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Hillary Clinton, The Donald, the Tea Party?

Posted on February 6, 2016 at 4:58 PM Comments comments ()
The markets may be going a wee bit sideways this year, perhaps with a slight ascent to the positive side.

The market falls recently in the U.S. can be attributed to the suspense of who will get elected President.  At one time it just looked like a race likely between Hillary Clinton and The Donald.
Now the Donald has put a question mark over his ranking.  This very outspoken man who attacks people like a cobra was acting too over-sensitive to the prospect of being treated (he feared) unfavourably by television present Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  That is really confusing; those charming reporters do like to ask awkward questions and show people up, that is their job.  But in Fox News polls, the Donald was always ranking high, several points ahead of Hillary, and Fox News poll was the only way to be showing that way; I thought they were biased in favour of the Republicans. 

In his absence, Ted Cruz, who certainly cuts a dash with his wife and young daughter as a smart family who would do well if they become the First Family, took full advantage to mock The Donald and ended up patronizing all the other Republican candidates as 'stupid'.  That gifted neurosurgeon who looks like a respectable mainstream Republican candidate, Benjamin Solomon Carson, just cringed with a smile; it seemed beneath his dignity to say something politely rude to the Tea Party candidate.  Marco Rubio certainly gives the impression he is quietly confident, and leave alone VP next time round (in 2020), he will make the grade this time.  He is polishing up, poised to give everyone a run for their money, including the bookies, who are reducing his odds. 

Still, who can tell.  At the election in November 2012, it seemed like Mitt Romney had sewn it up, and he was even waving around at jamborees on the last day of vote counting....and then New Hampshire and New Jersey came in.  Surprise, or perhaps no surprise, the 'red jerseys' who would have traditionally supported the Republican candidate, put their votes in favour of Mr Obama.  They wanted the safety of the social net and affordable health care for some time yet.  Considering that, have the fortunes changed so dramatically that this time they will overwhelmingly support the Republicans?  Not only Republicans, but Tea Party Republicans who would repeal the affordable health care act, and certainly cut the social security in a bid to tighten the finances of the nation. 

The very progressive Bernie Sanders seems destined to become the front runner for the Democrats.  His ideal of expanding some kind of Medicare for all seems a worthy ideal.  As it is, the Affordable Care Act is becoming established as a success, after two and a half years of roll out, and it is for about 40 million Americans out of a population of 330 million.  Mr Sanders seems to be offering something to perhaps cover 100 million people - could the nation afford it?  If Mr Sanders becomes President, can you even imagine the Republicans (who want to repeal Obamacare) backing him to extend the expanded Medicare?  This liberal is very good for the high spirits of the young people, but in the cold light of day, what he would offer would be just dreams.  Hillary Clinton seems a safe bet, the safe pair of hands, who can take the nation forward for the next four or perhaps even 8 years, with the faith that she knows from her experience at close hand as First Lady and then as Secretary of State as to what is possible and what the practicalities would allow, both socially and financially.  For the world stage, the people in the Middle East trust her as an honest broker, so her selection would do much good for world peace as well.  The New York Times Editorial Board have made a good case for backing her.  I agree with their summing up, which is fair and comprehensive. 

A pragmatic continuation of the worldwide  economic Recovery seems to weigh on how America progresses.  If the sign is there that Mrs Clinton is most likely to win, then I believe it will give the whole world great hope and faith.  Simply put, a Democrat leader continuing the good work that has been started by the Obama administration, and perhaps enhanced to an allowable extent, would be just right. 

I was very impressed with the ideas Mr Clinton expressed about the creation of jobs going forward (this was at a televised debate at the World Economic Forum some time ago).  If Mrs Clinton were to implement such programmes of work creation, the benefits to the economy would be just imaginable at the moment.  With him by her side, the chemistry of genius exists there to be utilised.  It would open up a golden exciting chapter for the American dream.

Please let me have your comments, especially from the essay writers and dissertation writers, and those who nominate people for the Nobel Prize.  This year I would suggest David Cameron and Mme Merkel, in regards to their humanitarian stance towards the people of Syria.  These generous people have expressed sentiments that warm up the cockle of me heart, and of millions of people across the world.  I pray we can all help create the political environment for a halt to war in Syria, and a dignified survival of the displaced people in the meantime until they can be rehabilitated.  Amen.

Kind regards,

Durudarshan H. Dadlani

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