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25 Years after they became Rich

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 6:12 AM Comments comments ()
It is almost a sermon for the times that may be surmised from the reading of two books.
There is a chapter in Think and Grow Rich, which tells of a fabulous party at a hotel where eight of the richest and most influential men of those days are assembled.  They transact business deals that make them even richer.
You Were Born Rich picks up the thread of the story 25 years later.  Some of these multi-billionaires have died in poverty,  others ended their own lives. 
What was motivating and inspiring in one book gives pause for thought in the second.  Not that there is anything wrong in accumulating wealth, but some of these people had overlooked one law of life.
According to Bob Proctor, who is a great inspirational writer, such a law is to love humanity, not wealth.  The reversal of that law creates misery. 
Surmise what you will from the above, be happy and stay rich, for you were born rich.  So long as money keeps circulating in the system, and doesn't sit there "in a jar", everything should be okay, for not only is humanity born rich, we all are the spiritual wealth of God.
As Christmas nears, do as the Good Lord would have us do, and show your kindness to the world.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM Comments comments ()
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a Statement of measures to be implemented over the course of next year, and his message has been, overall, favourably received. 
The stockmarket has gone up, business owners are pleased at the capital expenditure allowances which will enable investment and growth with up-to-date technology, and avoidance of the proposed 3p fuel duty altogether has sent up a cheer. 
Working families on the whole will be better off, and those on benefits will not be hard done by, with increases in benefits of one percent. 
The proposed measures will help growth. 
The studious remarks of the Opposition, when noted and acted upon, would obviously create further growth.  The banks are said not to give their managers 'discretionary' powers in granting loans; this is something that can be corrected, and would introduce capital into the local communities, especially the small shops and traders and restaurants and pubs.  It could revive a lot of businesses as the nation gets into a mood of growth.  With the 1 percent GDP increase last quarter (after three quarters of mini falls, causing a 'double dip' of a puddle variety) confidence seems clearly to be returning.  Even casual observation of people shopping in Romford or Ilford or Green Street, Upton Park, suggests that.
The People's  Bank with an injection of a Billion Pounds has been long awaited.  If it actually backs entrepreneurs to scale up and invest in films, music, arts, culture, crafts, and such enterprises, people will say that not only does Britain have talent, it is finding expression and fulfillment too.  That would have a good impact for job creation for youngsters, I believe.
The Chancellor's words are a stimulus to growth.  What more could Britain ask for?
Kind regards,

Continued Worldwide Recovery

Posted on November 24, 2012 at 10:41 AM Comments comments ()
After superstorm Sandy left the East Coast devastated and waterlogged, claiming 100s of lives as well, I read that the U.S. government and insurance companies will collectively pump in  about $240 billion to rebuild the affected areas. 
That week, the American people overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama, spelling out that they were all happy with the hard-fought Obamacare which benefits the whole nation, People are sensible, and while the Recovery is gradual, people realize the value of the social net.  When New Hampshire voted for Democrats, it became clear people were happy with the certainity of the status quo and a gradual Recovery and the proactive style of Mr Obama as the genuinely caring leader.
It may have dawned on the American people that a government of bi-partisan co-operation may mean the best governance of a democracy in the world, leading to natural growth, fulfillment of people's aspirations and perhaps even a growing prosperity.  When a people work together in the national interest, they can pool their resources and surmount any challenges.  By grace of God, with imrpoved exports, more jobs, and hence improved trade balances, the fiscal cliff will  become a ledger entry in the Comptrollers books of sovereign nations.
Kind regards,

Search Engines and Referring Traffic, thanks...w/e 20/10/12

Posted on October 20, 2012 at 10:58 AM Comments comments ()
Not at all surprised to see a pre-official release leak of the Google figures that dropped $20 bilion off their share price.  It used to happen in the past.  In fact I have heard of a printer's devil in India many years ago taking the proof to the editor and reading it on the way and within a few years becoming quite wealthy, wealthy enough to buy tea plantations and hotels, factories and real estate!
So when I read about the altruistic Rajat Gupta's case, I wonder what is the distinction between information and insider information.  Dealers, tipsters, hedge fund managers are all there to make money, and they are not going to say No to any information that gives them an edge.  It is a very grey area what constitutes information and insider information, as there are lots of bits and pieces of information in the public domain, plus savvy clerks and secretaries in organisations who are always on the lookout for tidbits which will earn them some side income.  With jobs in brokerages disappearing so fast, can't blame for people clutching at straws or pulling some old tricks. 
The Search Engines and Referring Traffic this week I wish to thank as follows :-
   -  - tops this week.  Thanks a google!
   - - 2nd this week, but normally tops.  Thanks as always.
   - - third top, plus .za, .au, and has connected some traffic. 
As to search phrases, people are regularly looking for the Baba Ramdev shop in Ilford.  It is at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, telephone : 0208-590 7900 open on Saturdays 10-4 pm and Wednesdays 10-5 pm.  Please phone to check if they have stock of herbal products you require.
That's it for now.  Wish you good health and good weather.
Kind regards,

Hello, Kieseldv, Ukraine!

