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They must observe the truce agreed at Minsk. Peace must prevail.

Posted on July 19, 2015 at 5:52 PM Comments comments ()
It was a great sigh of relief when the Minsk agreement was signed by the Russians and Ukraine, observed by the European nations.  That was on 15th May, just after Valentine's Day, and was considered as a symbol of love and humanitarian understanding between the two nations. 

Five months have passed, but there are violations of the peace agreement.  The Soviet supporting rebels have not pulled out, nor are they keeping the 50 kilometres buffer zone.  Heavy artillery still seems to be in use, and 160 plus Ukraine troops have been killed since the ceasefire in this zone.

The agreement was understood by the world to mean a show of goodwill on the part of Mr Putin; it was implicitly understood that he would persuade the 'rebels' pull out of the zone.  That whole process was instrumental in the resumption of trade with the Western nations, resulting in an improvement in the Russian economy (which was heading for recession otherwise) and an improvement in the exchange rate for the Rouble.  All due to goodwill towards Mr Putin and his nation, on the full understanding that he would show goodwill and his 'rebels' would listen to him and curtail this unnecessary conflict.  After all, Russia has a huge land mass, most of it sparsely populated, so surely they do not need or want a small territory of Ukraine.  Ukraine is now fully sensitive to the offence they gave to the Russians in the Crimea, the punishment for which they received through its annexation by Russia. 

Now it would be practical for Mr Putin to call the 'rebels' back, and continue to provide Ukraine people the employment in the gas industry, Kiev being the transmission point for supplies to Europe.  As the Ukraine people are sensitive to their survival as a self-respecting people, they will not give offence to the Russian people who provide so much employment for them.  Such co-operation is beneficial for everybody in the region, so of course everybody has a vested interest to keep it going. 

I would appeal to Mr Putin to review this situation, and broadcast to the rebels accordingly.  Re-building peaceful relations in this region will be a good humanitarian as well as practical objective.

Today, a lot of readers have been reading my blog from Sebastapol.  I can only imagine their plight, at their destroyed buildings and cars (which seemed mostly like 1950s Europe).  These people need help, not warfare.  I would appeal to the generous and august nature of Mr Putin and the Russian people. 

It is Sunday evening, 10:50 pm in London while I write this.  I pray for peace, in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer.  Amen.