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Baba Ramdev shop in Seven Kings

Posted on July 27, 2013 at 6:51 AM Comments comments ()
I have high regard for the yoga techniques taught by Swami Ramdev, who's shivir in Hainault over 5 years ago I had the great joy of attending.  In fact, it was Baba Ramdev's first visit to Europe at that time, and since then he has made countless journeys to Europe and America, Africa and many places.
He has always received a warm and great welcome everywhere he has visited, for his name has spread as the man who brings the magic of yoga techniques for improving health.  His partner in the Patanjali Yogpeeth foundation, Acharya Balkrishan-ji, is one of the best in the field of research in the field of Ayurveda, and he has discovered and created many formulations which he has generously brought to the world, for bringing improvement in health.
Their greatest reward is the adulation they are shown by people, and their products are receiving wide-ranging note and approval, as they help people control or even cure diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, third-stage cancer and various ailments, like hair loss, impotence, urinary problems, the list is extensive.  Of course, a degree of faith is required to try out the techniques and herbal remedies.
The shop, called Divine Supplements, is located at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, IG3 8TG.  This is near the corner with Barley Lane.  Tesco with ample parking is nearby.
They are normally open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, between 10.30 and 4 pm.
Telephone no : 0208 590 7900.
Mr Wilson is a gifted masseur, and he generously offers a first free massage for people over 70 years of age.  For everybody else, it is a reasonable amount, and worth every penny.  Mr Wilson is very good with relieving Frozen Shoulder, and he helped me with trapped energy in the chest.  I definitely recommend this gentleman for a curative massage.
I wish you good health.
Kind regards,

Winds, be thee still.

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 4:43 PM Comments comments ()
The Last Great Prophet, a review by Thomas Sugrue
It seems there are people regularly interested in the review of the above-name.  This, according to
a reprint of the original 1937 edition of Think and Grow Rich (with a foreward by Tom Butler-Bowden),
appeared in the Herlad Tribune, in the 1930s.
The book itself is entitled Mohammed, a biography, by Essad Bey, who has a few books to his credit,
including novels.
The above-mentioned biography and the previously mentioned review by Thomas Surgrue, have earned their names in recent history, I believe. 
All religionists are dreamers, who have believed and pursued a dream, as did Mohammed, as did Christ, as did the Buddha.  Their distinguishing characteristic was persistence, a characteristic that is the top quality necessary for any kind of success, followed by a purpose, a plan....and action.
All these revered figures had one more distinguishing feature in addition to a message of God : a message of love, preaching God's love for humanity and the unifying fact of humanity : love and honour for all, as brothers and sisters in humanity.
Today, I send my message of peace and love to the people of Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Missiouri, and the other states who have seen devastation at the hands of Nature. 
When I think of the twisters and tornadoes (now heading for Nebraska and Texas)  I imagine Christ's command : Winds, be thee still.
Likewise, we should follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and say : Winds, be thee still.
Kind regards,

The Paralympics, a celebration of human spirit...

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 12:29 PM Comments comments ()
If you asked me to name three Paralympians, I would not be able to name even one.  That I admit is a shortcoming on my part, which I hope to remedy forthwith.
The Flame has once again reached London, in readiness to light the cauldron tonight, to mark open the London Paralympics, the celebration of human spirit. 
Just seeing some of the clips on TV, I am truly amazed at the javelin thrower in a wheelchair, or the World Wheelchair Tennis Champion in India, who has yet to be given the highest sporting honour by the government there although of course he richly deserves it.  Again, on Facebook I saw a photograph of a man born without the lower limbs, but has worked himself to build a perfect upper part, the body of a bullworker champ.  I cannot help but marvel at the dignity of these personalities, who through sheer determination have triumphed with a competitive spirit of self-worth. 
These sportsmen and women are an inspiration to us all.
Kind regards,

Industrial Production slumps in India, but there is hope

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 2:38 PM Comments comments ()
The Indian Industrial Production figure for July shows a drop of a whopping 1.9 percent.  This clearly indicates that help is needed in the way of an interest rate cut, if things are not to be let to get even worse.
A drop in the White Goods inventory of a massive 37 percent shows the pent-up demand is being satisfied, although the interest rates remain quite high.
Now the challenge will be to continue satisfying that demand, once the inventories are depleted.
An interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank would give industry the support it needs to use the production capacity.
The less-than-generous monsoon rains may mean the crop yields will not be as high as normal, pushing up price of vegetables, lentils and wheat for the Indian consumer and leaving less for export, if any.
In this scenario, the Indian people and their industry need help from a cut in the interest rate, as the new Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram has acknowledged recently.
No-one bar the RainGod can do anything about the monsoon, and it remains to be seen what crop yields are produced.  But the Reserve Bank Governor certainly can do something to help the ailing economy. There is no confusing dilemma.  Decisive action is now necessary.
Kind regards,

Bank of England adds £50 billion Q.E.

