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Due to El Nino and climate change, it wasn't a very pleasant Christmas for a lot of people.

Posted on January 6, 2016 at 3:06 PM Comments comments ()
Around Christmas, lots of people were saying 'It's unseasonaly warm' , and that was true, it was warm, much warmer than most other years.  And it seems the warm breeze wafting in from the west, the El Nino, was causing havoc along the way, as it travelled east, leaving South America in floods and mudslides, Ireland and northern England drenched, causing misery for the uninsured folks; the twisters and typhoons letting loose in Texas caused considerable damage  It was bad news to hear of forest fires in Australia.  It was misery for so many people whose lives were disrupted by the sharp changes in weather.

Climate change is something the governments and scientists must get together to understand and form practical solutions, to safeguard people and their homes.  It seems they will have to formulate steps that should be taken, at local level and internationally, to safeguard people in the future, and to see if
scientific ways or methods can be devised to combat the slow down, perhaps normalise, the weather conditions, so adverse conditions do not develop or come to fruition; but also to see if methods can be worked out to thwart the typhoons and twisters. 

This is an urgent matter, and I would urge governments to tackle this matter as of high priority. 

I hope everybody is alarmed at the unseasonal events described above.  Add to that the fact that most places seem to be experiencing temperatures considerably higher than normal at this time of the year, and it becomes a matter of concern to infer that the global rise of 2 degrees over the next 85 years and everybody saying Goodbye is a little bit optimistic.  It could be in less than 85 years, perhaps next 10 or 15 years, if current temperatures are anything to go by.  I am no scientist and I have not done any calculations on this, by my intuition leads me to become concerned and call attention, hoping that we can all avert the Goodbye scenario.  My suggestion is that a lot of practical steps are urgently necessary, and to those I am calling your attention. 

Can something be done to Waft the laden clouds to empty over the oceans, thus avoiding flooding inland?  Could something be put to meet the wafting Warm breeze to ameliorate and not meet the cold winds and wrestle with them and form into the typhoons and tornadoes?  Could something be done at the chimneys of the factories, to turn their carbon dioxide emissions into some other harmless (or even beneficial) compound? 

If the ozone layer is cracked, causing a rise in the earth temperature underneath the crack, then those areas should discontinue use of aerosols and suchlike that are deemed to be harmful, although I realise in very hot weather that is something people may find necessary;  Could electrically generated hot or cold air, such as from air-conditioners, be directed at the formative stages of typhoons and tornadoes,
could there be something to counter these natural formations, but thwart them we must, for sake of humanity?  I believe in saying the words of Jesus : "Winds, be thee still".  I have faith they would work.  But since God has given thinking capacity to humankind, we must devise ways to thwart these threats....perhaps Nature creates them to challenge our response?  I pray to Mother Nature to be kind to us all.

As for the forest fires, I believe the common sense thinning of forest areas so that trees are not touching each others leaves would be good policy.   And felling the trees in between would be good and useful for making furniture.  Lots of countries, such furniture is prized possession, and there is a huge
ready market for such products.  Just imagine, doing all these necessary and useful tasks would create jobs also, for lumberjacks, furniture makers, shippers, clerks, climateologists,  politicians, etc, etc. 
Just imagine, everybody doing something small in this circus of life would keep everybody occupied doing something....and enjoying life. 

I would be glad to hear your views on this subject.  What do you envisage would be the outcomes of the methods I have suggested?  I shall be pleased to share the readers' responses on a future blog.  So please write in, let me hear your views, no matter how dramatic or eccentric they may seem to others.

Kind regards,


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