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Thanks for visiting my website.

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 6:09 AM Comments comments ()
Thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog.  I hope you found something interesting.
Life is fun, with demands on time in so many directions.
Thursday I went to the Community Centre in Cricklewood.  Every Full Moon, they do prayers to Satnarayan Swami and Mata Laxmi.  It is a tradition we Sindhis have followed for generations, to pray to God and Goddess to give us peace in the household, and prosperity in our business affairs.
Later I visited the Southbank Centre, attracted there by the exhibition of her Picasso like painting by
Sangeeta Roshni Babani (she is an inspired painter from Mumbai, and she's Sindhi too, so I thought I'll
pay there a visit).
Sangeeta hadn't obtained her visa, and therefore could not be there.  Other artists from India exhibited
their creations alongside a few of Sangeeta's paintings. 
Particularly I liked a table whose top opens in segments like a fan, and this is adorned by mirrors.
This is by Yamin Mohiuddin from Hyderabad.  I can see such a piece adorning some young one's bedroom or even a hairdressing salon.  It would look good in a media company's foyer. 
If you like genuine teak furniture, like a chair crafted like black petals, or a palm made of teak, and don't mind paying about £800 for such items, Firdos Furnishers of Nagpur have several pieces on display.
An English idea that seemed to catch everyone's eye was Gerrad the Second.  This is a folding dog that looks like an inspired work of origami, with 188 sections to unfold and paste together very very carefully with Uhu glue.  The small ones sell for £20, and are limited editions of 500.  Fair enough.  They have decorative prints of dollar notes, piping, mascots, newspaper cuttings and so on, like industry or sector or indeed national mascots.The large ones, including one made of black wool decorated with harlequin squares, well, those will become collector's items, starting in an auction in 2014 at £1,000.  Absolutely grand.  Made by Liam from Liverpool.
Today I missed going to the Millionaire Mentors Bootcamp at the Hilton, London Bridge.  There is a free general entrace, generously hosted by Raymond Aaron, the bestselling author.  Problem is, it starts at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.  Just a bit too early to travel up there for me;  otherwise it seems an event worth attending.  Finishes at 6pm both days.  Bootcamp to give you quick fire ideas how to boot up your ideas and send them skyrocketing.
I am sure someone can suggest ideas to make my website and blog into a money minting machine.  Well, hold my hand and show me the way. 
Kind regards,

Peace, money, lovely legs... Search Engines w/e 13/10/12

Posted on October 13, 2012 at 10:02 AM Comments comments ()
Hello everybody,
Sorry I haven't written many blogs this past week, although there has been a lot to write about.
Somewhere in the Netherlands, they have started to give street sweeping jobs to people who are unemployed, in other words, giving them some activity and making people realise how much effort it takes to earn one's keep.  It is just like sweeping the Church and cleaning it at weekends.  It is an honorary activity.
Also, my friends from the Church, Mariekke and Joachin got married, in Netherlands.  It was a joyful wedding, and I am very happy for my brother and sister in Christ.  The photographs posted on Facebook show it was a fabulous wedding, characterised by joy, dancing in celebration and a balcony appearance.
Consequently I got 1107 visits from the Netherlands.  I was wondering what's going on?  Visitors, unsually, from Osaka and Oslo made me wonder.  The postman delivering a letter and intoning "No bell?" dropped a punchline to an extended joke.  Well, there's always hope.
Tops for Referring Traffic this past week have been :, tops once again.,, .nl, .in, and .ca
Thanks all very much.
The search phrases used were :  Bank loans ;  Read think and grow blurb;  Indian furniture;
Stephanie ruhle cnbc; Faux sable coat; Thomas Sugrue Mohammed; Baba Ramdev; Money loan; Gurdas Sidhu Forex.  I am very pleased to mention them all, as all in their unique way have contributed to the theme of Peace and Prosperity.  (Faux sable coat refers to a scene from the Michael Caine movie, Billion Dollar Brain.  Of course, now Google has the Trillion Dollar Brain.)
Kind regards,

