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Gurdas Sidhu, Forex maestro

Posted on June 19, 2012 at 9:06 AM Comments comments ()
I visited the Business Show several weeks ago, and had the great pleasure of listening to Gurdas Singh Sidhu give a talk on the Forex markets, and how people could make a regular living out of it, if they knew what they were doing, if they had the knowledge to action. 
Well, someone has been putting the search phrase Gurdas Sidhu on Google and being directed to my webiste and blog, so I thought today I will write up about him.  Knowledge to Action is his organisation, and they train people to make a living in the high risk field of Foreign Exchange speculation.  If you know how, which Knowledge to Action apparently can teach you, you can make regular money. 
Knowledge to Action is based in Kensington, in Chelsea Harbour, and if you Google "Knowledge to Action" you can read their site and decide if it is for you. Please note speculation carries high risk, just as rewards can be big, so can losses.  But some people obviously win more of the time, and knowledge in the markets is always a crucial factor to success.
Good luck. 
Kind regards,

Have you read Think and Grow Rich?

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 9:58 AM Comments comments ()
Always the blurb says something that makes people buy the book.  "The international Bestseller", "Over 4 million copies sold".  That is recommendation enough, and presumably there are people who's lives have become enriched reading the book and applying some of the principles.  But somewhere in the book, Napoleon Hill says that he expressly wrote the book for people who wanted to make money, and big time...  I first picked up a copy of this inspiring book in 1988, impressed by the story of Asa Candler and the formula for Coca Cola, and how the pharmacy assistant paid his life's savings of $500 to buy the concoction that made him a fortune and even today makes billions for the publicly-quoted company.
I quite often wonder if Lakshmi Mittal has read the book.  He is in the steel business, like Andrew Carnegie.  Did Bill Gates read this book?  It is said he read The Master Key by Charles Haanel and found a clue in one line and deserted Harvard to press on with his company called Microsoft.  That one line must be something worth discovering.  Bill Gates has been very good at deciphering codes. Powerful line.
I recently purchased a copy of the reprint of the original 1937 version, and I read it before I fall asleep,
and highlight what seems important.  I use an orange highlight, easy on the eyes. 
Hey!  It says read the chapter on Auto-Suggestion every night, till the message is ingrained in one's memory.  Read it aloud, so you can hear it in your own voice, with faith, emotion and belief, so that the subconscious mind will accept the formula.... Press on, towards riches of the heart and the mind and dreams.  On Desire, it says define your desire.  Unless you know what you are looking for, you cannot find it.  Now I have a clue.  I know what I want, but I don't always say it.  But as I read aloud what I want to achieve, my neighbour can no doubt hear me. Perhaps the message will be conveyed to the ether and to Infinite Intelligence, and God in His mercy will grant me only that which is good for me. 
Kind regards,

Greetings, Toano! Thanks for visiting my website.

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 11:55 AM Comments comments ()
Just returned from the Excel, Business Show in London's Docklands.  Today it seemed busier, with a good number of visitors.  I wish they organised it at weekends, so people could go in with their youngsters.  The Digital Economy is the way forward, and obviously the Mark Zuckerbergs will probably come from the younger generation who are tuned into what's developing.
Gurdas Sidhu gave a very chatty friendly presentation of the complex topic of making profits on the Forex markets, and invited attendees to a Live Trading Floor meeting next Friday, which is by invitation only.  So people wishing to attend can log on to Knowledge to Action and register their wish.
Another very energizing talk was given by Kimberley Davis, who welcomed people into the packed hall for her presentation.  She is top on Google, because of her name, Sarsaparilla.  People were even sitting on the carpet to listen to a very value-packed session, on her Marketing Magnetism System, 10 Step Programme to attract more money, clients and time.  Just one or two pointers from this programme would pay off the cost of this programme.  Many a shop has closed not knowing what this savvy entrepreneur has realised.  People seldom buy a price, they buy the item.  And, "sell the sizzle, not the sausage".  What is the unique selling proposition?  Like Dominoes delivers pizza - in half an hour. Marketing is such an exciting topic, and the economy will very probably pick up with effort on this goldmine. 
All in all, an energizing, inspiring show, worthwhile visiting.  I enquired from several sources in the website design and SEO field if 55,000 visitors in one year was good for a small business.  "200-300 hundred visiors a day....that's very good".  I feel contented, and will develop my website a bit more in next few weeks.
Until my next blog.
Kind regards,

Great line up at the Business Show.

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 2:58 AM Comments comments ()
The Business Show at Excel (Custom House in Docklands, on the DLR, not far from City Airport or Canning Town) has a great line up today in the Seminar Halls.  Of particular note are :
Rachel Elnaugh, who was on the Dragon's Den for two seasons 
Gurdas Sidhu , a Forex trader who shares some thoughts on making a secondary living from currency trading.
James Caan, who as most know by now, built up Hamilton Bradshaw and Humana International from scratch and sold them for millions.
So, I would encourage people to visit this very friendly show, where you can soak up ideas that are developing in the new Digital Economy, about building websites, Search Engine Optimisation (so more people  in your niche market find you online), Business Plans, Book-keeping and Secretarial support (Red Bus, Yvonne Cherrington), Company Formation, protectig Intellectual Property, finding investors or contacts.  Angels Den, Midas Touch, Rockstar Group are worth visiting. 
For those who may be interested in Sir Richard Branson's right hand man who helped him launch several ventures, the BSF Group is definitely worth a visit.  Brad has written his book, which he says has sold 15,000 copies.  This one is for the ambitious ones, worth an autographed copy.
Kind regards, and see you there.