imagine that with India's resources both of the peoples' savings and growing expectations of improvements in living standards, it would fit hand-in-glove. 
It is regrettable that there have been skirmishes on the international border with Pakistan, especially just after Dr Manmohan Singh-ji had constructive talks with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif in New York recently. Mr Nawaz Sharif  has a great reputation as a man of his people and a positive personality, who would only wish the best for his people and continuation of peaceful co-existence with India.  The Indian PM has offered bilateral talks on this issue to find a resolution, and I sincerely hope common-sense and peace prevails once again.
I hope my readers will be able to make an accurate picture of what I would like to do, and I would welcome your comments on this matter.
In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful and happy evening.
Kind regards,

The magic of human chemistry.

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 4:50 PM Comments comments ()
There is something about the chemistry, about the language and communication of the mind and soul, which brings people together or drives them apart.  It is this chemistry between people that I would blame for.....or, rather, a change in the chemistry between people that I would blame for separation and divorce. 
I am surprised that Napoleon Hill was not given the Noble Prize, but then again there is no category in the Noble Prizes into which his work fits.  Perhaps, on that point, I would suggest there should be another category created by the Trustees of the Noble Foundation.  The Increasing of Human Understanding.
Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the most successful people in America in the 1920s, and from those interviews he wrote many articles, published in his Hill's Success Magazine.  But a few people made a huge impression on him, viz Andrew Carnegie, Firestone, Henry Ford, Dr.Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Thomas Alva Edison.  And yes, Mr Edwin Barnes, who said it could not be done, that is to say, the writing of a blueprint for success based on the interviews with successful people.
Napoleon Hill turned that into a questions: Who said it could not be done? and went on to publish his Think and Grow Rich, a book that sells well throughout the world, in many languages, in number just after the sales of the Bible, Koran and Bhagavad-Gita and other religious masterpieces.
In his research, Napoleon Hill says that the first three years of a marriage often have petty squabbles and friction, but the love that exists between the two will carry it through.  The next fifteen years are those in which the lucky couple start to look alike in their eye movements and thinking, influencing their value judgements and expressions, meaning the happy couple have achieved understanding of one another, and a state of harmony exists between them that we attribute to the magic of chemistry.
A state of harmony, an instinctive understanding, an automatic understanding of mutual goals. It is like both have the same road-map, or at least complementing road maps.
Those for whom a partnership does not work, it seems are rather like a horse-drawn carriage where the horses want to pull in differing directions.  Where it is not possible to bring harmony of direction, abandonment of the journey becomes the alternative.  Such is what happens in business partnerships as well, and in politics as well.
A question that may help bring harmony back is : What was the road map that brought the partners together in the first place?  Can it be modified and restored?  If the answer is Yes, then hope still remains for reunion and success.
Kind regards,

Invest in a house, buy some gold ornaments....

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 3:49 PM Comments comments ()
A friend of mine from India was asking my opinion about the price of gold. His sister is getting married in about eight months, should they buy some ornaments now? 
Well, already the price is up nearly $120 per oz after the steep price decline recently, so I guess it will trade in a price channel i.e. hit a top and then retrace.  So I suggested to my friend that a buying opportunity could be in the future.
However, the couple or their parents should consider buying their own house, I suggested.  That is a good investment, long term, a roof over the head and pride of ownership, better then renting, wherever the figures work out in favour. 
On that note, I reckon house prices seem very attractive in Spain as well as in the English shires.  Parts of rural India are also very good, for those who can live in the 30-40 degree heat during May to September. 
The U.S. housing market has started to pick up, and that is a good sign for the strength of the economy.  I surmise the job figures this month will be something to write about.  Anyway, for the individuals and families, it is a great idea to buy a house or apartment  at the record low rates.  If there is job security, and more jobs are created, that would be fun.  I hope the money masters can issue mortgages to people so that they can buy the houses, ultimately that will underpin the whole market and give strength and stability to the whole economy.  Not to mention the happiness people have in having a house of their own. 
I believe China will see improved growth this year, so for the world picture to balance, Oil needs to be a little bit cheaper. 
As the Dreamliner once again takes to the air in June, I expect a happy world picture.  As I say, Oil needs to be cheaper, and that will help sustain growth in the oil exporting nations also.
How do I feel so optimistic?  Well, I was looking through Bob Proctor's book, You Were Born Rich.
Bob Proctor, like Ron G. Holland, inspires confidence in the future.
May God's blessings and happiness be with you.
Kind regards,

Hello, Pyongyang, remember to say Halt!

