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Thanks, Search Engines and Referring Traffic w/e 22/12/12

Posted on December 22, 2012 at 3:29 PM Comments comments ()
Today is 22nd December 2012, a day that is considered to be one of the most auspicious this year by Drunwald Melchizedek. 
Over this week, most traffic has found its way to my website and blog via, followed by Stumbleupon (Tops for so many weeks, 2nd this time, but never mind), Facebook, LinkedIn and
Thanks to the staff at all these companies, who do a fabulous job all year round.  I am grateful they list and index me so people can find me.
Who is the tenth richest man in West Bengal?  That is a question fed by someone in Vietnam onto the zillion dollar brain (Google).  I don't know, mate, but the richest man in West Bengal is Sanjiv Goenka, reputed to be worth over $750 million (there are 40 billionaires in India, but none so far in Bengal, which shows the distribution in wealth in Bengal is more even as it is a wealthy region, full of potential for further development).
The solutions towards solving the fiscal cliff just make people laugh.  A tax burden of $1,000 on people earning $30,000?  That is absurd!  The rich paying a little more if they keep the first 300,000 or so for themselves won't hurt anybody.  But the people on lowest incomes paying $1,000?  That's an idea to make the nation feel well with laughter.  If there is sympathy, and the people at the lowest rungs keep more of their earnings, then the economic momentum can widen and pick up speed, from the bottom up.  That is the clue, by grace of God, a Recovery and then Prosperity from the bottom up.  If the vast majority are able to eat, drink and be merry and buy houses, then the people at the top will prosper further, with the economy running smoothly. 
My suggestion is that the Obama administration with support of the Republicans can help create jobs for many many millions, as probably Mitt Romney would have done, for people on $30,000 to $50,000 per annum.  Create jobs for their children and households.  The more the better.  As Abraham Lincoln would have said, the Good Lord loves the poor, that's why there are so many of us. 
A broad-based Recovery will create wealth which will help reduce the budget deficit in future years. 
In the meantime, a stimulus will not be out of place.  Indeed, it will be necessary and prudent.
Kind regards,

Thanks, Referring Traffic and Search Engines w/e 15/12/12

Posted on December 15, 2012 at 2:37 PM Comments comments ()
I am thankful to the staff of the following, for listing my website and blog and helping a steady stream of Readers find their way to me :-
  -  -  tops, tops for many consecutive weeks!
  -  Google -  always up there, as you would expect from the trillion dollar brain
       (I dare say with the aid of the people who freely contribute to the information
          store at
  -  Vistaprint, who maintain my website and blog and have helped keep my
       revisions in the public's eye so efficiently, and the staff are always charming
       and helpful. 
This week I have also seen the name of   -  this I suppose is an Internet listing organisation in Russia.  I'm glad to hear of them.
As always, you can read my blogs at :
I wish you the season's greetings, and pray that the worldwide economic Recovery continues.
Best wishes and Kind regards,

Is the Fiscal Cliff a Roller-Coaster, or is it a Merry-to-Round?

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 1:02 PM Comments comments ()
On 2nd August 2011 I believe it was that the debt ceiling was raised by 2.15 Trillion dollars, to take the U.S. national debt outstanding to just over 16 Trillion dollars.  Some of the television channels display the figure, showing just how close it is to the top figure.  What happens then, people may wonder. 
At the same time, some channels are displaying the numbers of days, hours, minutes and seconds to the countdown, as if they can't let people just remember it is midnight on the last day of the year, when most people will just be merry with a drink or two and probably looking skywards as firecrackers light up the sky in celebration.
The debt ceiling figure when it is reached will be totally at the discretion of the U.S. Federal Reserve and its Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, and the U.S. government,  to adjust it upwards.  The response yesterday was a no-comment, although I believe it is necessary and prudent that the ceiling will have to be raised by another One Trillion for another year.  In the meantime, the figures from the U.S. suggest a continuing though lukewarm Recovery, but the signs are positive in the U.S. Housing market, with interest rates at an all-time low, likely to give people courage to buy houses over the coming months.
Some commentators have suggested an additional stimulus to the $40 billion a month Mortgage Backed Securities purchase, in the form of another $45 billion per month to purchase government securities.  This would be a prudent move, and perhaps a figure of $60 billion per month may be more comfortable.
Car sales in Europe may be lower than in previous years, but exports to overseas remain strong, as evidenced by figures quoted for the British car manufacturers by PM David Cameron recently.
The manufacturing figures from China also give hope that a corner has been turned and things are moving in the right direction.  Both technical and fundamental figures from China give a positive picture.  In 1990, a rising star in the Politburo made a prediction, and subsequently the GDP moved up.  That rising star assumes the reigns of power in China in March, the Party Chief Xi Jinping.
The above factors suggest to me a continuation of the worldwide economic Recovery, for that I pray.
Kind regards,

