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Creating employment, the challenge facing Europe

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 3:01 PM Comments comments ()
The number of people unemployed and seeking work or business activity, both in Greece and Spain, remain high, too high, compared to the rest of Europe.  The recent figures indicate that some jobs are being created, but more obviously should be done.  Twenty five percent and twenty percent respectively for Greece and Spain compared to a median of perhaps six percent for the rest seems something crying out for opportunities to be created, in jobs training, entrepreneurship, with a focus on the new technologies but also with financing of the old industries....Just imagine, as people start to buy real books instead of reading them on Kindle, the old industries still have a place, perhaps a growing place, as people find the new technology a mix blessing.  

Greece, with year round strong sunshine, has the great potential to harness solar power, and perhaps redistribute to neighbouring countries.  With new generation nuclear power plants being commissioned elsewhere (as recently in United Kingdom in partnership with China), it is a trend that most people will wish to have cleaner energy, to reduce the carbon emissions, to help reduce the Earth warming up too quickly.  So generation of solar power will certainly be a blessing.  Greece could capitalise on this.

They say that with every problem, there is a clue to the solution.  In this regard, I think of the problem of the exodus of Biblical proportions now from Syria.  Some of the migrants/refugees may have the wherewithal to buy houses.  In this regard, perhaps Spain could consider accommodating a number they might find agreeable to give the right to buy housing and settle in their beautiful sunny country....the hot weather would certainly be something the displaced people would find suitable.  I have no real knowledge of it, but it seemed at one point that Spain had an overcapacity of housing, or at least they had a lot of housing unsold.  If the government could agree to accommodate a number of people with the means to purchase houses and perhaps even create businesses and employment, it may create the boost they have had in the past.  I also believe that the Spanish film industry has the potential to become the European version with Hollywood or even Bollywood.  Creative cultural enterprises certainly can create a fair amount of buzz and activity, it is, how shall I say, the creation of wealth of works in progress. 

Greece under the premiership of Alexis Tsipras has been given adequate financial support by the E.C.B.  Nevertheless, I am still waiting to hear more about the Juncker Plan, the modern day plan to equal the Marshall Plan, which the European Union is said to have offered Greece.  I feel sure lot of people are waiting excitedly to see this Juncker Plan take shape.  A one off injection of some 35.5 Billion Euros will certainly do Greece a great deal of good.  Jobs would be created en-mass once industries are created or rejuvenated.  It will help kick-start the economic Recovery, the potential for which is inherent and obvious in Greece with the huge number of enterprising young graduates....All they need is the financial backing.

Of course, with the huge number of migrants/refugees that both Greece and Italy have so far looked after, both these nations and their people deserve some added financial support from the European Union. 

Some industrialists have suggested that the new wave of migrants (be they migrants or refugees) will help the economy, as happened with the Turkish inflow during the 1970s into Germany and the Asians ousted by Idi Amin from Uganda who were permitted to settle in the United Kingdom.  Today, a lot of them have flourished, having started their businesses from the kitchen table but today run huge companies, employing thousands of people, and still growing. 

So long as migrants/refugees are invited to settle in any country in numbers that are acceptable to the local populations, they can bring in the blessings of hard work and enterprise, their fight for survival. 
The selection of people with the right skills or training (what they were doing before being made to flee their war-torn nations) and settlement into towns and villages where there is spare housing, may be the traditional way that the immigrants can be helped so they can in turn contribute to your nation.

(But I hope there is hope for the vast majority of the displaced people to find their way back to Syria, as President Assad agrees to meet in Vienna with other world leaders, including Iran for the first time, to formulate some plans to bring back peace to his nation, so that people can resettle, and perhaps the rubble can be the ground for new housing and infrastructure, be it in Homs, Aleppo, Damascus, Babylon.  With peace, certainly Syria can once again be the thriving beautiful nation it is supposed to be, and her people can live happily in their homelands, eating dates, drinking orange juice, some pitta bread, a piece of meat, some salad....and saying thanks to comparison, today the homeless people are at the mercy of peoples' goodwill, starving and thirsty in the meantime, walking many miles, seeking shelter and rest.  If President Assad would do his noble duty, he must agree to some kind of peace plan and halting the mad war immediately.....that will save the houses and infrastructure from any more destruction....I pray to our Heavenly Father for that agreement of peace by all sides, in the name of our Saviour.  Amen).