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It's got to be Hillary Clinton for President, surely?

Posted on March 10, 2016 at 4:57 AM Comments comments ()
Following the U.S. Presidential debates, you get a flavour of what the future holds for America if the various candidates reach appointment to the Oval Office and the White House.

On the debate last night, Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont, was asked which brand of socialism would he create - Honduras, Venezuela or Cuba?  This on his stirring proclamation that 'this country needs a peoples' revolution'.  On the second Super Tuesday, Bernie's spirits must have been lifted up, cleaning up in Michigan, getting one more delegate than Hillary Clinton, but getting most of the wards in this State, clearing 49percent to Hillary's 48percent.  Such a tight finish.

So, just a day later, he was flowing in fine form.  People who would like a socialist government in the United States cheer to Bernie in huge numbers. 

Mrs Clinton, on the other hand, offers what appears so sensible, such perceptive common sense.  "There are lots of people with huge burden of student debt.  The interest charged goes up from 8% to 14%.  In this country people can refinance their mortgages or commercial loans, so why not the student loans?  It is wrong that government should be making profits off students' loans.  I would help to change that."

Madame Secretary, that would be a winning policy, and certainly endear multitudes of students to vote for Hillary Clinton.

On immigration policy, a woman asked her what would happen to the undocumented immigrants, would Mrs Clinton deport children?  "No, I would not deport children.  And nor would I tear families apart.  I know it takes courage for a woman to ask this question."  Implicit in that response is a sympathetic note, that these families would receive lenient treatment.

Within the bounds of government policies, Mrs Clinton would deliver a fair governance to the people,
helping to maintain the good policies of the Obama administration which are already in place, and tweaking them and delivering improvements.

To be able to maintain the economic Recovery that President Obama has nurtured, it would be just about right to elect Hillary Clinton to the task of enhancing it and taking it further to Prosperity.
The people will decide by November, but in the meantime the delegate count can tip it her way.
She is the leading contender for the nomination at the moment, and the sooner she gets the huge number of delegates to back her that is necessary, the better it would be for all, then she can wrestle the Republicans and demonstrate in debate that she is up to the task.

English bookmakers have Hillary as the odds-on favourite for President.  Reading the books by the various Presidential candidates, I see there is substance behind such a choice.  She is the only mainstream candidate who is truly mainstream, and will serve America well. 

Kind regards,

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