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Baba Ramdev shop in Seven Kings

Posted on July 27, 2013 at 6:51 AM Comments comments ()
I have high regard for the yoga techniques taught by Swami Ramdev, who's shivir in Hainault over 5 years ago I had the great joy of attending.  In fact, it was Baba Ramdev's first visit to Europe at that time, and since then he has made countless journeys to Europe and America, Africa and many places.
He has always received a warm and great welcome everywhere he has visited, for his name has spread as the man who brings the magic of yoga techniques for improving health.  His partner in the Patanjali Yogpeeth foundation, Acharya Balkrishan-ji, is one of the best in the field of research in the field of Ayurveda, and he has discovered and created many formulations which he has generously brought to the world, for bringing improvement in health.
Their greatest reward is the adulation they are shown by people, and their products are receiving wide-ranging note and approval, as they help people control or even cure diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, third-stage cancer and various ailments, like hair loss, impotence, urinary problems, the list is extensive.  Of course, a degree of faith is required to try out the techniques and herbal remedies.
The shop, called Divine Supplements, is located at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, IG3 8TG.  This is near the corner with Barley Lane.  Tesco with ample parking is nearby.
They are normally open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, between 10.30 and 4 pm.
Telephone no : 0208 590 7900.
Mr Wilson is a gifted masseur, and he generously offers a first free massage for people over 70 years of age.  For everybody else, it is a reasonable amount, and worth every penny.  Mr Wilson is very good with relieving Frozen Shoulder, and he helped me with trapped energy in the chest.  I definitely recommend this gentleman for a curative massage.
I wish you good health.
Kind regards,

Hello, Amsterdam. Masseur voor Frozen Shoulder?

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 6:45 AM Comments comments ()
Thanks to all the visitors to my website and blog in the last month, top-most were from Amsterdam, Oakland California and Beijing.
I see an enquiry about the Masseur for frozen shoulder.
That is Mr. Wilson, a gifted masseur, who helped relieve my pains a great deal after I had an industrial accident, opening an electronically controlled door which yanked back and gave me a shock to the left arm and heart. 
Mr Wilson can be contacted on 0208-590 7900 , that's a London number.
He is at Divine Supplies,
855 High Road,
Goodmayes, Ilford, IG3.
Please phone and book appointment before visiting.  The shop is normally
open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10.30am  to 4pm.
I wish you good health.
Kind regards,

Ramdev shop Ilford address

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 12:38 PM Comments comments ()
The yogi with the big beard and healthy smile who wears saffron robe and shows breathing exercises and yoga is known as Swami Baba Ramdev.  He has helped a tremendous number of people regain their health and vitality.  I attended his first shivir in Hainault, Essex - that was his first big venture outside India.  I was deeply impressed with his style and his persona.  He is a true messenger of goodness, come to share with humanity the gift of good health which we can rekindle within each of us.
He has a range of herbal products which are effective in controlling diabetes, cholestrol, and even (I believe) swine flu (the herbal is known as Sanjeevni for swine flu).
The shop in Ilford is at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex, IG3. 
The phone number is 0208-590 7900.
It is best to make an appointment before visiting. 
Normally it is open only on Saturdays, 10.30 to 4.30.
Mr Wilson here is one of the best masseurs, and does wonders for frozen shoulders.
Baba Ramdev is currently in India, and if there was such a category, he is worthy of being nominated for the Nobel Prize.
He has helped people restore their health, even from cancer.  His knowledge of health and wellness is marvellous.  There is Divine inspiration behind what he does.  Jot se jot jaga-teh chalo, prema keh Ganga bahateh chalo.  (Spread the Divine light, spread the Divine love).
Kind regards,

Hello, Kollam and Madurai....!

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 4:26 AM Comments comments ()
So glad to note so many readers from Kollam (near Kerala) - perfect weather you seem to have, friends - and Madurai, which has one temple after another in the unique layers of elegant figures building up to a welcoming temple...
Also glad to note so many visitors from Germany as well as Holland.  Good weather across Europe will add to the feel good factor, as the stock markets there seem to be recovering after recent retracements.  If Europe remains open for tourism without any strikes and such-like, then the potential for growth will return.  It is ultimately up to the people to provide a welcome and keep their economies growing.  That brings in additional tourists and students, giving a boost to the GDP.
I really feel the banks by extending loans and facilities to small business enterprises will help turn paper money into wealth.  Especially to restaurants, entertainment, kindergartens, reflexologists, hypnotherapists, new tech retailers, new tech trainers, and so on.  As one door closes, another opens, and the new technology should bring a new impetus for growth.
Imagination and implementation....Dream, make plans, and put into practice, bring into being your dreams...As you do good for yourself and the community at large, may God bless your enterprise and endeavour.
Well friends, so long now.

Baba Ramdev shop, Ilford

Posted on April 5, 2013 at 2:33 PM Comments comments ()
Regularly people look up Ramdev shop in Ilford on Google or some search engine, and they find their way to my blog.
Swami Ramdev is an enlightened personality, who has spread the wealth of yoga and good health to the world.  Together with his enlightened fellow Mahayogi, Acharya Balkrishan, he has found many herbs which are mentioned in the ancient works of Patanjali, and produced herbal remedies for many ailments (please believe me, I think the Sanjeevni is good for flu, even swine flu, from what I understand). 
They have devised ways of breathing and exercise that is bound to be beneficial to good health. 
When you hear the phrase 'chemicalisation of blood' (especially in the works of Parmahansa Yogananda), one can relate that to the subtle renewal of the body spirits through Yoga exercises and taking herbal remedies.
Baba Ramdev always brings a vibrant energy into the gatherings, and he is always followed by several thousand people at each event.  His mission is to be good and do good to all humanity.  He is so blessed, and I greatly admire him.
The shop in Ilford is at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, IG3, not far from Tesco.
It is open only on Saturdays between 10.30 and 4 pm.
Other days by appointment. 
Telephone numbers are : 0208 590 7900,
mobile : 07427221501; 07956376303; 07904372501.
Thanks to visits by the Queen to Ilford, and visits by many enlightened personalities from India, I believe Ilford is one of the happiest towns in the world.
Kind regards,

