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What are the chances of the worldwide economic Recovery continuing this year?

Posted on January 2, 2016 at 11:19 AM Comments comments ()
The chances are pretty decent of the worldwide economic Recovery continuing this year, with the promising possibility of enhancement.

Japan seems to have decided to continue its Stimulus, running at some $85 billion a month.  This is gigantic for the size of their population, and guarantees the highest standards of living in the world to all Japanese citizens, plus a growing influence around the world, where their capital is likely to foster growth and development.  For example, they have offered $35 billion to India for joint venture in developments of infrastructure, and this will certainly add to Japanese GNP.

India has done joint venture and co-operation treaties with Germany and France, to help develop some of the 100 new cities that Pradhanmantri Shree Narendra Modi announced at the beginning of 2015.  Since then, he has visited China and Russia, and is signing up co-operation and trade agreements with every likely nation, including many in Africa.  As a lot of Indians lived in Africa and grew up there, it seems India is taking an altruistic stance, wishing to repay with gratitude to their African brothers and sisters.  This is a laudable gesture, and will enable the inherent and huge potential growth that is in places such as Lagos and Zimbabwe. 

China too is extending its sphere of influence, Hon Xi Jinping visited so many nations and signing up trade and co-operation treaties.  I can imagine joy for all these nations, where they will have expertise been made available to them, together with the machinery and transportation to fully benefit from their resources as well as create infrastructure developments which they so badly need.  How can people not imagine dams, electricity, drinking water available on the doorstep, schools, dispensaries, hospitals, hotels, housing, tourists.....thriving economies....where God has blessed them with the rich fertile lands, mineral wealth, green vegetation, fragrant flowers, livestock to provide them plenty of milk.  Africa is most likely to come up with the most number of billionaires soon....or if not, at least top social entrepreneurs who will instead contribute to their lands through holding together and creating business enterprises which serve the communities.  If not dollar billionaires, these will be the enlightened spiritual billionaires who will do great good for their once, their people will have increasing standards of living.  If the local African banks can back these entrepreneurs, they can create the development and wealth and growth that is the potential.  I pray all these people receive the rich blessings from God.

The United States has steadily grown from the dark days of the 2008 meltdown to today, where the economy seems to have been totally restored, and is growing, with confidence, more jobs, more enterprise, more homeowners, more cars......Now the Fed will just need to fix the Debt Ceiling (in March, it seems).  If they just expand the balance sheet to January 2017, the Obama administration will be home and dry, and all the senators and representatives can continue to collect their pay checks. 
The alternative policies of the Tea Party crowd or Republicans like Donald Trump would see Obamacare repealed, and poor students being sent home due to lack of a free lunch at school.  Those dark days caused due to sequestration are something that is best forgotten. 

I pray Hillary Clinton shall become elected as the President at November 2016.  Simply, it seems her destiny.  It would resonate with the times and the perceptions of people today, everybody seeking self-expression in a democracy.  Her election will enshrine the highest achievement in gender equality.  That is a truth the people will not wish to hide, nor deny themselves. The time has come for this Democrat to rise as the dove, and sit in the highest office in the land.

She was very successful as a peacemaker in the Middle East when she was the Secretary of State.  She has a natural gift for making peace agreements, and people trust her.  She is a natural ambassador for peace.  The world atmosphere will change when she becomes President, the whole tone of political relations will change, I believe, for the better.  It is up to the people, to honour her, and elect her to the White House. 

The One Trillion Eighty Billion Stimulus that the European Central Bank has rolled out has the promise of being extended beyond September 2016, as announced by their President Mario Draghi recently.  That will offer ample scope for upgrade and innovation by the companies in the Euro Area (and by extension Europe) to meet the challenges of these times.  On that note, the one thing the world is waiting for is the Juncker Plan.  With reforms under way, Greece must surely be ready for it.

The low Oil price has depleted the reserves of the oil exporting nations, and their budget deficits have been bigger than envisaged.  That suggests they will review their stance on cutting productions, and introduce some cuts before long; their stance has hurt their purses deeply, so some change may be expected.  Russia too could follow suit, unless they are happy to foster a recession at home.  Common sense would suggest oil price could begin to rise.....but when is only known to the bigwigs in OPEC and Russia.  It is past the post-panic stage; it seems it is a time when they must be regretting not cutting back production earlier.  And there would be no loss of face.  Economic reality seems pretty harsh.

