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Testimonies today at LDS Church, Ilford

Posted on July 5, 2015 at 11:21 AM Comments comments ()
Today was Fast Sunday at the church, and the Bishop and some of the congregation gave their testimonies.  It is a great aspect of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that all baptised
members are allowed to stand at the front and tell us their testimony.

Bishop Onoalapo :  The Lord hears our prayers.  Continue to pray.  He listens to you.
At one time I wanted a child.  He listened.  (Now the Bishop has three grown up children, all
are doing well in their careers, including Michael Junior who is serving a mission in Kumasi, Ghana).
     Our Heavenly Father wants us to communicate with him, just as we love our biological children to communicate with us.
     Joseph Smith gave up his life for the Book of Mormon and this church.  He was a true Prophet of God.  Today we have a Living Prophet in Thomas S. Monson.  I testify to you my brothers and sisters that the Book of Mormon is true.
     We are all in the right place in this church.

Sister Lydia Stevenson :  41 years ago today, to this very day, at the age of 14, I was baptised, together with my Mum and my brother and sisters.  We grew up without our Dad.  My Dad grew up alone, and could not show love and affection.
     I was on mission in Provo, Utah.  My mission companion got many parcels, I got none.
     I got a superbug, I could have died.  He found me again, and saved me, the man who was like a Dad to  me. 
     Later I discovered from his family that perhaps that is his calling.  He just finds people who don't have Dads.

Sister Su Won:  I have been in hospital.  I know my faith continues to help me in tough times.  The Lord
continues to help us in the many political changes that are happening in Hong Kong.

Brother Brian Beasley who recently had a triple bypass surgery and then a mild stroke but has regained his health, praises be to God, gave an encouraging picture of his faith in Fasting.  He worked in Africa, and fasted there in hot weather reaching forty degrees plus, wthout taking even water for a period of two consecutive meals. The church members treat him like family, and visit him at home and in hospital whenever that is necessary.  He is a cheerful soul, and people are fond of him.

Brother Andrew Lighten :  I heard yesterday abut the sad loss of Elder Boyd K. Packer.  
     I was 19 when I joined the church, literally half the man that I am today.

Sister Elizabeth Onoalapo ::  It is a privilege to bear my testimony today.  Exactly 18 months ago, I had a promotion at work.  I always pray : If it is for me, give me.  If it is not for me, don't give me Lord.
     I am grateful to God for guiding me through everything. Whatever we are going through, He will always be with us.
     Michael (Junior, who is in Kumasi) sends his loves to everyone who asks after him.  He is enjoying his

Sister Muriel Mariucci : I do voluntary work at Barts Hospital on Tuesdays.  I enjoy that, rendering service to a diverse community.  (Hope it turns into full time paid work for Sister Mariucci).

Sister Williams is the London Mission President's Secretary.  She puts in an appearance regularly on Sundays.   "It is an honour to be here.  I know you and love you all. The joy of this mission in the last nine months has been to see the beauty of the diversity in London, that is just joyful.
     Brother Williams and I pray that people be sensitive to their surroundings.
     We pray everyday, knowing there are shortcomings we have to overcome.
     I always remember He gave his life for every single one of us."

Sister Akunne : "My earliest memories are of prayer.  He devised a plan of salvation for a purpose.  I have faith in what the Scriptures teach, and it has enabled us grow strong as a family, with three young growing children.  He  gives us strength to look after our jobs and our children, although it can tiring at times.  We continue to receive succour from the sacrament each Sunday."

Brother Ernest Omoroyi :  "As the Lord has said : If you love me, love you fellow brothers and sisters.  And as you do unto the least one of you, know that you have done unto me."

I enjoy being a member of this church, where I have further strengthened my faith that there indeed is God, our Heavenly Father, who likes us, all His children, to communicate with Him through prayer, who listens to us, who watches over us, and approves of good works done by us.  It is a great family-oriented church, where all are welcome.  The familial hugs and warm words of wisdom and encouragement are a lovely facet of the congregation members' understanding of the doctrine.  I have great admiration for Joseph Smith and his supporting family, including his blessed mother Lucy, who even after two of her sons were martyred in Carthage Jail, held true to the belief that her son Joseph Smith had received the Visitation, and was blessed with the power of translating the Golden Plates that were the Book of Mormon.  This may hold the fascination of a fable, but I believe it is indeed true, and Joseph Smith was entrusted with the Light after a period of Apostasy.  I am grateful that he was chosen to be the Prophet, the bringer of this message that helped save a continent at the time when there was so much rivalry among different denominations and America was actually the Wild West.  It is my belief the Book of Mormon saved America, bringing peace and understanding to all her people. The Church is true, it continues to grow with branches in all cities in the world, and the free distribution of the Book of Mormon, which is now available in 188 languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Swahili, etc, etc.

In the name of our Lord and Saviour,

(written by Brother Duru
Melchizedek Priest, LDS, Ilford)

Sunday 5th July 2015.