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After commissioning 40 ICBM, what can Mr Putin do?

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 3:25 AM Comments comments ()
"What else can we do?" concludes Mr Putin, almost in disappointment, even exasperation, after announcing the renewal of Russia's warhead capability with 40 Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

ICBM what?  It must be a good twenty five years since the world stopped hearing about these weapons, these sausage shaped huge launchers that could be used to hit nations far and wide. 

To me it seems this is a pragmatic upgrade of weapons, and necessary at this time for Russia, not because of any increased threat they may perceive from the West, but because of the falling industrial production in Russia, which is down a whopping 5.1 percent.  Such a fall creates the necessity to maintain jobs, and the defence industry is traditionally one that is easiest to maintain, and brings much favour and support to the rulers.

On the one hand, only a few days ago, Mr Putin was declaring that the West has nothing to fear from him.  Indeed, Russia would like to become like European democracies and join the fold.  I believed that declaration to be very sincere, for an enlightened good leader like Mr Putin knows that progress is possible for everybody if each develops their own nation, and enjoys peace and prosperity with happiness and security of the people.  This is of course possible with pride with a good defence capability. 

The U.S. is proposing to counter this with show with sending advanced planes to Europe, just like they put up the defence weapons in Poland not long ago. 

But at the heart of the matter is the impasse over the unsatisfactory situation in Ukraine.  It is common knowledge that there are people in the Crimea who Russia holds very dearly to heart, and who were being treated with contempt by the Ukraine people, which necessitated the annexation of that part.
Hopefully, now having accepted a surrender from people in Ukraine, gracefully Mr Putin could ask his rebels to move out of Ukraine.  In that way, the gas transmission via Kiev will continue to provide jobs for the Ukraine people, and they can work harmoniously and be as respectful to the Russian people there as they should. 

The fall of 5.1 percent in the Russian Industrial Production is to any observer a matter that deserves to be scrutinised.  To me the most obvious part of the jigsaw seems the loss of the trade between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and USA, amounting to some $24 Billion annually.  This can hopefully be restored with peace in Ukraine, so there is no overhang of ill-will in that region.  Russia is blessed with vast acres of a huge continent, and they surely don't need a little tiny space like the Crimea?  If peace and respect and harmony is restored, with the help and participation of all citizens of that region, hopefully the situation can heal and provide for lifting of sanctions by the West and resumption of trade, which of course would be good for everybody.

What else can Mr Putin do?  Well, I believe he can consider the above, and do something to help along these lines, with the goodwill that he carries for his own people and the world at large.  It is good he is keeping his defence industry happy.  Of course, in the longer term, happiness of the people will result from developing the resources each nation has been given by God, exchanging them with other nations, and this will result in much trade, friendship, rising standards of living for all people of this planet.
The ICBMs will hopefully always remain the sabre-rattling toys, by grace of God.

Kind regards,