25 Years after they became Rich

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 6:12 AM Comments comments ()
It is almost a sermon for the times that may be surmised from the reading of two books.
There is a chapter in Think and Grow Rich, which tells of a fabulous party at a hotel where eight of the richest and most influential men of those days are assembled.  They transact business deals that make them even richer.
You Were Born Rich picks up the thread of the story 25 years later.  Some of these multi-billionaires have died in poverty,  others ended their own lives. 
What was motivating and inspiring in one book gives pause for thought in the second.  Not that there is anything wrong in accumulating wealth, but some of these people had overlooked one law of life.
According to Bob Proctor, who is a great inspirational writer, such a law is to love humanity, not wealth.  The reversal of that law creates misery. 
Surmise what you will from the above, be happy and stay rich, for you were born rich.  So long as money keeps circulating in the system, and doesn't sit there "in a jar", everything should be okay, for not only is humanity born rich, we all are the spiritual wealth of God.
As Christmas nears, do as the Good Lord would have us do, and show your kindness to the world.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Bailouts and the Fiscal Cliff

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 10:18 AM Comments comments ()
As Spain gets ready to receive its bailout package of 39.5 Billion on the 12th, the markets are wondering who will next ask for a bailout?  Could it be Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal....?
Originally I thought Italy would be next in line, but Signor Silvio Berlusconi's announcement that he's withdrawing support for Premier Mario Monti and thinking of standing again for the Premiership has caused upset in the Italian stockmarket.  Today, it has gone down 3.5 percent upon hearing that Mario Monti, the technocrat Prime Minister who has helped Italy steer a steady course in recent months, is considering resigning if his support is withdrawn.  The yields on Italian bonds have started to go up.  How patriotic would it be for Signor Berlusconi to come back centre stage now?  It would be more patriotic in my view for Signor Berlusconi to support Premier Monti's government.
The debacle in Misratta and the aftermath, when bond yields just shot up and have had to be hoisted down, is something that will come back to peoples' memories.  It is an episode not worth repeating.  As Italy makes steady headway to Recovery, the greatest act of patriotism would be for the Signor to back the Premier, and the Premier to stay on, confident in the belief that he is steering the right course of action, and without him his country will become rudderless. 
Activity from Lisbon suggests Portugal is also hoping for a bailout, as is Ireland, and as is Cyprus.  They probably could do with about 10 Billion for a year each, to lay further foundations for Recovery. 
Superstorm Sandy dealt the U.S. a savage blow, right in the middle of the Presidential election.  Hoboken, Staten Island, Lower Manhattan were all badly flooded, and the announcement of 240 Billion of rebuilding by the government and insurance funds must be a morale booster. 
A solution to the U.S. fiscal cliff scenario is the issuance of an additional trillion over the course of the next year.  Some commentators are suggesting a figure of $45 Billion per month for buying government securities, in addition to the $40 billion MBS already announced.  I reckon a figure of $60 billion per month for purchase of government securities would be more comfortable, making a total of 1.2 trillion for the year. 
Hearing that millionaire households have had to go on food stamps and that the swing voters were affected by Obamacare and the social security net, is a sobering thought. 
The U.S. seems on a sound, expansion phase, and amicable agreement on the course of action regarding the fiscal ledger entries and creation of many more jobs per million of investment, will ensure the framework for a continued worldwide Recovery, as all nations manufacture and consume and trade and develop and grow.  As Swami Vivekanada once remarked "Never underestimate the glory of human nature".  And so it shall always be, the outlook for the world remains positive and optimistic.
Kind regards,

My blogs over last two weeks, w/e 8/12/12

Posted on December 8, 2012 at 12:39 PM Comments comments ()
Hello, friends and readers,
My blogs over the last two weeks were as follows :-
  - Baba Ramdev medicine in Ilford
  - Gifts - for Christmas and all year round
  -  Goods lost on aircraft - check on
  -  Austerity or Growth?
  -  The Fiscal Cliff
  -  Are people buying houses in the U.S.?
  -  Free money and government grants in the USA
  -  The Chancellor's Autumn Statement
  -  The situation in Egypt
  -  Interest Rates.
Top Referring Traffic and Search Engines were :- - tops for many, many weeks running!
   Google - always up there!
   Facebook - also - Hello stranger?  Where you been?
Thanks to staff at all above, for listing my website, and to the wonderful people at
Vistaprint who maintain my website in such beautiful condition 24/7/365.  Well done!  
Kind regards,

