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Perhaps the world will harness natural abundance, and create a Prosperity for all?

Posted on April 2, 2016 at 9:55 AM Comments comments ()
While looking up works of Nikolas Tesla, I was led to the works of Casper Stith; and from there to the creative activity of Manoj Bhargava, who most know of as the ultra successful CEO of the company that makes 5-Hour Energy shots, which have earned him a fabulous fortune, some suggesting as much as $1.5 billion from that one product alone.

But what he has developed is not for making more dollars, although I imagine he could make plenty, but for altruistic purposes, for the service of mankind.  Such as an enlightened man can be honoured as a Mahapurush, a man who has come to help humanity.  To me it seems that is precisely what he has come to do with his current campaign (

He has developed some mini (i.e. portable) desalination units.  These are capable of processing sea water, salty and polluted, into pure drinkable water, even water that could be used for irrigation.

To help a currently drought hit area in California, Bhargavaji's idea would be to have some barges floating around the California coastline, process the water on board, then send the purified water by floating pipes inland.  It could be done pretty quickly.  As to the cost, this monk turned entrepreneur is doing it for the social good, so the profit margin may be very slim, and therefore beneficial for the State authorities of California and her people.  Why not give it a try?

Bhargavaji has also devised the bicycle that is attached to a battery and stores the power produced by movement of the wheel, transforming human energy into electricity.  One hour's turning of the wheel (which is good cycling exercise as well) produces enough electricity to lights up twenty bulbs, and a couple of computers in a household.  All this energy can be stored in a battery.  (In areas with less resources, the continuous filling of such batteries can enable the distribution of such batteries to a wider number of people, who may not have the cycling device but could still light up their homes).

He has devised another unit to help people regain good health, virtually recharge themselves. 

I watched the 40 minute documentary on the internet.  This is a man whose motive, ambition, nay, duty it seems, is to help mankind.  The world needs water, energy, and good health, and Manoj Bhargava set about to devise the most practical methods and processes  to help the harnessing of all these. 
I can imagine the world will be thrilled and joyful to see Bhargavaji roll out his programmes, in India as well as other countries.   

All this friendly technology will reduce the carbon footprint.  Certainly the fear of the earth temperature rising by 2 to 3 percent and making it unbearable within 85 years is something that can be avoided. 

I think this is the best long term news I have heard, and it is very relevant as there seems to be a change in focus universally.  It heralds the dawn of a new day, a bright, relaxed future for all.

My hope is that world leaders will encourage co-operation with the initiatives of this Mahapurush, to the benefit and joy of mankind.

To close with a prayer, I am chanting Jai Ram Shree Ram Jai Jai Ram.

-  Durudarshan

written 8th December 2015.

published 2nd April 2016

(c) Copyright, can be freely distributed with acknowledgement.