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The London Business Show, Excel, today

Posted on June 7, 2013 at 10:54 AM Comments comments ()
I visited the London Business Show at Custom House today.  It is such a beautiful and photogenic area, a film could be made here.  It is right in the centre of everything.  The City, whose banks  stand next to the cable cars in the horizon, as well as neat houses which are not far from City airport.  There are cafes, winebars, sauna and massage places, boxers' gyms as you would expect to find in the East End, as well as new buildings going up all the while, although I didn't see too many cranes today. 
It is good that Abu Dhabi has invested in this venue; it was quite busy with an Accountancy exhibition as well.
First speaker I went to listen to is the Property Mermaid, Vicki Wusche.  She guides people who wish to invest in property, helping them source suitable investments which will produce good returns.  She charges a fee of nearly 7,000 for sourcing each property.  Her ideas and assistance would be quite valueable for someone with good amount to invest, say 100K to 500K.  I haven't got anything like that, so I could only be appreciative of Mrs Wusche's direct and interesting presentation.
Second speaker was Philip Bryan of Senfori, who made a very important point.  Namely, that a lot of people don't believe in their own idea, they will listen to one-hundred-and-one ideas from other people and still have doubts.  There you have it, a statement that is an absolute gem.
I thought I'll try and see if Angels Den could help me raise some funds.  Half an hour told me it was good listening to Bill Morrow, who gets 140 business funding proposals a day at 8 branches of Angels Den worldwide.  Out of these, 138 are rejected.  The other two get the pleasure of being trained to pitch their proposal to a group of angel investors.  The charge for the presentation is £800, which will include solicitors' fees for the equity share documents.  And then, the Entrepreneur gets 4 minutes flat to explain his proposal.  Fewer men get the funding, because they often look for £250,000 or £750,000 or a million.  Ladies seem to go over their business plans with much rigour, and will often have worked out why they need £55,864.91 exactly, and how they are going to invest it in a pin-cushion factory and double the investment in 3 years.  And consequently, women seem to get the funding, which they richly deserve. 
Also an sad fact : that angel investors die at 52 (perhaps out of ennui).  So if there is an angel investor who would rather look at something interesting, I hope s/he gets in touch with me.  Either to make a film (for which I can certainly write a script) or back one of my business ventures, please let me know.
It was a great show, with many different services, especially creating websites, like Mr Site. Today there are a few more companies doing the same thing.  What was missing was the lollipops and the jellybeans.  Some stands were keeping the chocolates like they would prefer to take them home.
I filled in a form for the Guardian.  Should I win some free publicity for my website, I would be happy.
Kind regards,