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The U.S. Presidential race

Posted on March 6, 2016 at 12:44 PM Comments comments ()
The U.S. Presidential race, now in its stage to choose the Nominee who shall carry the banner for their respective Party, is hotting up.  The polls were indicative of the vast support for the various candidates,
although outline and headline wins may have suggested overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Last week Hillary Clinton had a head and shoulders lead over Bernie Sanders.  Today, that lead has been closed in. 

Bernie Sanders is a youthful 74, and although he seems to have been a late starter, he is certainly full of wim and vigour.  His declared agenda is to invest $1 Trillion into the economy, to create as many as 13 millions jobs, extend medical aid to the uninsured, and perhaps even upgrade the $7,760 that retirees receive in benefits from the state currently.  This is what he calls a progressive agenda.  Certainly it is a progressive agenda, and certainly his supporters would likely like to receive such enhanced benefits.  The question is : who will provide the funding? 

In addition to the normal funding (no longer in the expansionist Quantitative Easing cycle that was launched after the collapse of 2008) a Trillion Dollars is something that perhaps a Democrat government sitting with a comfortable majority in Congress could toy around with such an idea. It is the sort of policy they can implement in China with their command economy borrowing concepts of laisse-faire from America, but in America itself?  When the Republicans are proposing to repeal - do away with - the Affordable Care Act inaugurated by Mr Obama and known colloquially as Obamacare - does Mr Sanders imagine he would be able to introduce, let alone pass, such a bill?  He is an idealist and a dreamer, very loveable for that, but I don't think the Republicans and the financial reality would allow him.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton is proposing to continue the Affordable Care Act as well as create a few million jobs in her first term, should she become the President.  Under the existing budgetary provisions, that would logically be possible.  A few years ago, Bill Clinton gave a very brief idea about how he would create a few million jobs if he were the President.  After his full eight years in office, and with further insight into the processes, I believe he has a ready-made idea that could potentially be unrolled - and who better than under his own beloved Hillary?  The chemistry of this couple is magic, and I believe for the nation, their heads together will be genius.  Every good thing Hillary subconsciously believes will be possible for America under her leadership will indeed be possible, that I do believe. 

At this stage, there is ample scope for either of the candidates to become elected the nominee by July.  But after the nomination, Bernie would be slaughtered in the debates with the Republican nominee, just on the above super-progressive agenda, which seems superfluous from a financial point of view, in the responsible constraints of government.  Whereas Hillary would win, with her pragmatic and slightly enhanced agenda. 

Tuesday the 8th March is another important date in the primaries and caucuses; let us see how the delegates see the path forward. 

In the meantime, all should enjoy some leisure and laughter, secure in the knowledge that God shall guide them in their destiny.

Kind regards,


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