May I wish you good health and joy for the New Year.

Kind regards,
Durudarshan H. Dadlani

(c) Copyright, but may be freely shared.

Enhanced ECB Stimulus would be an Act of Faith

Posted on October 28, 2015 at 7:00 AM Comments comments ()
Good Morning everybody.  I have just woken up after a sound three hours sleep.  Yesterday you know was the Full Moon, and I went to the temple to pray for peace and prosperity worldwide.  I also visited the Latter Day Saints chapel in Exhibition Road, SW7.  I was carrying an open heart and mind, praying for inspiration to pour in. 
     The first thing I thought about on waking up was this :  Europe is providing a few billion Euros to countries like Turkey and Jordan and Syria to look after the displaced people from the war torn regions who have taken temporary shelter in their lands and are likely to be there for some time, until a solution is found for them to rehabilitate them.  With the winter approaching in a short two months in Europe, and which weather the migrants and refugees already find cold compared to their normal towns and villages, they will need better shelter than the tents, and certainly clothing and bedding to keep warm and sleep warm, and gas and petrol burners to use for cooking, as well as plentiful supply of food and drinks.  Of course they should also be encouraged to arrange ad hoc teaching of their people, and this will provide continuation of education as well as a sense of community.  I feel sure all these sensible people would have already started such initiatives, but government funding will help enormously.  In this regard, I have heard that the E.U. is considering providing about Three Billion Euros for the refugee/migrant crisis.  I would suggest to them to consider providing perhaps Ten Billion Euros for the purpose in the first year.  Perhaps the three billion could be paid in part directly to the displaced people, some to the service providers who have provided the camps and tents, food, drinks, clothing, and perhaps long chairs with mattresses instead of mattresses on the floor, which would be cold and may contribute to hypothermia or T.B.  Those people could also do with portable toilets, and toilet rolls, and water and jugs, and baby wipes for purposes of hygiene.  Also, some of the money could be put into bank accounts for each individual migrant/refugee, and a bank book issued to each, so it may provide them something for the future.  The Ten Billion for the first year could be a Gift from the people of the European Union.  Needless to say, such gifts will be necessary in the future, but a start should be made to help those people in their time of need, which is now.  On behalf of Europe, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, savouries, tea, coffee, milk, breads, cheese, vegetables, meats, cooking pots, burners for cooking, thermos flasks, portable toilets, warm clothes, tracking shoes, knapsacks, writing books, pencils, textbooks to teach them French, German, Spanish, English, and the dialects of their hosts.....that would do great good (and of course, it will create added activity in those sectors, and that shall use the continual replenishment and prosperity that God and Nature bless the earth with.
I pray for Heavenly Father's and Mother Nature's unbound and limitless beneficience and mercy to continue. 

     As for the proposed enhancement of the E.C.B. Stimulus, it is evident that perhaps One Hundred and Ten Billion per month would be more up to the task.  In this regard, the shortfall of the Stimulus so far could perhaps be issued as a n Extraordinary Stimulus, and used for the economies who are at the moment having to face the huge Migrant/Refugee crisis, with countless people arriving at their doorsteps each day.  The policing and administrative burdens are certainly enormous, not to mention the transportation, temporary accommodation, feeding and welfare of the displaced people.  If some money from the E.C.B. Stimulus is allocated for these purposes, it can only help to relieve the distress all the people are going through.  May God's blessing be upon Europe and her people, as she offers to help those displaced people for the meantime.  Also I pray for God's loving kindness and care be also for the displaced people. 

    I am sure this is only a part of the solution, but I have a belief that this will add to the goodwill of Europe and her people, and hopefully add to the continuation of the economic Recovery, and in course of time leading us all to Prosperity. 

     Bringing a halt to the mad civil war in Syria and hopefully rehabilitation of the displaced people there, back in their homelands,  may prove another part of the solution.  By grace of God (who some of us address as Allah, also as our Maker) people will help find a solution for the justice to all these displaced people, which has caused this great exodus of Biblical proportions in these modern times.

I pray for God's guidance to the leaders in Europe, Syria, Russia, and United States to bring this mad war to a close, without further loss of life and destruction of infrastructure.

In the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.