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()
I have received 88 visitors today, who have read 217 pages.  A lot of the visitors have been from Kieseldv.  My friends, I am so pleased for you and your kind hospitality during the Football Cup.  All visitors had a great time, in the midst of a civilized crowd.  In the world's estimation, Ukraine is a regal state, as the name suggests.  I know your nation is preparing to join the Euro, although I don't know why.  The Mother Currency of 17 Eurozone nations is going through teething problems at the moment, and it my belief that it will mature in due time with even more nations under her wings. 
In the currency markets, the Euro is referred to as the Vatican Euro, suggesting that it has the blessing of the Vatican, which reassures everyone even more.  Currently the Euro-Dollar is 1.30 or so, having climbed from 1.20 hardly a few weeks ago, after the ECB President Mario Draghi confirmed his intention to authorize the buying of 2 and 3 year bonds.  The U.S. too is in tune, with Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announcing record low rates till about 2015, coupled with a programme of the Fed buying U.S. mortgage-backed securities to the value of $40 Billion every month.  This has reassured the markets, and as you have noticed, the stockmarkets have gone up, and the currencies have been a favourable play for investors and speculators alike. 
Whilst I write this, I remember your former Premier Julia Tymoshenko.  How is she?  She is in hospital, I understand, and I am sure she will be treated in a civilised manner, that is to be expected from the authorities of Ukraine.  If she is actually granted a pardon, I hope the noble heart will help bring more admiration for your people and nation.  Maybe she informally overstepped her authority in opening the gas supply to Europe on that bitterly cold Saturday when my hands were turning to ice and people were dying of hypothermia, but in the hearts of many in Europe who realise what a noble deed this was, Julia Tymoshenko will always be regarded as a heroine, and she brings pride to your nation.  Tell her she is remembered here with great appreciation.
Kind regards,

The best proposition I've read of today

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 12:31 PM Comments comments ()
The best idea I've read about today is that of the Business Secretary Vince Cable suggesting that both the Coalition and the Opposition (whose job is not to oppose but to test the propositions of the Government) should co-operate and create policies which will create growth and Recovery.  That is actually how it should be.  In the U.S., the Republicans' support for President Obama's proposals have seen their economy expanding and creating jobs and a positive GDP in a world beset with economic problems.  That is surely how all nations should be?  After all, political parties of all sides are there to serve the people who have elected them, and they have elected them to get a better deal, a better future.  A lot can be achieved with bi-partisan co-operation in most countries, if the elected leaders are open to ideas and are swift at implementing what seems a true course. 
The U.K. economy was dipping its toes into a double-dip, but figures recently suggest that scenario can be side-stepped, with the recent Cabinet reshuffle by the PM and return of confidence to the stock-market, which has been seeming to go upwards and onwards but has been holding back in a small range.
The infrastructure projects such as housing developments near race-courses or the third runway at Heathrow, and the planned railway link, could set the ball rolling with jobs and amenities which people need, and which will further open up Britain  to investments from overseas.
Britain is a great example of a multi-cutural nation where people live harmoniously, going to church or gurudwara or mosque or synagogue, observing their religious fesitvals Eid, Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas as joyous occassions which all people share in.  That is the nature of England.
Hopefully the politicians from both sides will also join in in such spirit, and set this nation once again on a path to Recovery and Prosperity.
Kind regards,

The "We must stick to Plan A" mantra is getting the wrong result.

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 2:44 PM Comments comments ()
It was not too long ago, in fact it was only April 2010, when before the May election the British people heard what the Tory Party would bring in.  Six billion pounds worth of cuts.  Oooh, painful, but it's a price that has to be paid, to restore the national budget.  They'll cut the top-heavy pay...about time.
Work instead of welfare....oh, okay, we'd rather be working....
And now, hardly two years have gone, and the cuts have turned into a huge exercise that has destroyed many jobs, shut many shops and factories and warehouses, cut services in the NHS and schools, and made people wonder on the insistence with Plan A.  If Plan A isn't working, then it's time to at least modify it : keep the good elements, and throw out the elements which are proving counter-productive.
Britain is indeed in a favourable position to borrow money on the international markets at a favourable rate, because of its stringent control of the economy, but there are rumours that the triple A rating may be affected in as little as nine months, going by the by-product of the measures, namely the increase in the public sector borrowing last month.  If this snowballs, then the whole strategy will be blamed.  Now is the time for the powers that be to pause and review Plan A, and see how else it can be modified.  A slightly adjusted navigation with a roadmap to Recovery may do wonders. 
As Milton Friedmann concluded from his study of the 1930s depression, the logical remedy was an expansion of the work force, turning people into happy citizens doing some work and earning their living.  That is the way to create wealth.  As people have pay packets, they can buy new cars, take out a mortgage, take some goods on credit, aspire to a rising standard of living.  England for the past several decades has had its unique brand of a society blessed with what was termed the New Prosperity.  England knows the mechanics of recreating that golden dream which all in England aspire too.  Only, the formula needs to be adjusted a little bit, and things will be alright for all, I believe.
Until my next blog,
Kind regards,

My blogs being read over last 24 hurs

Posted on August 18, 2012 at 7:27 AM Comments comments ()
I am very glad to note my blogs are popular with an increasing readership.  I write on topics relating to  factors which may influence the continuation of worldwide economic Recovery.  I believe the world is a rich place, and wherever peace is maintained, prosperity will unfold.
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You can read these and all my other articles at
Until next time,
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analysis
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United Kingdom.

My blogs over last 7 days, to 5th August.

Posted on August 5, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments ()
It's been so hot, and people are interested in watching the Olympics in London.  Team GB have done everyone proud in Great Britain.  This nation which has the winning style will certainly throw the remnants of recession out of the window.  What recession? Britain will be gleedfully asking.
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Thanks for your visit, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my words.
Until next time,
Kind regards,
Durudarshan - Investment Analysis.

"He is Divine, he does not lie..."

Posted on July 12, 2012 at 2:31 PM Comments comments ()
Such is the telepathic transfer I received this morning.  Later, I had confirmation of that.  Dear lady, I am honored by the trust you show in my words.
Professing no such powers, I however do my best to comment on the markets, and opining away, as
I find guidance when I sit at the computer and bash away at the keys.
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Kind regards,