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Obamacare, some teething problems.

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 7:26 AM Comments comments ()
It appears the Obamacare rollout has had teething problems, especially with the website interfacing.
Perhaps they should have stuck with their initial design, just to guage peoples interest without putting them off by asking comprehensive personal details.  It's like me asking you for your personal details before allowing you to read my blog.
Good news comes from Professor Gruber's analysis of the figures that would need or benefit from Obamacare, and provided provisions have been pencilled in for the expenditure, the launch should be quite successful, after the rationale is accepted by Joe Public. 
It seems that about 14 percent of the U.S. population would need Obamacare, the other 86 percent are adequately catered for. 
Of the 14 percent, Obamacare seeks to enlist the young working people, who don't have any kind of health care provision.  Once these people start to sign up in numbers, I presume the premium costs would start to come down.  It has to be attractive for people to sign up, not a cumbersome figure that people would be unwilling to pay and indeed may not see the immediate necessity to pay if they are currently in good health.  Everything being equal, most people would expect to continue to enjoy good health, and it seems a foolish waste of money to buy an insurance policy for health to most young people.  However, good health carries no guarantees into the future, and it is against this that people need to have cover, seeing how people's lives are sometimes marred by ill-health and their careers written off.  It is against this realistic look that young people need to consider taking up a policy to safeguard their future.
(In Britain it is straightforward enough.  Everyone is levied what is termed National Insurance, which is a fixed percentrage of one's income, and universally everyone gets medical cover under the National Health Service.  Some out of personal preference for quicker or better service decide to take out additional policies with private health insurance companies.  Side by side, the NHS and organisations such as the not-for-profit BUPA and Simply Health serve the population very well, in practical terms.)
If lot more people show an interest in what Obamacare offers, presumably the insurance premiums would start to come down and encourage more and more people to sign on, so it would actually deliver what would become affordable health care. 
As the issue is debated and considered, I guess it will gather acceptance, if not straight away then over a number of years.  Good health brings great benefits in enjoyment of life and work, creating a happy atmosphere and bringing prosperity to all, a welcome place.
Kind regards,
Durudarshan Dadlani

The magic of human chemistry.

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 4:50 PM Comments comments ()
There is something about the chemistry, about the language and communication of the mind and soul, which brings people together or drives them apart.  It is this chemistry between people that I would blame for.....or, rather, a change in the chemistry between people that I would blame for separation and divorce. 
I am surprised that Napoleon Hill was not given the Noble Prize, but then again there is no category in the Noble Prizes into which his work fits.  Perhaps, on that point, I would suggest there should be another category created by the Trustees of the Noble Foundation.  The Increasing of Human Understanding.
Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the most successful people in America in the 1920s, and from those interviews he wrote many articles, published in his Hill's Success Magazine.  But a few people made a huge impression on him, viz Andrew Carnegie, Firestone, Henry Ford, Dr.Alexander Graham Bell, and Dr. Thomas Alva Edison.  And yes, Mr Edwin Barnes, who said it could not be done, that is to say, the writing of a blueprint for success based on the interviews with successful people.
Napoleon Hill turned that into a questions: Who said it could not be done? and went on to publish his Think and Grow Rich, a book that sells well throughout the world, in many languages, in number just after the sales of the Bible, Koran and Bhagavad-Gita and other religious masterpieces.
In his research, Napoleon Hill says that the first three years of a marriage often have petty squabbles and friction, but the love that exists between the two will carry it through.  The next fifteen years are those in which the lucky couple start to look alike in their eye movements and thinking, influencing their value judgements and expressions, meaning the happy couple have achieved understanding of one another, and a state of harmony exists between them that we attribute to the magic of chemistry.
A state of harmony, an instinctive understanding, an automatic understanding of mutual goals. It is like both have the same road-map, or at least complementing road maps.
Those for whom a partnership does not work, it seems are rather like a horse-drawn carriage where the horses want to pull in differing directions.  Where it is not possible to bring harmony of direction, abandonment of the journey becomes the alternative.  Such is what happens in business partnerships as well, and in politics as well.
A question that may help bring harmony back is : What was the road map that brought the partners together in the first place?  Can it be modified and restored?  If the answer is Yes, then hope still remains for reunion and success.
Kind regards,

