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Fathers Day testimonies at LDS, Ilford, U.K.

Posted on June 16, 2013 at 5:31 PM Comments comments ()
It was a glorious Sunday morning, bathed in sunshine, a bit hot but comfortable, as we prayed to our Heavenly Father and sang His hymns today, Fathers Day.  A brief extract of appreciation spoken by members of the congregation is as follows :-
Alicia Salami : In praise of her Father and two Grandfathers : "Grateful God has given us such a good family."
Joshua Blackman : References made to Lehi and King Benjamin.  "My Father has been a good Father.
He has done everything for us.  He has a great interest in his ancestors, looking up the family tree, etc, and telling us what principles they lived by."  A good guide, with reference to family heritage.
Delight Kangetsambo :  "Our Dad is always supportive.  Always finds time to sit with us and guide us."
Mrs Jeannette Saltzman :  "In America, they show ads which are public service announcements.  For example, Fathers, be kind to your children."  She remembered her own Father.  "Children love attention, and they attention from their Father.  I can remember when I was 12.  I was happy to go hunting with Dad.  The joy of camping weekends.  My Father was the King of Make-up stories.  He used to tell us bedtime stories.  One day he told us the world's shortest make-up story.
     Father's influence does not end when we leave childhood or teens, but continues throughout our lives." 
Brother Mariucci :  "My Father died when he was 62.  He was a good guy, he was a good man."  We all cheered to hear Brother Mariucci treated his Father like a friend.  "My Dad was a brilliant man.  He only went to church for baptisms and whatever else we go to church for.  He thought I the angel was collecting insects and vertebrae; but sometimes I had scorpions waiting for him!
     My Dad was gifted, fixing things.  In that sense we are a solid family.  He used to smoke (like most French people do).  His legacy lives on.  I don't smoke, but I am a bit more reactive then he was. 
    He used to be a lorry driver, and I reminisce with a smile who my Father was.  My Dad was a good guy.  So, if you still have your Dad, be good to him."
Bishop Onaolapo :  "Father was 90 when he passed away.  I remember we always used to sit with him.
    That is something I would like to pass on to my children".
All these are joyful families, supportive of one another, living by values of their Christian upbringing and faith in the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are inspiring examples for people who wish to attend the church. 
All people are welcome to attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Today we had a visitor from India, who is the Vice President at the stake in Bangalore.  (There is also the first Indian stake in Hyderabad).  His name is David Solomon Samuel, who is the Lead Analyst in an I.T. department of a major company, and is on a two week visit to clients and contacts. 
The stake in Bangalore is growing, at present it has over 1300 members, and on a typical Sunday about 120 or so attend,  people who abide by the law of tithing.  As joy spreads through the name and gospel of Christ, more and more people will join, and more churches will open up in India.  That is the great thing about a secular state, which has freedom of religion and belief in the diversity of human living.
The message of Christ only adds to the teachings of the many saints India is fortunate in having as the teachers and enlightened ones.
I have gladly recorded this in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ, who is the Light and the Way.
(written by Durudarshan,
Melchizedek Priest, LDS, Ilford)