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Kim Jong-un's Miniature H-bomb test seems....well, comical.

Posted on January 7, 2016 at 6:49 AM Comments comments ()
The news of North Korea testing what was described as a Miniature H-bomb, or something between an A- and a Hydrogen bomb, was greeted with disbelief, a slight irritation, at the totally showy explosion of this deterrent, to show the world that the Master of Pyongyang has the capacity to protect his people from any bully, such as South Korea or U.S.  The world has offered North Korea its friendship and co-operation in developing to be a prosperous nation, supplying them with chocolate and grains in times of need, offering them technical know-how to make their lands fertile, China extending their co-operation to mine and develop their mineral wealth. 

And suddenly, the Young One decides to carry out the test, and his people cheer in a quiet dignified jubilation, that the Leader has got the weapons to protect them against any aggressors or bullies who may try to cower Pyongyang to toe the line, to keep the regional peace.  But the point is : no one has shown any aggression towards North Korea or her people, their neighbours have only shown goodwill and goodwill towards them, to maintain peace in the region.  The last thing anyone would like is for North Korea to become a rogue nation, menacing the neighbours with their nuclear capacity and perhaps even holding the world to ransom.  That is all unnecessary.

I hope Kim Jong-un (affectionately Young One) follows his father's footsteps.  The late Kim Jong-Il, at the time he died on board the train, returning from his visit to Russia, was trying to reach the world, for assistance, for co-operation, for aid to help his nation.  Their needs are great, and they can only benefit from a road to reform and joining the world community, thereby exchanging with the world and prospering through trade and exchange of ideas.  None of their neighbours can wish harm to them.  South Korea is constantly concerned at the nuisance they fear from Pyongyang.  That perception needs to be corrected, by friendly displays, not this Mini Bomb.

For the moment, to take a positive spin on it, the Young One should be congratulated and applauded, yes, by the world community, for reassuring his own people and increasing their confidence.  Now he must take measures to show his capacity for a mature diplomacy, to make friends and maintain good relationships in the region, and to invite people (perhaps some missionaries from the Church?) and allow the good people of his nation to share from the world's abundance.  There is no reason they should feel left out, unless they decide to be left out.

Just as the soil becomes fertile and bears crops when the atmosphere and the people around it are peaceful; just as you discovered in South Africa that you cannot play football well if you try to play under wraps; just as you know that you can get girls to play football like Beckham; you know that other nations also have good people like your own citizens, in a brotherhood of humanity they would share and exchange with you what God has granted them......If only you can convince them that you really don't mean harm, you are responsible, and you won't frighten the world with your nukes....the world's friendship awaits North Korea joining the world community.  Carrying a water gun to the school playground may be one thing, but a bomb?  No, no, that just won't do.  It creates a bad picture, and it is so unnecessary.

I send my good wishes to all people of North Korea, and hope the world can also view the mini bomb as an event of comic relief.  

Kind regards,

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