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Swami Ramdev's herbal products

Posted on February 19, 2016 at 5:59 PM Comments comments ()
I have written about the herbal products from India, Ayurvedic products made by Swami Ramdev's organisation, which is called Patanjali Yogpeeth, of Haridwar, Haryana.

There was a shop in High Road, towards Goodmayes, no. 855 High Road, which used to sell those products.  Today, that shop is undergoing some refurbishment.  Also, they didn't have any stock of any of the herbal products....that has been so for nearly two years, because the U.K. government was charging them some kind of fee to have each product certified for distribution with the U.K.
This was something outside the scope of Patanjali Yogpeeth, which is a non-profit organisation, existing to serve the people which may benefit everyone's health; all their staff, including the medics, provide their services free, so there is no scope for them to add on even a few pence per item.....they like them to be affordable by even the poorest, so they may benefit with good health.

Until the U.K. government can waive such a fee, Baba Ramdev's people cannot bring the products to England, nor distribute them. 

But the good news is that there are other products, for similar health problems, available from the BAPS temple in Neasden, the Swaminarayan Mandir.  They have Tulsi for diabetics, Brahmi for those with weak brains, and other products to rejuvenate your being.

Indeed, the Swaminarayan Temple is worth visiting, just to marvel at the beautiful building they have created, and observe the silent, peaceful way they do the services.  Also there is a restaurant, serving fine Indian food, not expensive, delicious food, and enjoyable. 

They say the spirit of God is where He is worshipped regularly, so that could be your kitchen or sitting room as well.  But certainly I find the Mandir is such a place.  Always I find peace in my heart after I visit such places.  It improves one's philosophy of life, and encourages the art of finding joy within oneself.  If you can't afford to go to India and such places as Mathura or Amritsar, Neasden is not so far away.  You'll return refreshed, like you have been on a holiday.

Wish you good health.

Kind regards,

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