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What could bring up the core inflation in this modest Recovery in the Euro Area?

Posted on November 20, 2015 at 6:19 AM Comments comments ()
Against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend (Friday the 13th, then culminating in the death of the alleged mastermind this Thursday), may lead social scientists to examine the root causes of the discontent that may be contributing to breeding of such terrorists.  Whole immigrant communities seem to be ghettoed in some of the poorest and overcrowded pockets of inner-city areas near Paris, where joblessness is high, and petty criminal activity is a way of life due to force of circumstances.  Such areas are bound to produce its share of drug dealers, stolen goods trading, fille de joie, and such like activities.  It will also breed the discontented people who feel excused from society, left out, not invited in, disowned, forgotten, left to rot in poor circumstances. 

In the inner-cities of Paris as elsewhere in Europe, but also I would suggest in Redmond, Washington, the root causes of what is festering as unrest and could translate into acts of unsavoury violence, need to be fully examined and addressed.  This I would suggest should be a priority, namely the integration of the ethnic minorities, the immigrant communities, who are just as full of talent and the common sense to work hard if they had jobs, and a sublime expression of their talents.  When you see the imagination of good looking young men and their will to carry out the atrocious acts, you have to realise that given the opportunities, such men would be usefully occupied creating films or being regaled as celebrities....Only they didn't have the opportunities, so they got persuaded into affiliating with those misguided and brutal people wishing to break and grab anything they can, masquerading under the guise of an ideology which is a badly corrupted version of Islam.  Sensibly, opportunities should be created for all these citizens, so they can gain satisfaction and prosper in Paris or Washington or wherever.  The problem seems to be the same : their frustration is probably pushing them into criminal activities - and they master their crafts, have no doubts abut that - and a small number do turn into exceptionally able terrorists.   I am suggesting the same communities who now feel disenfranchised could help to create additional growth, could help the economic momentum, that can see Recovery speed up.  The investment will provide satisfaction, something for people to be busy at, and of course it will add to the wealth of each nation - as well as provide comfort from the fear of terrorism. 

It is a saying that 'The Devil finds work for idle hands'.  So, please, create opportunities for integration and advancement and growth for all these people, and hopefully the Devilish forces will have no call on them. 

Against this backdrop, when I heard the televised keynote speech of E.C.B. President Mario Draighi, saying that the economic Recovery in the Euro Area has been modest, and the  'velocity of circulation of capital in the banking systems' has to speed up for core inflation to pick up to the desired level, and inflation also to pick up, and also remembering the very thoughtful comments of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg that the socio-economic deprivation of the terrorists and the communities they come from needs to be addressed - somehow all this suggested to me that the problem has a solution, and it is just there : empowerment of all citizens, and that would create the additional momentum, and foster peaceful relations. 

Creation of opportunities at home may be a better solution than dropping hundreds of bombs per flight in Syria, which is destroying more infrastructure of a nation that has allowed itself to become rubble with cross fighting between people with different agendas.  It is sad for the ordinary good citizens of Syria, who are being deprived of their life and property for the sake of some confused ideology and ego-worship of their President.

I pray that war in Syria is halted, and a peace conference can be held, for all parties to state what their motivation is for being in that conflict. 

May God's blessings be upon us all, for a world free from the threat of terror and unnecessary bloodshed.  In the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.