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM Comments comments ()
Chancellor George Osborne has announced a Statement of measures to be implemented over the course of next year, and his message has been, overall, favourably received. 
The stockmarket has gone up, business owners are pleased at the capital expenditure allowances which will enable investment and growth with up-to-date technology, and avoidance of the proposed 3p fuel duty altogether has sent up a cheer. 
Working families on the whole will be better off, and those on benefits will not be hard done by, with increases in benefits of one percent. 
The proposed measures will help growth. 
The studious remarks of the Opposition, when noted and acted upon, would obviously create further growth.  The banks are said not to give their managers 'discretionary' powers in granting loans; this is something that can be corrected, and would introduce capital into the local communities, especially the small shops and traders and restaurants and pubs.  It could revive a lot of businesses as the nation gets into a mood of growth.  With the 1 percent GDP increase last quarter (after three quarters of mini falls, causing a 'double dip' of a puddle variety) confidence seems clearly to be returning.  Even casual observation of people shopping in Romford or Ilford or Green Street, Upton Park, suggests that.
The People's  Bank with an injection of a Billion Pounds has been long awaited.  If it actually backs entrepreneurs to scale up and invest in films, music, arts, culture, crafts, and such enterprises, people will say that not only does Britain have talent, it is finding expression and fulfillment too.  That would have a good impact for job creation for youngsters, I believe.
The Chancellor's words are a stimulus to growth.  What more could Britain ask for?
Kind regards,

The Fiscal Cliff

Posted on December 1, 2012 at 5:53 PM Comments comments ()
The Fiscal Cliff will be reached in about a month's time.  The U.S. will have invested the total 2.15 Trillion dollars of the debt ceiling that it raised on 2nd August 2011.  So, what next?
It will not be a question of whether the tax breaks that have so far been allowed will be extended.  To keep the money flow as is currently, and to keep the economic momentum that is beneficial,  to continue, it will be necessary to keep the tax breaks going for another year at least, perhaps longer.  As for additional money being authorised, that will also be under consideration; it will prove necessary as well as prudent.  My guestimate is perhaps another trillion, but this time hopefully to create about 25 to 30 jobs per million, perhaps for the 'working class' to become employed or self employed.  Numerically, such a measure would be most useful, where more people will share in the wealth investment and creation, improving the economic momentum, and creating wealth in the long run so that eventually something can go towards reducing the budget deficit.  The 'working class' are an essential backbone of every nation and would help a wide-based economic Recovery, thence leading to Prosperity.
The budget deficit reduction exercise has to be over say ten years, from recession to Recovery.  To try and rush it would be inviting an austerity that is unsuited to the spirit of America.  (Indeed, austerity measures are unsuited to the spirit of Europe as well, hence the current feeling of miserableness in some parts of Europe.)
By agreement with China and Japan and other nations, the fiscal cliff will be a book squaring exercise with creditors, a necessary and prudent measure until further Recovery takes place worldwide.  In the meantime, it will be necessary to continue the economic momentum that has been built, and to continue to foster a spirit of peace everywhere, especially with regards to the Middle East.  Only in an environment of peace will the Oil price remain affordable, and thereby allow further progress in the process of economic Recovery.
All nations wish for Recovery to continue, with as much employment for their people as possible, with as much international trade as possible, with as much peace and cheerfulness as is possible.  With that in mind, I am optimistic there will be a happy solution to the fiscal cliff, for that I pray.
Kind regards,

Goods lost on an aircraft.....check on

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 4:04 PM Comments comments ()
Recently I travelled to Los Angeles, on 31st October, and being somewhat forgetful, left a carrier bag with a paperback book on the plane after a pleasant twelve hour journey. 
Later, on the way back to London from Las Vegas, I may have also forgotten another book.  This was on the 9th November. Both in and out journeys were on British Airways; the service on board was excellent.
Now, to find my two books, I have started to search the internet.  No, I have not found the books yet, but while I was looking through  I noted people have left lots of things on board flights.  Such as : Cash, ring, necklace, Cellphones, laptop computers, several passports (American, Irish, Italian ID,) Duty Free goods, and so on.  Yes, lots of people have forgotten jackets or cardigans, scarfs and hoodies, handbags, the list can be quite long. 
So, if you have travelled by B.A. and lost anything, perhaps it may be useful to log onto the Internet and check the site : www. missingx. com   -  I am deliberately leaving a space so you can read it. 
Dear readers, I hope you can retrieve your goodies, they may be waiting there for you to collect.
Kind regards,
PS Books I may have forgotten on board are : Autobiography of a Yogi, and Multiple Streams of Income.

Gifts ...for Christmas and all year round.

Posted on November 29, 2012 at 5:39 PM Comments comments ()
Dear Readers,
I am delighted to say that my blog has become very popular, drawing several hundred readers each day.
I have been running this blog since May 2011, and gradually built it up.  I believe in writing words which help improve things, be it political or financial debate or company's performance or stockmarket.
"Honest informtion, Profitable trading" those words convey my mission statement.
On the same theme, now I am affiliated to and I will select a few good quality and value for money products for you my readers.  It saves you time looking for good products for yourself or a beloved one or a gift for someone special.  Goods which are at a good discount as well.
Without further ado, today's chosen items are as follows.  Please remember, if you purchase on a link via at, only then will I get some commission.  If you are going to buy a product, you may as well buy it from me, I hope. 
                       Some fantastic Kindle products, click below on link :
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