From 2008 to Recovery

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 4:09 AM Comments comments ()
The 2008 banking crisis and the collapse that followed could be summed up in a few vignettes:
The two major banks in Iceland, who had invested in two entrepreneurs who were buying up British retailers on the High Streets of Britain, went belly up, leading their Finance Minister to remark some time later that "perhaps we should go back to fishing".  The size of the hole was £61 Billion, many times the GDP of that nation.
Then came the blow up of the boiler houses like Bear Stearns and Lehmann Bros, whose chairman Mr Fuld had readied an exit strategy of taking a golden parachute of $300 million, totally oblivious to the small investors in India and Brazil and other places bereft of their investments of lifetime savings.
The stockmarkets at that time plunged hundreds of points.
The next initiative in the Recovery process was the meetings of the G7, then the G20, of discussions of ideas on how to climb out of the mess.  A new infusion of approximately $1.5 Trillion was put into the U.S. and  European economies, in emergency measures, and slowly, steadily some semblance of normality started to materialise.
Since then, the U.S. has put in a very necessary and prudent stimulus in the form of quantitative easing (QE I, II or III) and likewise the British economy has been blessed with measure of £375 Billion.  Currently the Bank of Japan is infusing $85 Billion per month, equalling that of the U.S., who have somehow put in a sequestration of one-twelfth of that, to reduce $85Billion over a year.
Still, there is plenty of money in the system.  The British banks like HSBC and Barclays are said to be flush with cash.  The stockmarkets worldwide look in a healthy shape, including Kenya and Ghana in the developing nations. 
This current week the markets will take a breather, as not much detail is available as to what the G7 and IMF M.D. Christine Lagarde have come up with from their recent meeting in Buckinghamshire.
While there is talk of the stimulus in U.S. being tapered off, the new U.S. Treasury Secretary seems to be calling for a resolution of the Debt Ceiling issue before Labour Day. 
Banks seem in robust shape currently, and risk appetite is growing, a good bullish sign in which it is hoped the banks will take courage and loan to small family businesses and young entrepreneurs, and help them transform that mountain of readies into wealth in the long term, creating sustainance for the people and taxes for the nations, and much happiness for all.  When people start to practice the law of generosity and become well-wishers to one and all, everyone will prosper.  For that I pray.
Kind regards,

Thanks, Readers

Posted on April 20, 2013 at 9:30 AM Comments comments ()
I am grateful to hear from so many readers of my blog and website.
I was glad to note that Pyongyang called a Halt! and the Korean peninsula was peaceful.
As for Goods lost on a plane, British Airways seems to have stepped up to improving their wonderful customer service and seem to have fewer uncollected pieces of lost luggage.  Maybe they could give me a complimentary ticket to Los Angeles?  I'd like to visit there again.  It is a huge city with a nice atmosphere of thrill and enjoyment, although I am surprised the famous W is for sale.  It has one of the most spectacular, panoramic views of the city from its vantage, and once you taste the night life there, you feel good about life.  It has the vibes or writers and actors, and people who are enjoying life with creativity.
I put my opinion on Facebook that the unemployed should try and save £2 a day.  That's £730 a year, and should put a beatific smile on the face as you jets off somewhere for a holiday.  Or save for 10 years and you could put a deposit down for a flat.  In the meantime, with savings, your horizon is just going to expand. 
With money and hope comes a more positive outlook on life, that's natural.
Anyone with any ideas how I can make some big money with my website, please do get in touch.
Or drop Marissa Mayer a hint to buy my webiste.
It's a nice, beautiful sunny day here in London. 
I wish you all a happy time, with good health and good cheer.
Kind regards,

What's up, Beverley Hills?

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 2:09 PM Comments comments ()
Beverley Hills is one cool place, quite expensive, but you like it none the less.  It's that vibration of energy, of dreams, of works in progress that gives Beverley Hills its buzz.  It's a city of Sundays, of leisurely lunches at the restaurants, a sedate stroll down the Wiltshire Boulevard, where, if money is no object, you're the King.  Or Queen, or Rockstar, or Celebrity, or the hopeful wannabee. 
Some of the streets seem to run for miles, so it is very useful to have precise locations.  Taxi fares are quite expensive, with add-ons after certain times of night or bank holidays.  Try using buses to make it cheaper?  Not enough time to figure it out on a short visit.  Taxis from the hotel always seem to have a surcharge added.  The ones you hail charge what's on the meter.  Big difference.
There is so much to see and do in L.A.
One morning, I and my companions headed to the Walk of Fame.  There's a star that says Cubby Brocolli.  Another says Burt Reynolds.  Another, oh yes, Jane Fonda!
There's a cinema school opposite, that does guided tours. 
I opt to buy a few trinkets from the shop. There's a nice golden Oscar, that reads 'For Achievement'.  That's a gift that will be appreciated by somebody. 
Our stay at the Pasadena Hilton was comfortable.  It has that home-from-home charm, from where we visited the Santa Anita Park for the races, the Breeders Cup; Chateau Marmont, a funky nightclub; The W, or should I say the famous W, which has a breath-taking all-round view of L.A.; a reasonably priced drinking place called Mastros; and the Beverley Hills Hotel, famous in an Eddie Murphy film. 
As movies are once again starting to make good returns, and audience numbers starting to improve, I believe the talents of Hollywood will have a hand in contributing to the revival and Recovery. 
When I saw a railway line was being laid from Pasadena, I realised this place is still young, and still growing, and huge potential lies in this place.
With this short write-up of my very short visit to L.A., I can only say that I do hope to visit there again in the future.
Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year, and may Joy and Good Health be with you.
Kind regards,