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 6:26 AM Comments comments ()
The pictures on TV showing the DPRK Leader Kim Jung-on (or Young One, as we may affectionately refer to him) purposefully striding along with his lieutenents and commanders, gazing through the binoculars at South Korea across the water, pinpointing targets on a map, suggest a great expedition about to take place.  It is almost as if it were an adventure outing.
The million strong army in brown suits and cloth caps almost look like a scene from the great march of Jericho (in England, in the 1930s, marching over lack of jobs and food to eat).
The people in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea come across as conservative, peace-loving people in England.....And yet one hears of impending war?
There must be something wrong somewhere for the DPRK to up the ante and suggest a preparedness that is beyond bellicose humbug.  It is time therefore for the DPRK Leader to stop, take a pause for thought, realise what his true objectives are and that they can be achieved without actual war, and say Halt! to his army in no uncertain terms. 
I am writing this simply because the Young One's Father, the much-loved Leader of his nation, Kim Jung-il, was a reader of my blog (I was happy to note) and in his final days, before he died on that train journey, he was turning to peace and seeking ways to bring sustainance and enterprise to his people.
He heeded the suggestion that his people would be better at football if they were less shy (football has to be played in public, after all) and I understand Bend It Like Beckham was a favourite film for him.
When his Father's Golden Son took over the reigns of power, his first steps were to enlist the friendliness of China to help in mineral extraction and trade.  That to the world showed the Young One was on the right track. 
What has gone wrong since?  I do sincerely pray that Kim Jung-on will heed my suggestion, and call a Halt! to all the activities that can only lead to a scenario no-one wants.  The lady Prime Minister of Seoul was offering a friendly hand, so could the Golden Son be expected to accept that friendship, to open talks for peace, that will take his nation to a much-needed period of freedom from bellicose thoughts and words, and help open up doors of friendship from the world community, that would take his people to peace and prosperity?  I sincerely hope so and pray that all people are listening.
Kind regards,

Peace, money, lovely legs... Search Engines w/e 13/10/12

Posted on October 13, 2012 at 10:02 AM Comments comments ()
Hello everybody,
Sorry I haven't written many blogs this past week, although there has been a lot to write about.
Somewhere in the Netherlands, they have started to give street sweeping jobs to people who are unemployed, in other words, giving them some activity and making people realise how much effort it takes to earn one's keep.  It is just like sweeping the Church and cleaning it at weekends.  It is an honorary activity.
Also, my friends from the Church, Mariekke and Joachin got married, in Netherlands.  It was a joyful wedding, and I am very happy for my brother and sister in Christ.  The photographs posted on Facebook show it was a fabulous wedding, characterised by joy, dancing in celebration and a balcony appearance.
Consequently I got 1107 visits from the Netherlands.  I was wondering what's going on?  Visitors, unsually, from Osaka and Oslo made me wonder.  The postman delivering a letter and intoning "No bell?" dropped a punchline to an extended joke.  Well, there's always hope.
Tops for Referring Traffic this past week have been :, tops once again.,, .nl, .in, and .ca
Thanks all very much.
The search phrases used were :  Bank loans ;  Read think and grow blurb;  Indian furniture;
Stephanie ruhle cnbc; Faux sable coat; Thomas Sugrue Mohammed; Baba Ramdev; Money loan; Gurdas Sidhu Forex.  I am very pleased to mention them all, as all in their unique way have contributed to the theme of Peace and Prosperity.  (Faux sable coat refers to a scene from the Michael Caine movie, Billion Dollar Brain.  Of course, now Google has the Trillion Dollar Brain.)
Kind regards,

Thanks to Search Engines...w/e 29/9/12

Posted on September 29, 2012 at 11:01 AM Comments comments ()
Thanks very much to all the staff at Search Engines, for indexing me continually and hence enabling lot more people find my website and blog, which is beginning to get a growing number of visitors each week, I am happy to note.
Thanks in particular to : - Tops, many many weeks consecutively.  Thanks!
                             -  Google  .com,,   .ca    The thrillion dollar superbrain always delivers
                             -  Facebook,   Myspace,  Delicious....  staid as always
                             -    and - new ones this week from Ukraine.
                                (Say hello to Yulia Tymoshenko, who I would nominate for the Nobel Prize
                                  - she is a heroine who saved people in Europe from a freezing death by
                                     opening the gas taps one Saturday afternoon, and for which she is now in
                                     hospital under prison guard).
Lot of people are looking for Baba Ramdev Shop in Seven Kings, Ilford.  Their telephone number is
0208-590 7900, and they are open mainly on Wednesday and Saturday, other days by appointment.
They have run out of stock of most of the very useful herbal remedies for diabetes and cholestrol, and they had something for Bird Flu but the W.H.O. has not yet certified it as such.  Sira's Supermarket in Southall may be able to provide details of a stockist.  Online, you can search at  in Glasgow and buy your items direct by post.
That's all for now.  Wish you good health, and I would appreciate your comments.
Kind regards,

Hello, Kieseldv, Ukraine!

