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What is possessing some people to speed??

Posted on May 16, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments ()
Sometimes when I hear about these tragic accidents, such as the derailments in Pennsylvania or indeed the plane crash in the Alps, it occurs to me there is something that possesses the individuals, the drivers, that causes them to carry out such actions.  Who else could be increasing the speed at a turn?  Or crashing the plane into the mountains? 

I pray for such individuals, and would suggest to all monks to pray for such people each and every day, that they don't feel so disturbed that they endanger life and cause disruption to everyday life.  That I think would be something beneficial to do for humanity.

The human cost is incalculable.  It alters the lives of the victims' family and friends, leaving sadness and a puzzle as to why.  For the environment and the economy, it causes wastage and disruption, in peoples' travel, work and their day to day activities.  It makes a negative impact on people.

I believe any train or bus driver or pilot who has any such problems to request leave of absence.  Better a particular service not run on that slot than loss of life and disruption in other peoples' lives.

And as I suggest, the monks locally should kindly pray lightly everyday for such people in their communities.  When we pray, I am sure the One who has made us all can bless each and everyone.

I send my love and condolences to people who have recently been affected by such tragedies.

Kind regards,