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Monday will tell us about Recovery, if it is still on

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 6:04 AM Comments comments ()
Good Morning, Dear Readers,

It is heart-warming to hear that President Putin has agreed to a ceasefire between Ukraine and the Russian rebels. 

Hopefully the 'ground reality' will be that of reasonable individuals, agreeing to lay down arms and withdraw from the field of conflict.  That will give grounds for the ceasefire to hold, which has been
signed to commence at midnight on Saturday 14th.  Hopefully this will prove a great gift of brotherly love between Russia and Ukraine, and may it unfold peace and prosperity for both nations, as well as others in the region.

Once they start to withdraw the heavy weapons and artillery from the zone, the world will be convinced that peace is possible, and how wonderful it would be, after the huge diplomatic efforts they have made in Minsk, where the agreement was reached.

I pray it holds true. 

On Monday, I can imagine the Russian rouble regaining some of the ground it has lost recently; and with a stable Oil price that currently obtains in the world market, the Russian economy can find remission from the signs of recession which should if possible be overcome as swiftly as possible.  Then, with the Stimulus in the Eurozone nations which will commence in March, I see a bright picture of peace and prosperity in this region, overflowing into the world.  It will be great for all people.

As for Greece, I hope they will be laying on the ouzo and retsina and doing their national dance once they amicably agree to the renegotiations. 

March and the ECB Stimulus is only a few days away, and all these leaders can ensure a happy time for all their citizens, just by making pragmatic good decisions.

I hope on Monday the world can drink a glass of bubbly to them.

Kind regards,
Durudarshan H. Dadlani