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Some powerful practical principles to live by......LDS Church

Posted on November 29, 2015 at 2:29 PM Comments comments ()
It hosted eight speakers at the Romford Stake, presided by Elder Robert Dryden of the Area 70.  The gathering altogether numbered about 250, a gathering of wise, alert yet sober people, dressed in their best, in the fullness of their joy or suffering, almost to minister to one another as a congregation. 

     "Only forgiveness heals.  Your life feels so much better after you forgive".  These words ring so true, rendered as testimony by Joel Lyon.  He also told us the shall I call it parable of the Carrot, the Egg and the Cocoa Bean.  When posed with the question of what you would rather be, the enquirer was taken to a kitchen ; here, in three different pots, water was kept to boil, one with an Egg, the other with Carrot and the third with Cocoa Bean.  The Egg became hard under heat, the Carrot soft, the Bean dissolved
and left a brown liquid.  What would you rather be?

     Sister Sylvia Andrews  quoted Mother Teresa on the topic of charity.  "It's how much love we can give till it hurts."   This she followed up with some words on the terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th, who are now being seen as some disaffected and disgruntled individuals who deserve our understanding and prayers.  "The people in France who were murdered, they and their families need our prayers.  But what about the three brothers to perpetrated the crimes?  I believe they too need our prayers, that Heavenly Father should guide them to see the error of their ways."

     "I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ," Sister Pamela Johnson included these words in her talk  These words touched my heart the most.  That is the fountain from which the waters of goodness flow. 

     "If we repent of our sins, we shall be forgiven.  He shall remember them no more," President Kenneth Johnson uttered those words....they sounded with the full authority of Christ, Our Saviour.
Can you believe these words?  Is it not a powerful principle of Christianity?

     These are all inspired speakers, inspired by the Spirit, by the sentiments of Christ, who too is the Heavenly Father, our God, as quoted from the Scriptures by President Mark Stevens, as follows : "And His name shall be The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace."
     The Church website ( is hosting a discussion on the topic, "A Saviour is born.  Why?  Why was the Saviour born?  (to die, I can hear some people think).  Why do we need the Saviour?"  To those who would seek the answers, they may listen to the two-minute message on

     (The Mormons are known as the Latter-Day Saints, because it was through the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Light was received in 1820s to restore the Gospel, in this dispensation, after the period of apostasy after the death of Christ's last apostles, after which the message of the Bible was modified to suit the purposes of various Kings.  The Light was restored to Earth through Divine Testimony to our Prophet Joseph Smith, who together with his brother Hyrum was martyred at Carthage jail for promoting the Book of Mormon, which is another testimony of Jesus Christ.  Having lost two sons, the blessed Mother Lucy Smith stood by the testimony of her anointed son Joseph Smith, whose church has grown be amongst all nations, bringing principles to live by, spreading the goodness of Christ's great heart, who had understanding and compassion for Jews and Gentiles alike.  Latter-Day Saints live by these two commandments, "Love thy God with all thy heart, mind and soul," and "Love thy neighbour as thyself" (neighbour meaning everybody else in the world). This is my understanding of the Church.) 

     In appreciation of the Missionaries, most of them in their late teens and early 20s, who leave their homes fully supported by their families to reach out to the world and spread the message of Christ, Sister Jean Stevens summed up thus "My heart skips a beat to see our Missionaries, to see the light in their eyes."  Verily, the huge understanding they have of the Gospels, and how to spread it across the world, has always impressed me. 

     Sister Stevens gave this message : "What is on your heart and mind about Christmas?" 
Hashtag The Saviour is Born - a 2 minute video is on  - you may wish to view it while you ponder this question. 

     To learn more about the Golden Plates left by Prophet Moroni, and duly discovered by Joseph Smith and translated under Divine Guidance by Joseph Smith with the help of his friend Oliver Cowdrey, you may wish to visit the Church, which is open to all visitors on Sunday morning (Friday in Muslim countries).

     Elder Robert Dryden gave the closing talk, about what it means to take upon the name of the Christ, and what duties it entails. "Those who are prepared to take upon us the name of Christ, are willing to take upon us the burden of the church and the house of our Lord."  He also waved a little card, a 'dinky toy' which has three interesting questions.  Great points for discussion with friends, family and strangers alike. 

     I ask for Heavenly Father's blessings upon us all,
     in the sacred name of Jesus, the Heart of Love for all mankind.