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Winds, be thee still.

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 4:43 PM Comments comments ()
The Last Great Prophet, a review by Thomas Sugrue
It seems there are people regularly interested in the review of the above-name.  This, according to
a reprint of the original 1937 edition of Think and Grow Rich (with a foreward by Tom Butler-Bowden),
appeared in the Herlad Tribune, in the 1930s.
The book itself is entitled Mohammed, a biography, by Essad Bey, who has a few books to his credit,
including novels.
The above-mentioned biography and the previously mentioned review by Thomas Surgrue, have earned their names in recent history, I believe. 
All religionists are dreamers, who have believed and pursued a dream, as did Mohammed, as did Christ, as did the Buddha.  Their distinguishing characteristic was persistence, a characteristic that is the top quality necessary for any kind of success, followed by a purpose, a plan....and action.
All these revered figures had one more distinguishing feature in addition to a message of God : a message of love, preaching God's love for humanity and the unifying fact of humanity : love and honour for all, as brothers and sisters in humanity.
Today, I send my message of peace and love to the people of Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Missiouri, and the other states who have seen devastation at the hands of Nature. 
When I think of the twisters and tornadoes (now heading for Nebraska and Texas)  I imagine Christ's command : Winds, be thee still.
Likewise, we should follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and say : Winds, be thee still.
Kind regards,

The Queen's Speech

Posted on May 8, 2013 at 9:51 AM Comments comments ()
The Queen looks comfortable wearing the crown, with Royal Highness the Duke
by her side. Prince Charles and the Duchess were also there in the Palace at Westminster, joyfully enjoying the speech.
Today as Her Majesty gave her speech, the agenda for the State as it were, she looked relaxed,
It is an agenda of peace and harmony throughout the spheres of influence,
       where Britain must compete and succeed in the world,
       with creation of more jobs and opportunities,
       where there is less red tape,
       where there is protection of intellectual property,
       economic growth,
       clampdown on tax evasion.
There is to be Government support for mortgages and deposits;
working parents are to be given help with childcare;
move from welfare to work;
where aspiration and responsibility are rewarded.
Greater flexibility in the pay for Teachers.
The elderly will not have to sell their homes to pay for their care.
Interest rates are to be low for homeowners and businesses. 
The High Speed 2 Railway Line is to be begun sooner, to give momentum to economic growth.  Energy and Water infrastructures are to be upgraded and increased. 
Further reforms in the Immigration system, to welcome those who would add to the economic life of this nation, and to discourage those who won't.
Increased investigation of crimes in cyberspace; reduce conflicts; help the fight against sexual violence around the world. 
"May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon your counsel" with these words Her Majesty ended her speech, which essentially is wishing peace, fairness and prosperity for all those who work for it.  A great speech, delivered by a Lady who is very much in touch with the tune and tempo of her times.  After this, the Queen and HRH the Duke stood up and gave a Nod of Thanks to the audience.
Kind regards,

Search Engines, Thanks!

Posted on August 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM Comments comments ()
Thanks to : - joint top this week, but normally tops for last 26 consecutive weeks for traffic to my website and blog;
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Much appreciated!
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analysis

Who competes and how do they win at the Olympics?

Posted on August 5, 2012 at 10:05 AM Comments comments ()
It was a joyful meeting at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here in Ilford, East London, not far from the site of the London Olympics.  There were a couple of people visiting from America today, Brother Petersen and Brother Larsson, who is here to cheer his daughter in the Breast Stroke event in Swimming.
How are the competitors selected for the Olympics?  Brother Larsson was the best to answer this.
"Sportsmen and women are selected by time and distance, and two are selected from the whole country, the ones with the best time over a distance. " The competitition is very intense.Two out of a population of over 330 million for each event at the Olympics. 
Brother Sam Siddiqui, who was taking the class, mentioned the qualities that had produced winners.
The Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis, 2 training sessions 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  For over four years since she missed her chance at the Beijing Games.  Hard work, and an innate faith that she could reach here, a faith in the things thought of, of things not yet seen.
Yes, I have seen atheletes training in the rain or on cold days, running round a track, alone, no-body to cheer them or keep them company, just sheer dogged determination to keep going, and after a long hard battle to beat the time-piece, the magic moment when it all comes together : Winner!  A blaze of glory that the dream has come true.
The innate faith that you can achieve your goals, a faith in the things dreamt of, of things not yet seen.
Strangely, those words are from the Bible, and are too quoted in the authobiography of Henry Ford.
Such inspiration is bound to produce winners.
Kind regards,