Continued Worldwide Recovery

Posted on November 24, 2012 at 10:41 AM Comments comments ()
After superstorm Sandy left the East Coast devastated and waterlogged, claiming 100s of lives as well, I read that the U.S. government and insurance companies will collectively pump in  about $240 billion to rebuild the affected areas. 
That week, the American people overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama, spelling out that they were all happy with the hard-fought Obamacare which benefits the whole nation, People are sensible, and while the Recovery is gradual, people realize the value of the social net.  When New Hampshire voted for Democrats, it became clear people were happy with the certainity of the status quo and a gradual Recovery and the proactive style of Mr Obama as the genuinely caring leader.
It may have dawned on the American people that a government of bi-partisan co-operation may mean the best governance of a democracy in the world, leading to natural growth, fulfillment of people's aspirations and perhaps even a growing prosperity.  When a people work together in the national interest, they can pool their resources and surmount any challenges.  By grace of God, with imrpoved exports, more jobs, and hence improved trade balances, the fiscal cliff will  become a ledger entry in the Comptrollers books of sovereign nations.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev, Sarsaparilla, Business Show London

Posted on November 22, 2012 at 1:58 PM Comments comments ()
Today, someone on Google India looked up the above two, and found them listed under my webiste as well, for I have written about them and recommended them.
Baba Ramdev's shop in Ilford is called Divine Supplements, and is at 850 High Road, Goodmayes.  Bus 86 stops near it, and it is 3 minutes walk from Goodmayes Station.  Their telephone number is 0208 590 7900, please phone before travelling to make sure they have what you seek.  Their herbal medications are excellent and very effective, but not always in stock.
Alternative source is  who can ship the products from Glasgow, or ask Sira Supermarket of Hayes, Middlesex.
Sarsaparilla is topical, as the owner of that unique name is Kimberley Davis, who is tomorrow giving her welcoming talk and introducing her market savvy marketing products at the Business Show, Olympia.  Last year Kimberley welcomed a full house, even asked people to come into the stand and sit down on the carpets to take the weight off their feet.  I listened well and noted down her tips on successful marketing, and I am sure her products are worthwhile.  Most businesses can probably breathe life into their businesses listening to her observations. 
Entry to the Business Show is free, but it is best to register online and print a ticket to make the entry easier.
The Midas Touch, Angel's Den, are also there, and for the 18-24s seeking Start up Loans, well, there is Dragons Den charmer James Caan's company of that name who could find you investment of upto £2,500.  Hope it's fun.
Kind regards,

Take some money out and spend

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 3:46 AM Comments comments ()
After announcing the QE3, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke is hoping that the DOW Jones will keep going from strength to strength (suggesting that some of the $40 billion per month going into mortgage-backed securities will go into Wall Street) and the investing public can then take some money off there and spend it, creating a consumer boom.  It seems a good formula, and if put into practice by the public, it will see a continuing Recovery.
Meanwhile, the small pause yesterday was being attributed to Spain not asking for a bailout straight away.  It is a weighty decision for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who is seeming to employ a winning formula, announcing budget cuts and putting new money into the banking system.  After a little bit of pain for people getting smaller salaries, there will be a period of growth as more jobs are created as the new money goes into the system.  If the capital in the banks is replenished, then of course there will be jobs created, for mortgage advisors and bank clerks, estate agents, solicitors to do the conveyancing and so on.
One fact gives me hope.  In a part of Malaga, where houses and flats are cheap, the bus service is just about every two hours.  Just imagine that.  If they put on more buses there, more people would surely move into that area?  A huge potential for growth into normality is there. 
As they take out the maraccas and put on the Flamenco dancing, and croon a viva la Spania, very soon we can all drink the red wine and say Ole!
Kind regards,

My recent blogs to 30th August

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM Comments comments ()
My recent blogs are as follows:-
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  -  The DOW Index - where to now?
Hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog.  I shall be happy to receive your comments.
In the meantime,
Kind regards,

My blogs over last 7 days, to 5th August.

Posted on August 5, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()
It's been so hot, and people are interested in watching the Olympics in London.  Team GB have done everyone proud in Great Britain.  This nation which has the winning style will certainly throw the remnants of recession out of the window.  What recession? Britain will be gleedfully asking.
My blogs over the last 7 days to today have been as follows :-
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Thanks for your visit, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my words.
Until next time,
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analysis.