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Posted on November 9, 2013 at 6:12 AM Comments comments ()
My thanks to the staff at these Search Engines for listing and indexing my website, and to Vistaprint for so beautifully hosting my website over last 28 months.  It has built from strength to strength, drawing many visitors each day. Thanks to all :
                        Google (the multi-trillion dollar brain)
                        Twitter  (tweet tweet to you)
                        LinkedIn (professional and so well defined)
                        Yahoo (book readers love you)
                        Bing (looks like people like spy thrillers)
                        and, just for good measure, a few porno sites, harmless fun is okay I'd say.
My blogs being read overnight are as follows :
  -  The ECB's 25 basispoint cut
  -  Stephanie Ruhle, CNBC interviewer 
         (She's actually an anchor for Bloomberg, working in New York)
  -  This is time for buyers to support Bangladesh factories
          (American companies have done so, may blessings be unto them)
  -  Thomas Sugrue's review of The Last Great Prophet
  -  The Bank of America share price.
Yesterday I heard the news that China has experienced good growth and far from a hard-landing which people feared it is experiencing very sound growth, with PMI figures up and increasing. 
One commentator has stated that China has several trillion dollars of reserves for investment, so I imagine the worldwide boom can continue.  Today I heard that 80 percent of visas being taken for visits to Portugal are for Chinese property investors.  This way, all economies with an open-door policy to encouraging property ownership and immigration would benefit from the Chinese wherewithal to sustain growth and Recovery. 
If the Chinese sources are suggesting U.S. is looking for $561 Billion for next six months, it augers well for the U.S. that the jobs numbers were pretty good and growth potential is inherent in America, and it would be very probable that China would support such borrowings and support, as they have done in the recent past. 
The luxury sector may start to rebound in China, who continue to buy Rolls Royce cars and jets as never before, and with the refocus on domestic consumption and increasing exports from China, it is apparent that the Honourable Xi Jinping is inspiring policies that will help the Chinese people achieve higher standards of living. 
For stability and optimism into the near future, what more could the world wish for?
Kind regards,

Dhaka factory collapse - a tragedy.

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 3:25 PM Comments comments ()
It is saddening to see loss of so many lives in the 8-storey building collapse in Dhaka.  The building apparently housed several factories and a bank, and was getting full of workers near 9 am when the steel and concrete structure collapsed, killing nearly a hundred with lots more injured from the nearly 2,000 people who worked within the building.
It is saddening to note that a huge crack had been noticed yesterday, and people were specifically warned not to use the building, but somehow the need to earn the daily bread and the factory owners' rationale to recover their investment ignored such good counsel.  Today, the spot is like the scene of an earthquake, with people injured and dead and wailing and weeping. 
There is no machinery for heavy lifting to lift the rubble.
Bangladesh is a developing nation, full of enterprising and hard-working people.  A sympathetic gesture for the Western nations who import the manufactured goods from Bangladesh would be to offer investment for buildings provided they are built to high specifications, thereby ensuring peoples' safety and well-being. 
May God's blessings be upon the relatives and friends of the people who have died in this tragedy.

Do you think they should mint a Trillion Dollar coin?

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 6:41 AM Comments comments ()
Tongue in cheek, the idea of a Trillion Dollar Coin, with President Obama's sketch on the obverse, is being tossed around on the television channels.
As a souvenier, it would be good, but as a practical idea, it would be unworkable.  If such a coin were minted, it would be uncashable, therefore I think the idea can rest just there.  Can you imagine, it would need the protection of Fort Knox....
No, the Trillion Dollar that they need to have in place by the time the debt clock hits 16.15 Trillion Dollars, whenever that is, will have to be in denominations that are easily convertible into legal tender so that people can be handling the greenback in the size and shape they know.  And with which they can buy houses, cars, buildings, company shares, debit cards, holidays, education, cinema tickets, pay for their meals, whatever and however people like to spend and enjoy themselves, and allow the U.S. to carry on trading with the world.
Can you imagine bi-partisan co-operation not being reached on this matter?  I cannot imagine many Senators or Representatives being happy to miss their paycheck, or to see the whole financial system dry up. 
Regardless of whatever happens, I believe President Obama holds the President's Prerogative on this, and he will exercise that, just to ensure the nation keeps ticking as normal and there is no hickup or delay on the path to economic Recovery, which the American nation has worked hard for and put on a sustainable basis.    By my figures, I would say the U.S. economy could possibly create 300,000 to 500,000 jobs a month, on-going for a period of 14 months, with the raising of the debt ceiling and pumping in of $62.5 Billion each month.  That would create heatmaps of happiness, everywhere, as trade is assured everywhere and continues to sustain jobs worldwide. 
Who would want a recession when cordial agreements with trading partners will ensure continued worldwide economic Recovery?
For a happy jamboree scenario worldwide, I pray.
Kind regards,