Swami Ramdev herbal shops

Posted on March 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM Comments comments ()
So many people have looked up my website in a quest to find Swami Ramdev's medicine shops in Ilford.
There is one shop in Ilford, which is open sometimes on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10 am and 4 pm.  The shop is Divine Supplements, 855 High Road, Goodmayes, near junction with Barley Lane and not far from Tesco.
The telephone number is 0208-590 7900.  Mr Wilson the masseur does the best most effective massage for frozen shoulders.
Another shop that stocks Patanjali Yogpeeth Ayurved herbal products is Sira's Cash and Carry, Amrit House, Springfield Road, HAYES, Middlesex.  0208-569 1112. Open Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm. 
If you know what you need, then you may also go to the Neasden Swami Narayan Temple.  The shop there stocks a variety of herbal products, and books.
May good health be yours.
Kind regards,

My blogs over last month

Posted on February 4, 2013 at 4:26 AM Comments comments ()
Dear Readers,
Thank you for your kind comments regarding my blog.  I am glad to note the information has proved of benefit to some.  Here are my blogs for the month of January, which may give a clue as to what is happening towards end of February and beyond :-
Children dying of measles in Larkana, Sindh
-  Frozen shoulder - treatment with massage
-  What's up, Beverley Hills?
-  Do you think they should mint a Trillion Dollar Coin?
-  "The Holy Ghost"
-  An alternative to the Trillion Dollar Coin
-  More, or less, quantitative easing in the U.S.?
-  Bangladesh cuts its key rate by 50 basis points.
As always, I enjoy reading your comments, so please fill in the Comments Box at the bottom of the relevant blog. 
Kind regards,

Frozen shoulder - treatment with massage

Posted on January 8, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments ()
One of my readers has put in the search phrase 'Medicine for frozen shoulder'.
I wrote a blog about the Masseur at Divine Supplements, his name is Mr Wilson.  He is from
India, and his massage is very effective. 
For a frozen shoulder, I would recommend massage.  In addition, a physiotherapist will recommend some arm movement exercises, maybe scaling the wall to improve reach.  All takes time and constant exercise.  Practice may restore tired muscles and tissues or blocked nerves. 
Standing ten minutes under a quite hot shower is good for the shoulder.  Rubbing with oil or Deep Heat or Balmosa cream (mild and gentle relief) are other alternatives.
I wish you continued improvement in your health.  If you are near Ilford, you can visit Mr Wilson.
His phone number is 0208-590 7900, and he is at Divine Supplements, 855 High Road, Seven Kings, which is near Goodmayes Station, near junction with Barley Lane.
As for Baba Ramdev and his remedies and pranayama practice, I hear they are all very effective and useful.  Swamiji will not win the Nobel Prize, as I don't think they award it for Ayurvedic Medicine, although who knows?  His methods and medications have cured people of third stage cancer, diabetes, paralysis and various ailments. 
That's it for the moment.  Namaste, and carry on improving your health.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev shop in Ilford

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 5:28 AM Comments comments ()
It seems lots of my readers are interested to know about Baba Ramdev's herbal medications and yoga techniques.
The shop is at 855 High Road, which is near Goodmayes station, at the junction near Barley Lane.
Half a minute from Tesco.  The shop is called Divine Supplements, and is open at different times, so please phone for details : 0208 590 7900.
Patanjali Yogpeeth products are also available online.  Please check www. nature and herbs.
(I have just typed it like this so it is easy to read.  No spaces in the name) 
Another source is in Hayes, Middlesex : Sira's Supermarket.
Both yoga when done correctly and the herbal medications have beneficial effects on health, to which
lot of people bear testimony.  When the shop in Goodmayes was open regularly, there was a constant stream of visitors, it's almost they are going to a pilgrimage or an oasis.
A simple and effective method of yoga is this : Close the right nostril, and breathe steadily through the left.  Now, after fifteen seconds or so, close the left nostril and let out the air from the right nostril.
That is all.  This simple method will put more oxygen into your system.  Thereafter, taking a few deep breathes throughout the day will also do good.  If you put in the time and small effort, at no cost you will find improvements in your health.
I wish you love and good health.
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev medicine in Ilford

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 12:52 PM Comments comments ()
Baba Ramdev's herbal remedies are available occassionally at 855 High Road, Goodmayes, not far from Goodmayes Station and Tesco.
You can search online and order from Glasgow at their affiliated distributor www. nature and herbs. co. uk
and Sira's Supermarket of Hayes, Middlesex, may have certain of the herbal products.
Good news for anyone with back or shoulder pains.  Mr Wilson at the Divine Supplements shop at 855 High Road mentioned above is an expert Yoga Masseur, and I would highly recommend him for anyone with back or shoulder pains, with slipped disc or frozen shoulder problems.  He is an expert masseur, and very generously gave me about 20 minutes free last time I visited him after I sustained a shouder dislocation.  At the moment, for those over 60 needing treament, Mr Wilson will offer the first session free.  His charges are in my view very reasonable, and well worth the improvement in health.  His phone number is the same as for the shop : 0208 590 7900.
That's it for now.  Wish you good health.
Kind regards,