Thanks to Search Engines...w/e 29/9/12

Posted on September 29, 2012 at 11:01 AM Comments comments ()
Thanks very much to all the staff at Search Engines, for indexing me continually and hence enabling lot more people find my website and blog, which is beginning to get a growing number of visitors each week, I am happy to note.
Thanks in particular to : - Tops, many many weeks consecutively.  Thanks!
                             -  Google  .com,,   .ca    The thrillion dollar superbrain always delivers
                             -  Facebook,   Myspace,  Delicious....  staid as always
                             -    and - new ones this week from Ukraine.
                                (Say hello to Yulia Tymoshenko, who I would nominate for the Nobel Prize
                                  - she is a heroine who saved people in Europe from a freezing death by
                                     opening the gas taps one Saturday afternoon, and for which she is now in
                                     hospital under prison guard).
Lot of people are looking for Baba Ramdev Shop in Seven Kings, Ilford.  Their telephone number is
0208-590 7900, and they are open mainly on Wednesday and Saturday, other days by appointment.
They have run out of stock of most of the very useful herbal remedies for diabetes and cholestrol, and they had something for Bird Flu but the W.H.O. has not yet certified it as such.  Sira's Supermarket in Southall may be able to provide details of a stockist.  Online, you can search at  in Glasgow and buy your items direct by post.
That's all for now.  Wish you good health, and I would appreciate your comments.
Kind regards,

Blogs and Referring Traffic updates to w/e 8/9/12

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 7:35 AM Comments comments ()
I have been a little bit busier than usual, having now been appointed the Ward Executive Secretary at the Ilford Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints, and therefore not having the time to write so many blogs nor updates so promptly as before. 
My thanks to all these for Referring Traffic in the week ending 8th September :- - TOPS for 29th week running.  A huge thanks!
  Api.twitter, .com,, .sg, .ca  (HQ!)
  Myspace   too have looked me up, so I list them here. 
Last week my blogs were as follows, so should you wish to catch up with my views, please visit :
    - Who should the PM tell to stop dithering?
    -  A debt of 10,000 what does it cost?
    -  Are the markets expecting a Black Swan event?
    -  Give away the gift of progress
    -  Baba Ramdev, Ilford Shop.
Till my next blog.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev, Ilford Shop

Posted on September 7, 2012 at 5:18 AM Comments comments ()
Couple of visitors to my website have searched for Baba Ramdev shop in Ilford.
This is at junction of Seven Kings High Road and Barley Lane.
There telephone number is 0208-590 7900, they only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and have limited supply of the herbal products, due to restrictions by the govt of U.K.  These are products made by Patanjali Yogpeeth of Uttrakhand, India, and have been found to be very beneficial for health.  They are sold at prices which reflect the idea of being affordable by even the poorest.  Patanjali Yogpeeth is a charitable organisation.  When the shop was open full time, they used to have a stream of visitors every day, and lot of the people I have personally spoken with said the products are very beneficial.
Of course it takes pressure off the hard-pressed NHS doctors and hospitals as people spend some of their own money to buy herbal products at very affordable rates and make themselves better.  The benefits to well-being are  worthwhile.   In view of this I hope the U.K. government will consider a plea to waive off unnecessary red-tape in the distribution of these herbal products.  It keeps a lot of well-meaning people doing voluntary work in this sector to provide their services and be productively busy.
Kind regards,

My recent blogs to 30th August

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 5:24 PM Comments comments ()
My recent blogs are as follows:-
  -  Gratitude - a testimony
  -  Markets seem sideways for the moment
  -  The Paralympics - a celebration of human spirit
  -  The DOW Index - where to now?
Hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog.  I shall be happy to receive your comments.
In the meantime,
Kind regards,

Gurdas Knowledge Action

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 5:26 AM Comments comments ()
Last few days people have put search phrases relating to Gurdas Sidhu and Knowledge to Action, and somehow found their way to my website, as I wrote about them in May at the time I attended the Business Show.
Since then, I have attended a couple of talks on the Stock Markets and the Forex Markets, held by Knowledge to Action and their new offshoot, Learn to Trade.  Greg Secker, who is said to be a very successful trader, owns this organisation.  His aim is to mentor successful traders.   Gurdas Sidhu is a professional trader, who became a successful trader before he graduated, running a mini Hedge Fund from his student room.
I have read through their literature and feel they can teach their method to people, to make money trading.  However, I am not sure if all students have the patience to actually study and then apply the rules they learn.  Nor of course is there any guarantee that if you trade by the rules then your trades will be successful. Market conditions constantly change.  Even the best looking chart formations do not necessarily follow through if investor interest is not there. 
Knowledge to Action offer a good course, where would be successful traders and future millionaires can purchase the software, do the immersion training on a Live Trading Floor in Chelsea Harbour for two days, then progress from there with a six month coaching programme, where they can sit at home and learn from a once a week Mentoring programme.  It is close to hand-held training to be a good trader.  It is a good course for people wishing to work in stockbroking or hedge funds or become self-employed traders.  Diligently studied and applied, the rules probably create more winners than losers. 
Kind regards,