Posted on July 6, 2012 at 4:11 AM Comments comments ()
Yesterday, the Bank of England has announced that it will add a further stimulus of £50 billion to its Quantitative Easing programme.  These funds will be released into the economy over the next four months. 
Compared to the slow-release £100 billion Credit Easing announced only few weeks ago, this is actually printing and distribution of notes and electronic credits.  If the money reaches where it is needed most, amongst small and medium businesses as well as local neighbourhood shops and for initiatives such as house repairs, setting up of local Academies and colleges, grants to students, loans to businessmen and women just setting up, and empowering people with skills sitting jobless who would benefit from a soft loan to buy a van and tools and get to working and earning a living, then it will be money well invested.  It shall circulate in the economy and create work and wealth, and return to the banks with profits.  When people are busy and money is circulating, they are so busy they eat outside and can afford to; occassionally take a taxi instead of crowding in a bus all the time; carry shopping from a supermarket by mini-cab instead of walking all the way home or by bus;  replacing clothes and sagging furniture; putting good quality wallpapers in the lounge....etc, etc.
Buying cars, taking out a mortgage, brightening up the shop or local restaurant are other things where money could be well utilized, as well as provision of loans to hard-pressed families who at the moment borrow from high-interest money lenders.  Church, community centres, all such places could benefit greatly from some soft-loan cash-flow. 
The High Street banks now need to put into action a vigorous policy of lending to the local people, and this will see a resurgence of economic activity....It is great that it has come just before the start of the London Olympics.  The enveiling of the Shard Building which brings its own glamour to the London skyline and will bring in many more wealthy people to the City, is a brilliant timing for London to capitalise on this.  The thousands and thousands of visitors who visit the Olympics, some of them will wish to stay on, seeing the peace and quiet that dwells here, amidst an ambience of peace and prosperity and well-being.
Hopefully the gentlemen in Threadneedle Street and Whitehall are listening.
Kind regards,

A Prophet, a 'spy', a billionaire, floods, the God particle.

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 3:08 PM Comments comments ()
My blogs over last few days have been popular, I'm glad to note.  Between 1st and 4th July, I have posted the following, some of which you may be interested to read as well :-
  -  Thomas Sugrue's review of The Last Great Prophet
  -  Today's Inspiration from the Gurudwara
  -  Stephanie Ruhle - CNBC Interviewer ( Correction : she is with Bloomberg)
  -  Floods in Assam
  -  The 'spy' who came in from the cold
  -  The God Particle.  Day of great celebration today for Mankind.
You can read more of my other blogs (about 962 so far) at my website,
Thanks for your visit.  I do hope you find something interesting and informative.
I am always happy to receive your comments.
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analyst

The ECB drops rate to 0.75 percent

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 10:36 AM Comments comments ()
Amidst detecting signs that the economy is still on the road to Recovery but in need of a stimulus, the ECB has announced a rate cut from  1 percent by 25 basis points.  This seems a step in the right direction, as the supply of credit is available from the banks but enterprise needs that extra encouragement of a stable low long term rate to borrow and invest for growth.  Hopefully this will be the silver bullet for growth in Europe, as the Central Bank of China has also cut its main rate by 31 bps to 6 percent. CORRECTION : the rate has been cut to 6 percent, not 3.5 percent as previously noted in error.
All the major economies ought to be moving in tandem, and to help the cause of worldwide economic Recovery and resume consumerism of a required and sustainable scale to create jobs, encourage house and auto purchases, and improve spending on the High Streets, the required ingredient in my considered opinion is the lowering of Central Bank repo rates among the BRICS countries.  The rate for example in India and Russia is unsustainably high, and not conducive to growth.  If the mature economies have used this formula as a tool for stimulus, why not the BRICS countries also?  Brazil and South Africa too have potential to use this tool.  And, why not? After all, the world has the Oil price as a constant - it is priced in dollars, and has led to inflation everywhere with its recent highs. If the mature economies see it as a benefit to stimulus to have low interest rates, why not the BRICS nations also?
A repo rate of 8 percent in India has seen the Manufacturing Index drop in recent months, and the figures are suggesting a slowdown, which will impact globaly.  The emerging market economies need to stimulate growth, and here they have the benefit of being resources-rich, with young populations and potential and need for building houses, hospitals, bridges, airports, railways,roads, etc, etc, etc.
A rate of 8 percent stifles growth, it frightens industries from borrowing, in view of the global demand picture.  But if the domestic demand can be encouraged, with delivering of higher standards of living for the population, this would be an added blessing and more trade can result worldwide. 
The manufacturing numbers in Europe seem to be mildly better then previous months, and if industry now takes courage and starts borrowing and investing and creating jobs and consumerism, the anthem for Recovery can continue to play. 
Kind regards,

