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If the Republicans repeal Obamacare, what will they replace it with?

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 3:27 PM Comments comments ()
There are now four candidates still standing for the nomination to become the standard bearer for the Republican Party, and all would repeal Obamacare  - perhaps with the sole exception of John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, who would keep the Medicaid part of the Affordable Care Act. He seems is very much loved in Ohio, and is credited with having balanced the State of Ohio's budget for four years running.  He would expand Medicaid, which is by law in Ohio; but repeal the rest of Obamacare. However, at this stage Senator Kasich has been left behind in the polls, although he has a huge opportunity in Ohio to be the winner-take-all this Tuesday.  He appears the most modest Republican candidate, with centre of right approach to steering the ship.  With his excellent credentials, I would have thought he would be doing well in this contest.  But he has held himself, perhaps consoling himself that he is seen as the sole 'adult' candidate, while the other candidates were exchanging banter and juvenile insults.  The world at large does not know of Mr Kasich's sterling qualities, and he has done himself a disservice not making it apparent to the crowds.  He is a church going Christian, and even has a bestseller on his talks with a cross section of the community who meet him on Mondays.  He looks cast in the classic mould of the natural, sensible leader, who comes to prominence in times of strife.  He is the strong silent type, who would make an excellent President; but for today's crowds, he just comes across as silent. 

Donald Trump would repeal Obamacare, he has categorically said so, but he is still an interesting personality.  Donald got in trouble at school at the age of thirteen, then he was sent to a Military Academy by his Dad.  There he learnt the value of aggressiveness in winning the prize.  Graduating from there, he certainly took pride beating the drums as the leader at the parade.  He has done extremely well for himself, and speaks his mind.  Now it seems people are used to him.  They know that's the Donald's way.  He would have an expansionist budget, pumping in $11 to $14 Trillion  over the next ten years, boosting the defence budget.  But I have a feeling that even if he doesn't make President, he will make profits in his endeavours.  He has made lots of friends around the country, and it seems they would help him expand his business empire.  This is a man who dreams big, and acts on what he believes in.   

Ted Cruz, the Senator from the Lone Star State of Texas, has often hinted that he would repeal Obamacare - it costs too much.  He has also hinted that he is in favour of trimming the budget.  This I believe would lead to the sequestrations that people were not happy with, and brought misery to many, including the 'furloughs' in their travel, closure of government operated parks and museums, and poor students being sent home because there was no provision for a free lunch.  Senator Cruz doesn't like the idea of a free lunch.  He was having lunch at a government restaurant in D.C. where pan-de-monium broke out when somebody opened up and mentioned a truth : that the nation has borrowed a lot just to live on, and it cannot go on forever.  If Senator Cruz was the President, he would rein that in presumably.  There would be problems with fixing the Debt Ceiling.  By contrast, on his own agenda, he would increase spending by anything up $14 Trillion over the next ten years.  On the national level, an additional $14 Trillion would not be in line with the Republican way of financial responsibility - they don't wish to weigh such a huge debt on future generations.
He seems to be flowing both ways, and it seems an administration under him would find it difficult to balance the budget.  His idea of carpet bombing to try to solve the conflict in Syria does not gel well with the current huge humanitarian crisis in Europe, where millions of people displaced from Syria are asleep on wet floors, hungry and thirsty in the cold, sleeping in tiny tents, with no heating, nor toilet facilities. 
     Should he not make the nomination, the Senator could certainly do a lot of good to help rebuild the broken lives of people in Texas, who were quite recently hit by the typhoons and tornadoes, with destruction of homes and infrastructure.  

Marco Antonio Rubio is the young Senator who is likely to be the winner-take-all candidate at the rally in Florida next week.  He is very much looked upon as the living American Dream to his myriads of Latino followers.  Just as he studied hard to make his hard-working parents happy, and has done well to become the brightest of rising stars on the political scene, so his dreams are big.  If he doesn't make VP this year, he perhaps will in another four years' time.  Time is on his certainly on his side, and I see him prominent on the national stage in the next ten years. 

I look forward to their exciting contests in the next few days.

Wishing you all a joyful weekend in the meantime.

Kind regards,

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