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Netherlands, Kansas City, Kharkov.....Welcome, welcome!

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 8:11 AM Comments comments ()
It is that moment in time when the world knows the answers, yet some do not seem to.  For their narrow vested interests, they may be taking decisions which will adversely affect so many people.
Yes, point in question about the shutdown in the United States, affecting some 700,000 government employees who have been told not to turn up for work, because the two caucuses of the centrist Republican Party which is the U.S. Congress cannot agree the left with the right.  They would like concessions on many issues, which are not of prime importance today and bear some relevance to the great impending issue of the raising of the Debt Ceiling.  According to Mr Jack Lew, Secretary of State for the Treasury, the clock is expected to hit a top on 17th October, giving just about 15 days for the Congress to concentrate on this priority. 
The aggregate debt stands at a whopping $16.5 Trillion, but certainly that is not huge in comparison to the essence and integrity of the United States of America.  At last count, when the debt ceiling needed to be raised in August 2011, the Chinese Premier Hu Jintao as well as the Japanese leaders offered their continued support. 
The cash-flow in the system has enabled an ongoing Recovery, translating into much consumer confidence, demands on goods and services, and heatmaps of happiness across the world, in China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Venezuela, and every nation who trades, which includes all nations of the globe. 
Indeed it was a great gesture when the Federal Reserve opened the Open Window in Europe, enabling the Eurozone to borrow dollars and pump into their economies, creating much growth and momentum
in production and consumer confidence. 
There must be few people who do not see the benefits of a globalised economic powerhouse that is the world, where co-operation and trade between nations helps each nation produce its unique resources and exchange with the rest of the world.
I believe the world can confidently assume that the U.S. banks collectively have the wherewithal to underwrite the raising of the Debt Ceiling.  As Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan and other leading bankers meet with Mr Obama today, certainly that will be on the agenda of discussion. 
In August 2011 the U.S. banks collectively had over $1.45 Trillion, and enabled that raise.  It will be good news to hear what they may be willing to underwrite this time.  Certainly the money has swirled around the system, enabling people buy the houses and cars and television sets and sofa sets and iPads which they love, and swelled the coffers of companies such as Apple and Oracle and billionaire Carl Icahn.  All that is really needed is for such companies and people to continue to create more employment in the private sector, and for government to continue to serve the people effectively.
The lifting of the shutdown would be great, and would be welcome for people who are visiting America, so that their trips are joyful in seeing the monuments they have come to see. 
A rethink on what has led to the shutdown can only help the goodwill of America, and the prosperity of her own people.
Kind regards,

Stimulus? Taper? Where we headed?

Posted on September 27, 2013 at 2:36 PM Comments comments ()
In his penultimate testimony recently, Federal Chief Ben Bernanke suggested that the QE measures had greatly helped the economy. 
The infusion of money did indeed stabilise the economy and create jobs on an on-going monthly basis, helping people buy autos and houses, and adding to consumer confidence in the U.S., which has become one of the fastest recovering nations post the 2008-crash. The QE measures introduced in August 2011 helped to propel the economy from a negative loss of confidence to a positive full of hope and promise and enterprise culture.  The QE measures helped to finance the government departments as well as the social net, and has got some of the pick-and-shovel jobs under way, although not as many as may have been envisaged. 
Secretary for the Treasury Jack Lew is characterised as pleading for action on the issue of the debt ceiling, but of course this issue cannot have escaped anyone's attention.  A logical time for resolution of this issue in somewhere mid to end October, when Mr Bernanke may be stepping down, having served his nation in a most admirable way.
The $40 billion a month stimulus under the first QE measure must have clocked up a trillion just after two years and one month.  The additional stimulus of $45 billion a month in buying of mortgage-backed securities has been in place for nearly a year, and that tots up another half trillion or so.  All told, the authorised stimulus which was the debt ceiling was around $1.45 trillion, plus a further $700 billion from banks and private or public concerns.  The money has swirled in the system and created much happiness for so many people, and sustained livelihoods and restored confidence, not only in the USA, but around the world.  The dark days were when diamond merchants in India were standing idle, because American men had stopped buying diamond rings for their fiancées.  The whole supply chain from South Africa to Antwerp to Tel Aviv felt the effect.  Thankfully, those days are gone, and we all have to thank the return to confidence that has enabled consumers believe in a good life and live with hope.  When people have received loans and mortgages, their purpose has been filled with joy.  May that continue for the foreseeable future, as hard work and enterprise turn into wealth, going round and serving more.  A growing circle of enterprise and industry in each nation has given added confidence to increased trade as well as growth at home.  When the global locomotive of growth drives along, it is music to the ears of people everywhere, be it China, India, the Middle East, Africa, or South America, not to forget Japan and Australia.  Growth and enterprise is good for the world, as each nation trades their unique resources, creating work and purpose, confidence and enterprise.   
The cash-flow that the stimulus measures provided have been a great blessing, creating many jobs, creating many livelihoods, helping many families survive and recover from the savage recession that beset the world, and with the creation of activity, opening of factories and workshops, improving purchase of goods both utilitarian and luxury, improved number of travellers and visitors globally, it seems the economies are set for further growth to Prosperity. 
Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew and colleagues will know what measures are necessary.  President Obama and House Speaker Boehner will ascertain what is necessary and prudent for continuation of the economic Recovery.  Positive developments on this with bi-partisan co-operation will herald the path to Prosperity.  Trusting in good judgement, no one should have concern. 
Kind regards,

