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Testimonies after Blue Moon at the LDS Church, Ilford

Posted on August 2, 2015 at 3:19 PM Comments comments ()
Today was very favourably aspected, with the Blue Moon just few days ago, on this bright and beautiful sunny day in Ilford, where people gave their testimonies to inspire and enlighten the crowds.

First of all there was the confirmation of Sister Lubna into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by members of the Melchizedek priesthood laying their hands upon her head in a circle, and saying unto her : Receive the Holy Ghost.  Words as they come through Spirit are spoken, giving Sister Lubna many spiritual gifts.

Brother Antoine Mariucci :  In a world of changing values, there is only one constant reference point : Jesus Christ.
People are not perfect.  The Scriptures are, Jesus Christ is.  I have been in the church 30 years.  That is my experience.  All people cannot be nice all the time, but the perfect reference point is Jesus Christ.

Sister Munden : I feel I have to bear my testimony today and thank Heavenly Father for our children, and grandchildren, for His grace and mercy on us.  Amen.

Muriel Mariucci : To feel the Holy Ghost is what I am grateful for that.

Linsey Blackman : I am really grateful that I am a member of the Church.  I got baptised when I was 18, then my marriage, my children.  The church has always been there in my life.   The people in the Doctrine and Covenants are so real.  I know my Heavenly Father has given me a plan and I know where I am going.

Sister Pillicita (being translated by Brother Corbitt) : I like to say I know this church is true for an eternal family.  I love all of you as brothers and sisters because we are brothers and sisters from one Heavenly Father.  I hope in ten years I shall be making my testimony in perfect English.

Kiran Kaur : Dear Brothers and Sisters, what I would like to say as a newly baptised member of this church is : when I was at school, I used to think being was 9 to 3.  But from the Book of Mormon, I know it is all throughout life.  Lehi and Nephi see visions of Christ - that is what I would like to see also.  Another interesting character is Isaiah from the Old Testament, who says if you believe in God and leave everything onto Him, everything will be alright for humanity.  That is greatly inspiring.

Sister Shariah Steele : When I got here in London and went to the Temple in Lingfield, I got an overwhelming sense of joy and love.

Lydia Stevenson : When I went to the Temple yesterday, I got to see Sister Steele and others.  It was great.  We explored the Law of Sacrifice.  Invite friends and neighbours to share the message.  Thank you for your love.  I love you back.

Inspiration : It is a growing process.

Brian Beasley : Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.  I would have been married today 52 years, but it lasted 42.
The Church is nothing without missionaries.  These people go out and bring the people in.  That's what makes the Church.  The missionaries, blessed young people from many different parts of the world but especially Utah, come to London to the London Mission and then are sent out across the country.  Sometimes they have come to me dripping in rainwater, without an umbrella in  this country known for its wet weather!  But these young folks go out,, in all sorts of weather, offering their friendship and spreading the Gospel.  They turn them into believers, who then fill the church.  These missionaries are doing a great job.  I am sure Heavenly Father's blessings will be upon them all for the work they do.

Brother Earnest Omuroyi : If we are all the time taking our temperature to see if we are happy, we shall never be.  (Just try to be happy).

Recorded verbatim (mostly) and typed by Brother Duru.