Thanks to Referring Traffic last seven days

Posted on July 29, 2012 at 1:22 PM Comments comments ()
My website and blogs prove to be popular.  From inception in May/June 2011 to date, attracting 77,513 visitors with 88,522 page views, with at least 2,060 unique geographical locations, top ranking being Pacific Pallisades.
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Thanks to these and other Search Engines.
A special mention of 
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Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analyst

In the midst of war, people look for food, safety and loved ones

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 4:31 AM Comments comments ()
Yesterday, at the church, the Bible study class was taken by Brother Hubert da Silva.  He is from Nigeria, and told us about the realities of war. 
"Brother Akunne has served in Liberia," Hubert began.  Brother Akunne nodded.  "Tell us, Brother Akunne, what do people look for when they are in the midst of a war torn region, like you were in Liberia". 
"Exactly.  Food.  People want to feed themselves, keep safe and look after their loved ones.  They are not thinking of anything else.  Nothing else matters.  People just want to be sure they remain safe, their loved ones remain safe, and they have food to eat....and water to drink, of course."
This stark reality of war seldom is obvious to people who have not been in such situations, and we should thank our lucky stars for such blessings. 
But think about the situation in Syria today.  All those people running for cover, at a loss why such a war is going on.  A civil war, brothers of the same nation killing each other.  What would our Heavenly Father say?
As the Peace Envoy Kofi Annan meets President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, I pray to God that they will work out a common-sense formula to withdraw the warring sides and try to create a natural peace. 
The ordinary people just crave peace, so they can feel safe, eat, drink and go about their day to day activities.  A good government ought to ensure such pursuit of happiness to its people, and President al-Assad must not let his people down on this most basic of human requirements. 
I pray for peace, for understanding hearts of people, for the common good of humanity, so people may feel safe and enjoy their God-given life in peace. 
If our Heavenly Father, who we call God and whose name is also Allah, were to feel good if humankind were to have peace, who amongst us would wish to please Him? 
Kind regards,

Floods, forestfires, landslides...what's happening?

Posted on July 8, 2012 at 4:37 PM Comments comments ()
Recently, the unseasonal torrential rains across England and the east coast of U.S., as well as the heavy floods in Russia and Assam and mudslides and landslides in various parts of the world, suggest that the eco-system has been disturbed to an extent that the global warming, change of current streams and so on are impacting everywhere.  No country seems immune. 
The recent forest fires in Colorado in the U.S. suggest that forests have not yet been thinned, where there ought to be space between adjoining trees so that when a forest fire starts, it can be contained.  Trees which are so densely close leave no choice but for the fire to spread on.  There at least the training and deployment of more lumber jacks could be the appropriate action.  It is a highly skilled job, taking a certain type of natural intelligence and co-ordination to do it safely.  More people ought to be trained for this job, even in the Mediterranean countries, so the dreaded fires you read about during each summer could be avoided.  If this task of "forest thinning" could be carried out before the hot summers, so much wealth of the forests could be safeguarded and preserved. 
There is so much need for furniture in African countries like Kenya, so the wood can be utilised for that purpose.  Jobs could be created in furniture making in Africa, where factories could be set up.  The former colonial masters of such countries which could be helped could perhaps give a helping hand in such initiatives. 
A world growth will happen with catering for the young and growing populations of the developing countries.  They have the human capital, and young age groups, who need housing, schools, dispensaries, hospitals, roads, libraries, more electiricity to supply the demand which would be there.  Eventually, they may be the ones working in the mature economies with aging populations.  The world is in that sense one big family of God, whose joy it would be I believe if we all help each other and give a helping hand to spur further growth in the developing world.  Western know-how, capital, large-scale implementation and management of work creation will help to harvest the wealth which exists in the world, and bring prosperity to more and more.  If all this can happen in the midst of Peace, the benefits will be sooner for all the world. 
Kind regards,

Have you read Think and Grow Rich?