Swollen legs

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 4:13 AM Comments comments ()
Swollen legs are a most painful condition.  I am diabetic, and I developed swollen legs, and I was frightened.
My legs used to feel like lead.  The blood was not circulating properly.  In fact, blood was collecting in the lower parts of the legs.  I was determined to find relief for me, through some method, if a method there was.
First thing I remembered was something called 'bench exercises', which a reknowned magazine owner had once written about.  I tried what I imagined were bench exercises.  I would hold the edge of the table and try to raise up and down on my legs - do sit ups holding the table.  Very painful with bloated legs.
But observing Baba Ramdev doing his exercises on Aastah TV, I realized that the way to do this exercise is to lie flat on the back, then BREATHE OUT and bring one knee to the chest, BREATHE OUT again and bring the other knee to the chest.  In other words, knock the air out of the stomach, naturally and not forcefully.  The relax.  And, still lying down on the back, do cycling movements with your legs, for five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes progressively as the legs become less bloated, more normal and are able to take more exercise.
Another thing, and in fact the first thing to do, is to soak your legs in a bucket of warm-to-hot water with some Dettol or antibacterial liquid, and enjoy this for 20 minutes to half hour, till the veins open up and gradually after a few days the circulation may be restored to normal.
The third thing is to wear tights (or hosiery) from a chemists shop, although I imagine any tights will do for the time-being if those are not available.  Wearing the tights will give pressure to maintain the good work done.  Then, if you follow this routine, within about eight weeks, your legs will start to look and feel normal.  Then use this routine with your own judgement, as and when necessary.
May friends, I wish you good health.
Kind regards,

Thanks, Search Engines and Referring Traffic, w/e 29/12/12

Posted on December 29, 2012 at 4:59 PM Comments comments ()
For traffic to my website and blog over the last 7 days, I am thankful to the staff of the following for listing me and helping people find their way to me :-
  -  Google - Tops since last week, with combined flow via .com and and translation (Ukraine)
  - - always tops or up there.
  - Twitter
  - Myspace
  - sounds like a saucy name; thanks for looking me up.
  -  Somebody from Turkey has also looked up 'Duru - Masseur'  Sounds like a Turkish bath.
     Mind you, with my aching shoulders, I could well do with a nice massage from some voluptuous girl.
That's it for the moment. 
Till next time, be warm and keep in good cheer.
Wish you a Happy, happy New Year.