Frozen shoulder - treatment with massage

Posted on January 8, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments ()
One of my readers has put in the search phrase 'Medicine for frozen shoulder'.
I wrote a blog about the Masseur at Divine Supplements, his name is Mr Wilson.  He is from
India, and his massage is very effective. 
For a frozen shoulder, I would recommend massage.  In addition, a physiotherapist will recommend some arm movement exercises, maybe scaling the wall to improve reach.  All takes time and constant exercise.  Practice may restore tired muscles and tissues or blocked nerves. 
Standing ten minutes under a quite hot shower is good for the shoulder.  Rubbing with oil or Deep Heat or Balmosa cream (mild and gentle relief) are other alternatives.
I wish you continued improvement in your health.  If you are near Ilford, you can visit Mr Wilson.
His phone number is 0208-590 7900, and he is at Divine Supplements, 855 High Road, Seven Kings, which is near Goodmayes Station, near junction with Barley Lane.
As for Baba Ramdev and his remedies and pranayama practice, I hear they are all very effective and useful.  Swamiji will not win the Nobel Prize, as I don't think they award it for Ayurvedic Medicine, although who knows?  His methods and medications have cured people of third stage cancer, diabetes, paralysis and various ailments. 
That's it for the moment.  Namaste, and carry on improving your health.
Kind regards,

My blogs over the last 30 days

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 8:36 AM Comments comments ()
I am glad to note that there are at least a few hundred visitors who like to read my blog each day.
My blogs over the last 30 days have been as follows :-
  -  Right to work demos in Michigan
  -  If the Fiscal Cliff a Roller-Coaster, or is it a Merry-go-round?
  -  25 Years after they became Rich
  -  You can sense the sense of duty Mr Obama has to America.
  -  What's up, Beverley Hills?
  -  Children dying of measles in Larkana, Sindh.
Now I have over 1,000 blogs to date, and nearly 96 readers have responded with some comments, I am glad to note.
Recently I have had blog comments on issues on which I wrote about a year ago!
But just goes to show, readers read something, bookmark it, and then when they see the comments have made good, they pay a compliment.  That has been in the nature of my blogs on Tree thinning, share prices (Bank of America, J P Morgan, Thomas Cook, LinkedIn, MacDonalds, and so on). 
Let me know what you think, you can fill in the comments under the blog.
Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

Children dying of measles in Larkana, Sindh

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 4:48 PM Comments comments ()
Developments in medicine have rendered diseases like measles preventable or curable, but lack of money still claims many a life.  In the last year, 300 children or so have died in Larkana, Sindh, due to lack of basic medical care for measles, which seems to take away children, especially between 9 months and 12 years of age.
I watched this news story on Al Jazzera on this day in the New Year.  I was especially shocked to see this abject poverty, in a place which during the British Raj was said to be one of the richest places in the world, the Sindh Province.  But such are the vagaries of time and changes in the economic circumstances. 
The poor farmers' families were seated in the hospital dormitory, twelve familes to one big hospital room.  There was a rusted canister containing oxygen, which is shared by four children.  Medical supplies are limited.  The hospital infrastructure looks like it hasn't been upgraded for a quarter century.  These stoic people of Sindh would feel shame to appeal for help, but I am writing this so it may reach people who would be able to help.
A young boy is having oxygen fed into one nosetril.  His father, Mousa, earns $3 a day, but has spent all his savings over last 6 months trying to save his child.
A programme of vaccination would be good, but that is only possible in the developed countries, I suppose. 
Hopefully, there is time to draw the world's attention to this humanitarian need.
Who can help?  I am sure there are genereous readers who can organise something to help these people of Larkana, be it medical or monetary or bringing this to the attention of someone who can.
Thank you.
Kind regards,