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Testimonies of a Mormon family

Posted on February 21, 2016 at 1:18 PM Comments comments ()
On 24th January 2016, I jotted down the testimonies of the Omuroyi family at the Ilford Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.    They are from Nigeria, brought up in traditional Christian families, both Mr Ernest Omuroyi and Mrs Tina Omuroyi, and here in England they have brought up their young ones in the Mormon faith, and it may be of interest to infer what you can from their testimonies.

After jotting them down, I lost the papers, until I found them this morning; in the meantime, the Omuroyis may have been wondering why I did not write about them on my blog on 24th or soon thereafter.  As I say, I had merely mislaid the papers, and here are the testimonies :-

JOSEPHY OMUROYI - the youngest of the family
Being an Example
Being patient and kind, being a good person, not being afraid of the beiefs you hold, and sharing them with people around you.
     It is good to let it be known that Heavenly Father looks out for us, and we have His guidance and He will influence us in all that we do, say and think.
     Some people have a second voice, saying something rude while they speak with you.  You just have to take that as banter, and not take it to heart.  Everyone has some banter, it is okay, it is how they are.
     Once I was somewhere, and some youths were talking about some obscene things.  I didn't want to hear, so I left.  Our Heavenly Father would not like us to allow ourselves to be corrupted.

JEFFREY OMUROYI - the eldest son
Honouring Your Parents
It is inherent in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, being sublime expressions of Heavenly Love,to see that sacred ordinances for our departed ancestors are performed.
     Some teenagers think their parents are wrong because they won't let them go out; but they are right in keeping them grounded, lest they fall into ways of behaviour or company which may be wrong for them. 
     Honouring our parents includes looking after our elderly parents or grandparents.
     It is wrong to look forward to your parents becoming old so you can sell their property and take the money, or putting them into a care home.  It is better to look after their welfare, rather than your own.
     Latter-Day Saints have a good record of looking after their parents and gransparents.  You can hear all the stories about such acts after the Exodus in 1912 from Nouvoo relocated in Utah.
     I do love my grandparents, but it is difficult to talk to them, like when Mum is in the lounge and hands me the phone and says 'Jeff, speak to our grandpa or grandma.'   (But Jeff loves to visit them personally).  I believe in what the Bible says "Honour thy Mother and thy Father so that thy days may be long".

SISTER TINA OMUROYI - Mum to Jeff and Joseph
You have to look at the Time
I am grateful for the privilege of giving this talk. 
The whole world was my aunties - it is a different culture in Africa.  My father was a Policeman, and that is where I grew up (in Baras).
     Your sister's children, your own children, our neighbours' children, they were all your children. 
My father was moved to another city, so he said he will take me and my young sister there.  I was six and she 3.  But I said I will stay with my mother.
     I gave myself 60 our of 100 in my behaviour.  When to be out on a date, when to be back, when you are 18, 20, 26, 30 - whatever is the acceptable norm.
     I was told always to 'Stand by your man'.  That's what my Mum taught me, and I have always loved my husband Ernest.  Our children learn from our examples.  I try to use everything my parents taught me.  We should try to praise and uplift our children, we should give them hugs but we should also discipline them. 
     I am grateful to the Relief Society, who did build me up.  The Relief Society has taught me to respect my Mother and my husband, and that has built up our relationships.  The value of this Christian Church has been of great use.


Thank you Joseph, Jeffrey and Tina.  I was going to say something....but Joseph has already said something, what he calls banter.  Yeah, we'll leave it at that, as I don't have the time.  So I will just give my testimony. 
     As Nephi says, if Heavenly Father wants us to do something, He will give us strength and guidance to do it.
     I am grateful for the Gospel in my life, and for Nephi's example.  I hope we can all be examples to people around us.  I am grateful for all that He has done for me and my family.  Amen.

Recorded by Brother Duru Dadlani
(Melchizedek Priest at the Ilford Ward, LDS).

(c) Copyright.