Thanks, Search Engines and Referring Traffic w/e 22/12/12

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 3:29 PM Comments comments ()
Today is 22nd December 2012, a day that is considered to be one of the most auspicious this year by Drunwald Melchizedek. 
Over this week, most traffic has found its way to my website and blog via, followed by Stumbleupon (Tops for so many weeks, 2nd this time, but never mind), Facebook, LinkedIn and
Thanks to the staff at all these companies, who do a fabulous job all year round.  I am grateful they list and index me so people can find me.
Who is the tenth richest man in West Bengal?  That is a question fed by someone in Vietnam onto the zillion dollar brain (Google).  I don't know, mate, but the richest man in West Bengal is Sanjiv Goenka, reputed to be worth over $750 million (there are 40 billionaires in India, but none so far in Bengal, which shows the distribution in wealth in Bengal is more even as it is a wealthy region, full of potential for further development).
The solutions towards solving the fiscal cliff just make people laugh.  A tax burden of $1,000 on people earning $30,000?  That is absurd!  The rich paying a little more if they keep the first 300,000 or so for themselves won't hurt anybody.  But the people on lowest incomes paying $1,000?  That's an idea to make the nation feel well with laughter.  If there is sympathy, and the people at the lowest rungs keep more of their earnings, then the economic momentum can widen and pick up speed, from the bottom up.  That is the clue, by grace of God, a Recovery and then Prosperity from the bottom up.  If the vast majority are able to eat, drink and be merry and buy houses, then the people at the top will prosper further, with the economy running smoothly. 
My suggestion is that the Obama administration with support of the Republicans can help create jobs for many many millions, as probably Mitt Romney would have done, for people on $30,000 to $50,000 per annum.  Create jobs for their children and households.  The more the better.  As Abraham Lincoln would have said, the Good Lord loves the poor, that's why there are so many of us. 
A broad-based Recovery will create wealth which will help reduce the budget deficit in future years. 
In the meantime, a stimulus will not be out of place.  Indeed, it will be necessary and prudent.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev shop in Ilford

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 5:28 AM Comments comments ()
It seems lots of my readers are interested to know about Baba Ramdev's herbal medications and yoga techniques.
The shop is at 855 High Road, which is near Goodmayes station, at the junction near Barley Lane.
Half a minute from Tesco.  The shop is called Divine Supplements, and is open at different times, so please phone for details : 0208 590 7900.
Patanjali Yogpeeth products are also available online.  Please check www. nature and herbs.
(I have just typed it like this so it is easy to read.  No spaces in the name) 
Another source is in Hayes, Middlesex : Sira's Supermarket.
Both yoga when done correctly and the herbal medications have beneficial effects on health, to which
lot of people bear testimony.  When the shop in Goodmayes was open regularly, there was a constant stream of visitors, it's almost they are going to a pilgrimage or an oasis.
A simple and effective method of yoga is this : Close the right nostril, and breathe steadily through the left.  Now, after fifteen seconds or so, close the left nostril and let out the air from the right nostril.
That is all.  This simple method will put more oxygen into your system.  Thereafter, taking a few deep breathes throughout the day will also do good.  If you put in the time and small effort, at no cost you will find improvements in your health.
I wish you love and good health.
Kind regards,

Thanks, Referring Traffic and Search Engines w/e 15/12/12

Posted on December 15, 2012 at 2:37 PM Comments comments ()
I am thankful to the staff of the following, for listing my website and blog and helping a steady stream of Readers find their way to me :-
  -  -  tops, tops for many consecutive weeks!
  -  Google -  always up there, as you would expect from the trillion dollar brain
       (I dare say with the aid of the people who freely contribute to the information
          store at
  -  Vistaprint, who maintain my website and blog and have helped keep my
       revisions in the public's eye so efficiently, and the staff are always charming
       and helpful. 
This week I have also seen the name of   -  this I suppose is an Internet listing organisation in Russia.  I'm glad to hear of them.
As always, you can read my blogs at :
I wish you the season's greetings, and pray that the worldwide economic Recovery continues.
Best wishes and Kind regards,

Is the Fiscal Cliff a Roller-Coaster, or is it a Merry-to-Round?