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 9:58 AM Comments comments ()
Always the blurb says something that makes people buy the book.  "The international Bestseller", "Over 4 million copies sold".  That is recommendation enough, and presumably there are people who's lives have become enriched reading the book and applying some of the principles.  But somewhere in the book, Napoleon Hill says that he expressly wrote the book for people who wanted to make money, and big time...  I first picked up a copy of this inspiring book in 1988, impressed by the story of Asa Candler and the formula for Coca Cola, and how the pharmacy assistant paid his life's savings of $500 to buy the concoction that made him a fortune and even today makes billions for the publicly-quoted company.
I quite often wonder if Lakshmi Mittal has read the book.  He is in the steel business, like Andrew Carnegie.  Did Bill Gates read this book?  It is said he read The Master Key by Charles Haanel and found a clue in one line and deserted Harvard to press on with his company called Microsoft.  That one line must be something worth discovering.  Bill Gates has been very good at deciphering codes. Powerful line.
I recently purchased a copy of the reprint of the original 1937 version, and I read it before I fall asleep,
and highlight what seems important.  I use an orange highlight, easy on the eyes. 
Hey!  It says read the chapter on Auto-Suggestion every night, till the message is ingrained in one's memory.  Read it aloud, so you can hear it in your own voice, with faith, emotion and belief, so that the subconscious mind will accept the formula.... Press on, towards riches of the heart and the mind and dreams.  On Desire, it says define your desire.  Unless you know what you are looking for, you cannot find it.  Now I have a clue.  I know what I want, but I don't always say it.  But as I read aloud what I want to achieve, my neighbour can no doubt hear me. Perhaps the message will be conveyed to the ether and to Infinite Intelligence, and God in His mercy will grant me only that which is good for me. 
Kind regards,

82 Million Pounds for Young Entrepreneurs...

Posted on May 28, 2012 at 9:17 AM Comments comments ()
Just heard about the launch of the government's initiative to create jobs and enterprise in the UK.
They are rolling out a scheme to fund young entrepreneurs with grants of upto £2,500 each to launch businesses, some of which hopefully and quity probably will become global brands.
Lord Young, the Enterprise Superemo, was being interviewed on ITV on this. 
This seems an excellent idea, and I guess the phones will be ringing off the hook....Who do the 18-24 year olds contact, and what is the criteria?
JobCentrePlus seems the first port of call. 
Good luck!

"Watch out for the contrary winds in your life"

Posted on May 27, 2012 at 1:22 PM Comments comments ()
"Watch out for the contrary winds in your life...." the President advocates today at the Church.  "Watch out for the contrary winds in your life...."
     And whose life is unaffected by contrary winds today?  Is there anybody?  There are  all sorts of changes and influences. 
     But if you watch out, you could with the guidance of prayer keep your life on an even keel, and steer it clearly through rough waters.
     Bring the good influence of the Scriptures into your life, of Gospel music, of all the good qualities that God possesses, Agape (God's pure love), Loving kindness, Long suffering, Humility, the power to heal...Awesome, awesome, awesome qualities that Jesus had, and if we kneel down and pray, quietly to the Lord, to bless us with the courage that we lack, to have faith, to have abiding trust in the One who's word is true, who's promises are unbroken, who's very name with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost can make us weep and take away our illness.....
The One who could command the winds be still, who knows our every need, whose name is sanctified above all, the One who Heavenly Father sent to atone for us all, whose love washes away our sins, who's loving kindness guides us into the good direction, who is the Christ, our Lord.  In His name, Heavenly Father, I ask that Thou guides us away from the contrary winds in our lives.
(Written by Duru-darshan
Member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints)