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It would be just wonderful.....The Queen's Speech

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 5:53 AM Comments comments ()
With a clear cut majority in the House of Commons, the Conservative government has set the agenda for the Queen's Speech, which Her Majesty will deliver to the nation, televised from 11.30 am.

All are expecting to see what greater powers will be conferred to Edinburgh, to thank them for their Better Together vote last year, followed by a resounding election of 56 Scottish National Party from 59 parliamentary seats in Scotland.  

Good news is expected on proposed developments in transport, infrastructure and communications up North, with better road and rail connections, more development of 'urban towns' in the rural areas, an idea whose time has come, and more connectivity for broadband delivery.  This would bring the whole nation up to speed in the new economy, and of course would help to create many jobs, sustain many more livelihoods, and make Britain an even more prosperous nation. 

I would expect activity to pick up north of Watford, once such measures are announced.

Great news would of course be the 30 hours a week free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds that is being suggested.  This will enable many more parents to work should they wish to, or start their enterprises.

Mr Cameron's pre-election pledge of putting £8 billion into the N.H.S. seems to be coming true. 
Current anecdotal evidence from just a few people suggests that the disabled and those in need of medical care are being provided for, with adequate support. 

David Cameron has a lovely vision for the citizens, to see that all citizens have "the chance of a good education, a decent job, a house of your own and the peace of mind that comes from being able to raise a family and enjoy a secure retirement".  That is something most people would be happy with.

If the Queen's Speech actually confirms the same rights to Housing Association tenants to purchase their homes as Council tenants, that would be a step closer in the jigsaw. 

It seems Her Majesty will deliver powers to the lawmakers to create the 2 million jobs promised by the Works Secretary, and much prosperity across the nation.

I am hoping all the above will turn out to be true.  Let's hear the Speech and see.

Kind regards,


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