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 1:02 PM Comments comments ()
On 2nd August 2011 I believe it was that the debt ceiling was raised by 2.15 Trillion dollars, to take the U.S. national debt outstanding to just over 16 Trillion dollars.  Some of the television channels display the figure, showing just how close it is to the top figure.  What happens then, people may wonder. 
At the same time, some channels are displaying the numbers of days, hours, minutes and seconds to the countdown, as if they can't let people just remember it is midnight on the last day of the year, when most people will just be merry with a drink or two and probably looking skywards as firecrackers light up the sky in celebration.
The debt ceiling figure when it is reached will be totally at the discretion of the U.S. Federal Reserve and its Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, and the U.S. government,  to adjust it upwards.  The response yesterday was a no-comment, although I believe it is necessary and prudent that the ceiling will have to be raised by another One Trillion for another year.  In the meantime, the figures from the U.S. suggest a continuing though lukewarm Recovery, but the signs are positive in the U.S. Housing market, with interest rates at an all-time low, likely to give people courage to buy houses over the coming months.
Some commentators have suggested an additional stimulus to the $40 billion a month Mortgage Backed Securities purchase, in the form of another $45 billion per month to purchase government securities.  This would be a prudent move, and perhaps a figure of $60 billion per month may be more comfortable.
Car sales in Europe may be lower than in previous years, but exports to overseas remain strong, as evidenced by figures quoted for the British car manufacturers by PM David Cameron recently.
The manufacturing figures from China also give hope that a corner has been turned and things are moving in the right direction.  Both technical and fundamental figures from China give a positive picture.  In 1990, a rising star in the Politburo made a prediction, and subsequently the GDP moved up.  That rising star assumes the reigns of power in China in March, the Party Chief Xi Jinping.
The above factors suggest to me a continuation of the worldwide economic Recovery, for that I pray.
Kind regards,

25 Years after they became Rich

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 6:12 AM Comments comments ()
It is almost a sermon for the times that may be surmised from the reading of two books.
There is a chapter in Think and Grow Rich, which tells of a fabulous party at a hotel where eight of the richest and most influential men of those days are assembled.  They transact business deals that make them even richer.
You Were Born Rich picks up the thread of the story 25 years later.  Some of these multi-billionaires have died in poverty,  others ended their own lives. 
What was motivating and inspiring in one book gives pause for thought in the second.  Not that there is anything wrong in accumulating wealth, but some of these people had overlooked one law of life.
According to Bob Proctor, who is a great inspirational writer, such a law is to love humanity, not wealth.  The reversal of that law creates misery. 
Surmise what you will from the above, be happy and stay rich, for you were born rich.  So long as money keeps circulating in the system, and doesn't sit there "in a jar", everything should be okay, for not only is humanity born rich, we all are the spiritual wealth of God.
As Christmas nears, do as the Good Lord would have us do, and show your kindness to the world.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Are people buying houses in the U.S.?

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 5:06 PM Comments comments ()
Recently upon my visit to the U.S., when I visited Los Angeles and Las Vegas, I tried to gather some anecdotal evidence whether people are buying houses and what they think of it.
The first one was a taxi driver.  He was Armenian, like the Kardashians.  Yes,  his family have bought a 3-bed house on the outskirts of L.A., and drive to supermarkets downtown because things are cheaper there.  Most of the distances are pretty long.  Anyone living there needs to drive; taxis would be out of the question, only visitors use them, they are that expensive.  Bus services are pretty good, about every half an hour.  But I saw few buses, and didn't ride on them, much as I would have loved to, because of time. 
The second was also a taxi driver.  He's bought a house, 3-bed, in La Mirada, which has a nice Spanish feel.  He is from Mexico.  A 3-bed 2-bath house there is about 400,000 and a family needs to have an income of 80,000 to qualify getting a mortgage.  People work hard, and they are on their first property in California.  Like the Armenian, the Mexican also drives downtown for the weekly shopping.
Mortgages are costing about 3.5 percent, from Bank of America or one of the regional banks, although I did not ask the rates the taxi owners were paying.
In Las Vegas, the houseman who made the bed and cleaned the room said his family had bought their first house, after being in the States for five years.  It had cost them $180,000, both husband and wife and one son were working to meet the $1,100 monthly payment.  But they were happy working hard and seeing their own house as an earned reward.  These people work hard and have a great attitude.
With such people, the country will prosper.
Whilst in Las Vegas, I met a Gujarati scientist who was attending a conference at the MGM Grand.
She and her husband have been in Texas for five years, and also had bought their house.  He's an I.T. specialist.
All these people were from overseas or second generation, and had decided to make the U.S.their home.  They were all hard working, were positive and happy in their disposition, and it was a joy meeting and chatting with them.
Anecdotal evidence to me suggests that people are willing to work hard, and if they get a mortgage, they are happier still.  They feel pretty positive about future in the U.S.   I feel there is great scope for continued improvement in the housing sector, as well as in extension of railways, building of more neighbourhood shops, more buses and so on.  In America, the future is bright.
Kind regards,