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()
I have received 88 visitors today, who have read 217 pages.  A lot of the visitors have been from Kieseldv.  My friends, I am so pleased for you and your kind hospitality during the Football Cup.  All visitors had a great time, in the midst of a civilized crowd.  In the world's estimation, Ukraine is a regal state, as the name suggests.  I know your nation is preparing to join the Euro, although I don't know why.  The Mother Currency of 17 Eurozone nations is going through teething problems at the moment, and it my belief that it will mature in due time with even more nations under her wings. 
In the currency markets, the Euro is referred to as the Vatican Euro, suggesting that it has the blessing of the Vatican, which reassures everyone even more.  Currently the Euro-Dollar is 1.30 or so, having climbed from 1.20 hardly a few weeks ago, after the ECB President Mario Draghi confirmed his intention to authorize the buying of 2 and 3 year bonds.  The U.S. too is in tune, with Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announcing record low rates till about 2015, coupled with a programme of the Fed buying U.S. mortgage-backed securities to the value of $40 Billion every month.  This has reassured the markets, and as you have noticed, the stockmarkets have gone up, and the currencies have been a favourable play for investors and speculators alike. 
Whilst I write this, I remember your former Premier Julia Tymoshenko.  How is she?  She is in hospital, I understand, and I am sure she will be treated in a civilised manner, that is to be expected from the authorities of Ukraine.  If she is actually granted a pardon, I hope the noble heart will help bring more admiration for your people and nation.  Maybe she informally overstepped her authority in opening the gas supply to Europe on that bitterly cold Saturday when my hands were turning to ice and people were dying of hypothermia, but in the hearts of many in Europe who realise what a noble deed this was, Julia Tymoshenko will always be regarded as a heroine, and she brings pride to your nation.  Tell her she is remembered here with great appreciation.
Kind regards,

Thanks, Search Engines! to w/e 15/9/12

Posted on September 15, 2012 at 9:17 AM Comments comments ()
Yesterday, my website had 304 visitors from Oakland, California.
Over the last week, a lot of visitors also from various parts of China.
Unusually high number from Germany.
Thanks to Search Engines for listing me and letting people find me :-
  - -  Tops, 31st weekrunning
  - - thanks
  -  (the one with the trillion dollar superbrain)
I am glad people enjoy reading my blog. 
Please let me have your comments and views.
Until next time,
Kind regards,

"Heavenly Father, are you really there?"

Posted on July 15, 2012 at 3:36 PM Comments comments ()
Today at the Ilford Church of Jesus-Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, it was a time for the Fowles Family bidding us Goodye, as they are returning home to Utah after serving here for five and a half years.
"It was a cold January morning," recalled John, "when we first arrived in Ilford.  The Church gates were not open at 9am, we were that early, so we took a walk around the parish of Ilford.  And here we saw people from all nationalities, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Jamaica, almost everywhere."  John was even more thrilled that as he did God's calling and connected with the local community, he saw many people turn to Christ through this church by getting baptised, attending Sunday service, attending Fireside chats, bringing their young ones to the Bible study lessons and get-togethers.  "We have all become disciples of Jesus Christ and become one big family."  These are sentiments which have a reality in the way we all respond to one another in this Church, which is a family church, where every Sunday and every get-together becomes a joyful occassion, showing in the gladness of heart.  We are indeed blessed at this Church with Bishop Onoalapo and his family, who welcome all and manifest the true message of Christ.
Mrs Allison Fowles quoted King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon (which is a complementary text to the Bible) on the purpose of coming to Church and fellowship :"That we may learn wisdom.  When you are in the service to your fellow-men, you are in the service of God". 
Katie, Christine and Marianne Fowles, who are primary school children, stood at the podium and said a few words of how they have enjoyed being here and how much they will miss their big Church family.  "When we sow, we know the good seeds grow." that's wisdom from one of them.  Another said that "we knew that Heavenly Father was on our side".  Such wisdom and such innate faith show the inspiration this Church imbues people with, and why more and more people are turning to Christ, and why the Ilford ward is a place attracting a growing number of people, from all countries and backgrounds, Punjab, Gujarat, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Philipines, and other places.
In closing, the congregation sung the hymn, "Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken".
So too of those who serve in His name, including the Fowles family, who have helped restore faith in many a broken heart.
(written by Duru-darshan
Melchizedek Priest)