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Hillary will make a fine great President.....

Posted on March 2, 2016 at 4:36 PM Comments comments ()
I have been following the electioneering in the U.S.A.  They have a pretty complex system of first selecting a candidate to become the party's Nominee, the one candidate they will then hopefully back up to the hilt to reach election to the Oval Office and the White House. 
     And now the two major parties each have a candidate, Mrs Hillary Clinton (Hillary for America) and the GOP candidate, the redoubtable Mr Donald J. Trump, who enthuses as many as he annoys. 

     It seems as if alarm bells are ringing in the Republican camp.  Most of them didn't really expect The Donald to build on his huge popularity and clean up so many States on Super Tuesday.  He won in all States in which Hillary won the backing of the Democrats, with the exception of Texas.  Hillary won in Texas, but the Republicans backed the champion from the Lone Star State, Ted Cruz.  In a tight finish in Alaska, Ted Cruz also took the spoils.  Donald Trump has got a huge number of delegates backing him, about twice as many as has Ted Cruz.  But there is hope yet for Ted Cruz, who, although what is termed a Tea Party Republican, is moderate to mainstream, and could yet garner more support from the Republicans, who seem to be frankly shocked at the Donald's popularity.  How has he notched up such an unassailable lead, despite making so many enemies and alienating himself, threatening to build a wall from Mexico to fend them off, deport the millions of illegal immigrants if he becomes President, calling people all sorts of cuss names, not even taking the opportunity to say he is not courting the favour of the Ku Klux Klan!  Such notable controversial utterances must give his fellow contenders the hope that they can win the Republican backing and support in future contests, and perhaps, just perhaps, head for the Presidency.  Such hopes must rise in the hearts of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and I imagine Ben Carson.  Donald Trump has united them all against him.   The race will heat up further, and there are exciting times ahead.

     But for the moment, it seems Donald Trump is appearing with Governor Chris Christie like the future President and Vice President.  That appears to be their obvious grouping at the moment.

     As for Hillary Clinton, she is doing well, with over a thousand delegates already backing her, but she still needs more to support her to the official nomination.  Senator Bernie Sanders has just over three hundred backing his nomination.  At this stage, I imagine the Democrat party faithful will be likely to back Hillary, to ensure their party has a clearcut Nominee.  If they do, it will be great for the nation as a whole, for then the Obama legacy of the economic Recovery achieved could continue, creating jobs, empowering people who have been left behind, celebrating gender equality, helping people realize their cherished ambitions, making America whole again.   Not an America where the privileged have the most enjoyment, but an America where there is opportunity for everybody.  That is Hillary Clinton's vision, and people love her for that and are likely to support her to the hilt all the way to the White House. 

     But there are a lot of exciting bouts still ahead.  Could Ted Cruz knock the Donald out?  Could he first catch up with him in the numbers?  What about Marco Rubio - is he going to be boxing with his shadow? - he seems to have some impressive events lined up to back him.  Is there going to be some eventuality that would prompt the Republicans to endorse Mitt Romney instead?  The night is yet young, in this contest for the highest office in the world.

     I shall be pleased to hear readers' comments as usual.

Kind regards,
Durudarshan H Dadlani

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