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Ayurvedic products....for your good health

Posted on December 19, 2015 at 5:31 AM Comments comments ()
Recently, lot of people have been looking for 'Ramdev shop in Ilford' or 'Patanjali shop in Ilford', etc.  Last I enquired, the Ramdev shop in Ilford, Goodmayes, was down on stock.  So the Hridyamrit for cholesterol reduction and the other one for controlling sugar was not available, nor the medawati.

However, the good news is I suggest TULSI (Basil leaves) is available from Indian grocers, as well as from Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden.  They also have a range of herbal products which you may find useful.

For reduction of the high level of diabetes, I found tea made from Basil leaves very useful.  My reading at that time was in the 20s (!), within a matter of days, thanks to tulsi chai, it came down to a manageable 8 or so.  (From there to 6, strict diet control and exercise is necessary. 

The way to make the tulsi tea is this : in a steel milkpan or saucepan, put one cup of water.  Add one teaspoon of Basil leaves, and let it simmer gently for about ten minutes.  This releases the full goodness and aroma.  If you suffer from diabetes, you should sip this tea, and eat the basil leaves.  It will help cleanse your intestines and pancreas, and reduce your sugar level. 

This tea can also help other problems.  Swami Ramdev says it has helped people suffering from cancer.
(They are not going to give him a Nobel Prize for that, are they?  Maybe they should.)

Anyone suffering from Coliac disease, or allergy to gluten, has little choice of food which everyone else can eat.  But I suggest an alternative to the wheat products may be maize.....Corn flour chuppatis, corn flakes, etc.  Linseed grains may also be useful.  Mulli ka saag is also delicious.

I wish you good health and joy.

Anyone with swollen legs can look up my blog : Durudarshan - A method for swollen legs.

Pranam, Namaste, Sat-Sri-Akal.


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