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The U.S. government shutdown - will it be averted?

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 2:05 PM Comments comments ()
There seems to be some mild anxiety in the U.S. about a government shutdown.  The Republicans and the Democrats just have to amend and update the agreement regarding the Fiscal Cliff, and everything should be okay.  I noted that they signed an Agreement in March or February 2014, extending the funding facility to March 2016.  Now for matters of expediency, for what is prudent and necessary, it is to be hoped that they will endorse the arrangement and avert the government shutdown.  In the unlikely event If that were to happen, the lawmakers and the bureaucracy would stop seeing their paychecks arrive as usual, and who wants that?  I imagine the shutdown will be averted, just in time.

The much awaited announcement from Fed Chair Dr Janet Yellen was welcome....for consumers in America itself as well as the nations who have borrowed heavily from the U.S.  A near zero rate for the 7th year running is likely to encourage a lot of borrowing activity, for businesses especially.
I was glad to see the Twinkies range, with banana toffee, on sale in Oxford Street London.  There was of course a short time during the recession that that bread company had had to close.  So things are certainly improving, and looking at the 'leading indicators', which have been positive for five out of last six months, my reading is that everything will improve even further, leading to maturity in February/March 2016.

If you hear of the top-end U.S. housebuilders cutting down on the number of house starts, I can only assume that the top-end may be overstretched.  With the current historic low interest rates, anyone with security of employment would do well to buy a house of their own rather than renting.  House prices are still quite favourable, a good investment as well as a roof over the head.  With tender loving care and good furnishings, people can enjoy the life they love, relaxing at home, watching TV, reading books, dining in style, all within the household budget.  Now is probably a very good time for housebuyers in the U.S.

Come next March, I believe things in the U.S. will be looking quite rosy, and a further Debt Cliff extension will be added.  It will be necessary and prudent, and future generations will thank your decision.  I believe good times are ahead, leading to Christmas and beyond.  Now is the time to practise with the singing the merry songs.

Kind regards,