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Hello Athens.....Welcome, welcome.....

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 5:26 PM Comments comments ()
I am glad to note readers from Athens to my website today.  My theme is about the worldwide economic Recovery - yes, a God-spirit in the form of a feline resides with me, called Ricki (Recovery) - and I write to my heart's content my prayers, writing any words God inspires me to write.

I am glad the Recovery of Greece is under way, with all things seeming to improve.  When I read of violent clashes with the police in Athens, I can only sympathise with your people.  You have to be patient.  Putting on the Greek national dance and sipping ouzo or retsina may be more like it, to keep all the tourists coming back to your lovely country with beautiful weather, hospitable people and the architectural treasures.  So long as your government does something to thin down the forests so you can avoid the forest fires which happen every year in summer, it would be great.  It would do good for the reducing of carbon emissions into the atmosphere as well.

My friends, I am glad your young and charming Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras saw it fit to accept the bailout from the European Union, and stay on in the Union.  That way, your social security payments in Euros are safe, and so is the ongoing improvement of your economy.  Now you just have to work hard, reopen the factories, warehouses, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, etc, etc, and let the joy and living take you to success.  All your well-educated and charming young people need jobs or backing to start enterprises....I hope the Greek banks will be helpful.  If they need the aegis of the E.C.B., I hope some kind of arrangement may become available.  I hope your Prime Minister and Finance Minister could enquire. 

As to the much-regaled JUNCKER PLAN, which I believe was said to be to the tune of some Euro 33 Billion or so - that is something the world is waiting for.  As your nation has so kindly accommodated the refugees/migrants at Lesbos from Syria, I pray the ECB will let your nation have the money soon.  It will be a great investment in keeping those good people who are in a sorry state at the moment, having to flee the mad civil war in Syria, towards which the European governments are tirelessly trying to find a solution, ideally to rehabilitate all these displaced people back in Syria....well, some may find homes in the European Union countries, but the number will be quite restricted.  Physically, there are not that many empty houses, nor schools and toilets for all these people.  It makes people weep to see their hardship at the moment.  By faith in God that He will provide (through the good offices of the ECB) I pray something can be done to accommodate them for the meantime.  Greece most certainly deserves to be compensated for providing for these distressed people. 

I can see the Greek economy improving.  I have mentioned previously that Greeks were amongst the first billionaires in the world, people like the famous Aristotle Onassis, the shipping magnate, whose daughter married a Russian and probably took the vast amount of her wealth to those lands; Stavros Niarchos, the other shipping tycoon, etc.  Here in London we hear of the very jolly and humanitarian enterpreseneur, Sir Stelios Haji-Ianou.  I am sure your enterprising people will create fortunes from now on, once they have the backing and the materials.  I wish you great success.

I hope there are no more dirty displays of violence and clashes with the police.  The civilized Greek people are not famous for that. 

Now the economic climate seems good for Greece, with more money becoming available to the people.  If that is not so, you should ask for the ECB to help on this.  I have full faith that the Recovery in your nation will gather pace, creating livelihood for most, jobs for others, wealth for others still.  Everything being equal, I can envisage Greek becoming one of the wealthiest nations in the world, as it was hardly twenty years or so ago.  It is in your blood to create success.  For that the Greek people are famous.

I send you my loves and good wishes.

Kind regards,

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