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Good evening. My historical blogs people have been reading today.

Posted on December 15, 2015 at 3:16 PM Comments comments ()
Good evening readers,

Forgive my sounding a bit pretentious, using the word 'historical' for my old blogs, but since they still seem to retain some relevance on today's issues and are contemporary, I thought I would just dignify them by calling them 'historical'.  Anyway, here is the list :

-     Wey Hey!  The readers are back!!!

-     The Queen's Speech today

-     Yulia Tymoshenko agrees to hospitalisation

-     Wish you a safe and joyful weekend

-     The leading indicagors herald good news for America

-     Thomas Sugrue's review of The Last Great Prophet

-     Tulsi tea Mormon LDS.

-     The London Business Show, Olympia, today, 4th December

I thought you may wish to read them too.

Kind regards,