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Reflections on Fathers Day at the LDS Church, Ilford

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 10:57 AM Comments comments ()
Some speakers had been specially selected by the Bishopric to give us their views on Fathers Day.

Here they are :

First of all, Michelle Osaghae, whose about 12 :" Ever since I was little, he has been looking after me.  I am grateful to have a father like him, who looks after me.  I love him so much."  Her father was visibly pleased to hear such appreciation.

Sister Bonlale Lawal, a lawyer and mother of two children : "Happy Fathers Day.  My Dad joined the church when he was a student in Scotland.  My mother and he had also just married, but he knew he would make a career overseas.  I and my mother were left in Nigeria.  Then when I was two, we came to join him in Scotland.  My mother was an Anglican, but we noticed some changes in my Dad.  He is with the Latter-Day Saints.  He has a strong sense of honour and truth. 
     We used to compete at home who would get the Scripture of the day - the longest speech.  My father is a great one for Hymns.  He also used to teach us about hardwork and honesty.  'Money doesn't grow on trees' and 'There is no such thing as a free lunch' are phrases we used to hear quite often in our household from him.  Daddy-daughter interview came once a month.  We learnt times table by heart by rote.  I do really appreciate my father. He came from a very humble background; they were not very wealthy.  His mother was illiterate and used to work in the local market, selling produce.
     My father studies the Scriptures - no TV on Sundays.
     When you think about What is a father? .....They are all righteous, although they all have faults, because they are human.
     The ultimate partner we all have in common is our Heavenly Father.  If we look at the world today, it is a very scary place - judging by the number of young people going astray.  I appreciate my father.  He loves education.  He helped me study, he has made me what I am. "

Sister Margaret Valentine lauded the Prophets and Father Figures in history, Adam, Abraham, Moses, Lehi, Nephi.  To her "Fathers are to provide protection to their families.  And it is a great blessing to have a father as head of household, to guide us. My own father, who passed away 15 years ago, was very outspoken, who knew right from wrong.  He would not put up with injustice of any kind.  I take comfort that we celebrate Fathers Day here, but our fathers will be celebrating in Heaven with Heavenly Father, the father of us all."

Brother Andrew Lighten :"My father was the youngest of 10 children, a very working class family, who lived in Thurrock.  One day one of his brothers, Reg, won 25,000 pounds on the pools.  Reg went and bought a shinny new motor car.  My father tried to drive it, and drove it into a ditch.  Reg was not angry.  Thank God you didn't get hurt, he said to my father.  My father was a very good sportsman, but he was always worried about his confidence.  He married my mother, and then was sent to North Africa to serve in the army.  He was fortunate he ducked many bullets in the trenches, and survived and came back to a heroes welcome.  Hitler had been using my mother for target practice - lots of the housing here in England was reduced to rubble."  Brother Andrew Ligthen is a very popular and much liked member of the congregation, always saying words of encouragement, always with humour.

Brother Ernest Omuroyi, who runs his own company delivering parcels, says about fathers "You are their hero in countless ways.".  "I promised to my children that I am one of the best Dads in the world, and I try to live up to that each day."

It is heartwarming to hear such words, how much people hold their fathers and the Heavenly Father in high esteem.  I hope everyone draws some comfort from these words on Fathers Day.

I send you blessings.

Kind regards,