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Who will win the Presidential race?

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 8:12 AM Comments comments ()
After the results from the five States on Super Tuesday No. 3, it seems Hillary Clinton has further strengthened her lead in this stage, and is very likely to become the Democrat Nominee.  That would be good for her, as surely it seems a clear perception in the public consciousness that it is her destiny to become the first female President of a superpower.  She is the one person who has been the President in making while she has served as Secretary of State, nay, before that as the First Lady in Arkansas, then as the First Lady, and now it seems she is finally on her way.  Last time in 2008, she lost her nomination to Barack Obama, this time it seems most unlikely to Bernie Sanders. 

Senator Sanders is a fine candidate, but his liberal agenda is seen as freebies he would wish to hand out to the American people, from a budget that no one is likely to approve.  An additional $1 Trillion - where will the money come from?  Of course the American people would like the creation of an additional 13 million jobs - who will pay for them?  They would like Medicaid made available to even more people - again, who would pay for it?  Bernie Sanders is much loved by his supporters, and on average a lot of them have contributed $27 to his campaign funds.  It seems his supporters will continue to contribute as long as there is hope.  To me, it seems hope in a utopian state, such as candidates in former Communist nations used to propose....but the United States have all the freedoms for the citizens, as well as social security ; and the Affordable Care Act, which President Obama has helped to create for the people.  Those could and perhaps would be enhanced under Hillary Clinton's administration.  The sooner it is clear to Bernie's supporters, the soonest they can perhaps throw their weight behind Hillary's campaign.  The support of all those disaffected conservatives, hopeful liberals and left-leaning progressives, and those who would empower womankind to the highest, would needless to say be very welcomed by Hillary's campaign team.    Those who can see with clear eyes that Hillary will provide a fair and progressive agenda, will realise that she is worthy of all their support.

But the night is yet young in this contest, and Senator Sanders will of course wish to further his agenda, and work hard, with all the wim and vigour that he has, to see if he can clinch a deal with the Super-delegates, to persuade them to back him.  On the numbers alone (Hillary is 800 delegates short of nomination, while Bernie needs another 1600 or so), it seems they may have to lovingly offer him their commiserations.  Of course, the obvious hope for him would be as a potential Vice President, or, perhaps even an Ambassador to Tanzania or Myanmar or some such nation, where people will certainly find his outlook inspiring. 

It seems that Donald Trump would buy the Presidency, if he could.  He is already spending huge amounts of money compared to the other candidates to hold his rallies.  How he urges his supporters to 'knock the hell out' of anyone who as much as dares to throw a tomato at him is indicative of his sense of power and how he would exercise it. 

I believe the title and office of President is a spiritual gift of the people to one of noble spirit who is worthy of such a gift from the people, and from God above.
At this stage, from the provocative and inciting remarks from Mr Trump, clearly he is not ready for it.

I shall be glad to hear your views, dear readers.

Kind regards,


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