The God Particle. Day of great celebration today for Mankind.

Posted on July 4, 2012 at 4:06 PM Comments comments ()
Today is a day of great celebration for mankind, the day when they have revealed the finding of the God Particle, the sub-atomic structure that is the DNA of the beginning of Creation.  It is a milestone, like the landing of the First Man on the Moon, or the discovery of penicillin... or even hearing Vivaldi's Four Seasons for the first time.
The announcement came amidst palpable excitement amongst the scientists and other observers alike, from the Cern laboratory in Switzerland.  There, in the tunnel of 27 kilometers that houses the Collider, the Higgs Boson particle has been isolated.  What benefits this discovery brings to Mankind, remains to be seen.  It has certainly brought joy to Dr Higgs and his team, which has consisted of 8,000 scientists from over 100 nations, working in co-operation.  The project is said to have cost about $30 billion, and it seems money well spent.  I don't know what was Professor Higgs' inspiration all those 40 years ago when he first proposed the idea, but I have read in the Bhagvad Gita that when the boys and girls playing with Lord Krishna looked into His open mouth, they saw a galaxy... It is virtually as if the God Particle may have fallen out of that vision. 
It is naturally fitting that the name of Dr Bose is associated with this project and this particie, for Dr Bose's name is the foremost in super-magnification.  The Higgs-Boson particle, the God particle.  Today is a day that shall inspire many more visions of what there can be, to be found which already exists in Nature, waiting for mankind's curiosity and persistence to unearth it. 
Kind regards,

When the new tech starts to pay for itself...

Posted on June 26, 2012 at 6:54 AM Comments comments ()
When the new tech starts to pay for itself, money will start to flow into the system.  It is not a matter of money-tising things, it is a matter of finding value in what people enjoy doing.  I believe that will be the way forward. 
Kind regards,

"Sahib, interest rate is stubbornly high..."

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 6:25 AM Comments comments ()
Can you imagine, the Guv'nor of the Reserve  Bank sitting at a tea shop in Mumbai, watching TV and eating some pav bhaji with the owner.  The Chai-wallah is keen to tell the Guv'nor what is wrong with the economy.  "You can see, the jail-bharao protest against the petrol price hike... Here in India we have put up the petrol price when worldwide it has come down.  We seem to be doing things upside down!  Secondly, people may wish to buy a car or a scooter... but the interest rates are too high.  The banks say the repo rate is too high....If I wish to send some money to my children who are studying in New York, it is costing me more rupees...People are not too keen on the stock market because it doesn't seem to hold...If there is no money for growth, no interest rate cut, the economy will stagnate and we will enter a recession.... What good will that do, tell me, Guv'nor?"
The Guv'nor ponders these questions, sips his tea, finishes his pav bhaji and pours another cup of tea.
This Chai-wallah has a point.  The repo rate ought to be down. 
"Waht do you think Fed Chairman Bernanke would do in such a situation, eh?  If he had such a luxury, he would bloody well cut the interest rate, wouldn't he?" the Chai-wallah tries to vent his anger with some humour. 
The Guv'nor adjusts his cravat, ponders the question "50 basis points, 100?  How much?"
"Sir, next month we won't have the luxury of asking this question if the Industrial figures fall again."
This jolts the Guv'nor.  The TV journalist says foreign funds are not too keen on India's Sensex or Nifty, not with the economic uncertainity.  And the Rupee has fallen to an all-time low of 57 to the Dollar.
"Between you and me sir, it is time for swift action.  Now excuse me, I must get back to my till."
Hopefully, the Guv'nor will make a pragmattic decision and lower the rate, perhaps in unison with the other Bric countries?
Kind regards,