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The Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM Comments comments ()
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a Statement of measures to be implemented over the course of next year, and his message has been, overall, favourably received. 
The stockmarket has gone up, business owners are pleased at the capital expenditure allowances which will enable investment and growth with up-to-date technology, and avoidance of the proposed 3p fuel duty altogether has sent up a cheer. 
Working families on the whole will be better off, and those on benefits will not be hard done by, with increases in benefits of one percent. 
The proposed measures will help growth. 
The studious remarks of the Opposition, when noted and acted upon, would obviously create further growth.  The banks are said not to give their managers 'discretionary' powers in granting loans; this is something that can be corrected, and would introduce capital into the local communities, especially the small shops and traders and restaurants and pubs.  It could revive a lot of businesses as the nation gets into a mood of growth.  With the 1 percent GDP increase last quarter (after three quarters of mini falls, causing a 'double dip' of a puddle variety) confidence seems clearly to be returning.  Even casual observation of people shopping in Romford or Ilford or Green Street, Upton Park, suggests that.
The People's  Bank with an injection of a Billion Pounds has been long awaited.  If it actually backs entrepreneurs to scale up and invest in films, music, arts, culture, crafts, and such enterprises, people will say that not only does Britain have talent, it is finding expression and fulfillment too.  That would have a good impact for job creation for youngsters, I believe.
The Chancellor's words are a stimulus to growth.  What more could Britain ask for?
Kind regards,

Baba Ramdev, Sarsaparilla, Business Show London

Posted on November 22, 2012 at 1:58 PM Comments comments ()
Today, someone on Google India looked up the above two, and found them listed under my webiste as well, for I have written about them and recommended them.
Baba Ramdev's shop in Ilford is called Divine Supplements, and is at 850 High Road, Goodmayes.  Bus 86 stops near it, and it is 3 minutes walk from Goodmayes Station.  Their telephone number is 0208 590 7900, please phone before travelling to make sure they have what you seek.  Their herbal medications are excellent and very effective, but not always in stock.
Alternative source is  who can ship the products from Glasgow, or ask Sira Supermarket of Hayes, Middlesex.
Sarsaparilla is topical, as the owner of that unique name is Kimberley Davis, who is tomorrow giving her welcoming talk and introducing her market savvy marketing products at the Business Show, Olympia.  Last year Kimberley welcomed a full house, even asked people to come into the stand and sit down on the carpets to take the weight off their feet.  I listened well and noted down her tips on successful marketing, and I am sure her products are worthwhile.  Most businesses can probably breathe life into their businesses listening to her observations. 
Entry to the Business Show is free, but it is best to register online and print a ticket to make the entry easier.
The Midas Touch, Angel's Den, are also there, and for the 18-24s seeking Start up Loans, well, there is Dragons Den charmer James Caan's company of that name who could find you investment of upto £2,500.  Hope it's fun.
Kind regards,