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Christmas Carol Concert at the local Church of Latter-Day Saints

Posted on December 6, 2015 at 6:24 PM Comments comments ()
"And saints and angels sing, and saints and angels sing,
     and saints, and saints and angels sing."

Beautiful, melodious voices of the Romford Stake Choir, with Carl Lee playing the piano with perfection of playing it all the time, in the church, at home, his passion.  The Mormon church certainly encourages bringing out talents to their full potential.

A short film was shown at the beginning of the programme "A Savour is Born" 
Children spoke with unbridled enthusiasm and love, conveying the message.  "He was born so we can be born again."  That's on

Natasha Hensen played a couple of hymns on the violin, including Silent Night.  Previously I have seen Natasha's brother act on the stage.  They appear naturally gifted.

The Choir rendered "A Gift of Love"........."And nations will be blessed".   That is something for everyone to rejoice, the birth of Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, immortal and divine, born to the blessed Virgin Mary (The Mother of the Son of God).

     "As shepherds gazed upwards in awe.....He was born"  Sister Amita Benedetti drew up this visual picture for the audience, and then the Choir and Congregation stood up to sing "Angels we have heard on high", with the music conducted by Vanessa Parks. 
     The Stake Choir then sang the "Angels Carol", and also "Born is the Lights of the World", followed by children of the Sanders School Singing Choir singing "The Shepherds Carol".  In addition to the fine voice, they all did it in sign language.  On the of the girls from the school was particularly animated and brilliant, clear voice as well as sign illustrations.  Their music teacher was there, conducting their choir (there were three choirs on the stage at the same time, and they handled the directions beautifully. 

     "Where is he that is born King of the Jews?"  This was President Jack Peake, mocking the mocking crowd over two thousand years ago in Jerusalem.  Today we know Jesus was the Divine Personality born to a mortal mother, to stand trial and atone for humanity, because God would have known that humanity would be bunch of sinners, transgressing, rebelling and breaking God's commandments, and then asking to be forgiven, to repent, to be given a second chance, to be cleansed of sin, to be born again.

     The Choir sang "Silent Night", followed by a quotation from Christ "Whosoever believes in me shall never die." 

     "The Forgotten Carol" was sung in a strong earthy velvety voice.  "There is magic in the air - It makes me feel I had been there".  It was Sister Coleman, a missionary who has recently arrived from Utah. Marvellous talent, normally well hidden in this quietly spoken personality.  She sang "Holy Night" with Amanda Davis....Now Amanda Davis' clear singing just demanded the full attention.  My roof brain chatter was cut, I was mesmerised.; a voice worth listening to, loud and clear, inspired.   Congratulations to both Sister Coleman and Sister Davis.

"Mild he lays his glory by,
Born that man no more may die"

"Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was followed by closing remarks by Stake President David Barter.  "How glad we live in a Christian nation, where we value tolerance and forgiveness.  We can seek to follow Him, just by being a little kinder"

The Concert was held in support of First Step, a charity 'supporting children and families every step of the way' .  Anybody wishing to donate to them may do so directly to First Step.

I have recorded this to give readers a flavour of the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour, which LDS hold each year at Christmas, at branches everywhere.

I send loves and blessings to all my readers and friends.

Duru darshan

(c) Copyright.