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For the salvation of Syria.....

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 9:39 AM Comments comments ()
At long last, after so many delays (mainly due to lack of peace on the ground in Syria itself), the peace talks seem finally to be held in Geneva, with the aegis of Mr Stephan de Mistura, the UN Special Peace Envoy for Syria.

The basis for negotiating a greater peace in Syria will be tantamount on a framework of reference, but in the meantime, it is good news that the various delegates, in different hotel rooms or halls, are getting together to discuss and suggest ways that an everlasting peace could be achieved.

It is imperative to achieve peace, for the poor beleaguered people of Syria, who have endured more than five years of savage bombings and shootings and violence, from different sides, causing deaths of as many of 370,000 persons, men, women, and children.  This must count as a black stain on the conscience of humanity, who have stood by, unable to influence events or get Mr Bashar al-Asaad to abandon his position as President, and let the nation take a route of reconciling their difference among the peoples and proceed forward, salvaging peace from the very messy situation, and proceeding forward to maintain their livelihoods and homes and tend to their wounds. 

For reasons best known to himself, Mr Bashar al-Asaad did not see it befitting to resign his position as President, although it is clear he was continuously being asked to do so.  A close group of his friends may have helped keep him in place, their misguided sense of loyalty would be at blame.

At the moment, as peace prevails over Syria, with the Russian troops now being withdrawn by President Putin, having carried out the work for which they were engaged by President Assad personally, and presumably being promised payment from the government purse, there is the great promise of general free elections being held within eighteen months.

My suggestion is that Mr Bashar al-Asaad should be given a little house, with a table and comfortable chairs, so that he may write a full history of current events, and what part he has played in them,
leading to the huge Exodus of nearly six million people, who are now camped in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Macedonia and other nations, as stateless people or refugees, migrants who are
about to be turned back, this suffering lines of hungry and thirsty people, sometimes sleeping on wet ground, eating at the mercy of those generous nations who seem overwhelmed at the huge numbers, really unable to cope and provide adequately despite their compassion.  Mr Bashar al-Asaad must rest peacefully, and then write the story.  It would have great beneficial use for the salvation of the people.

In the meantime, it would be a great idea to find a small handful of people to form an interim government.  For this broken nation, it will not be some cushy job for anyone.  It will require people who genuinely have the welfare of their people in their being and heart, who would be able to talk with the various tribes and leaders, and people of great common sense who could facilitate the rehabilitation of the people.  I suggest this is the first thing that should be done.

At the same time, the European nations and the wealthy Arab nations must be tapped for contributions for funds to help rehabilitate the people stranded outside back into Syria, where a lot of housing will have to be rebuilt, as well as the infrastructure.  In the meantime, perhaps nations with empty housing may consider helping to house the displaced people for some time, perhaps five, perhaps ten years, until Syria could be rebuilt.  It is up to the various nations to find out whether it would be acceptable to their own people, and then suggest what may be available.  It would be welcome if some help is altruistic and humanitarian; but the arrangements will naturally have to be for money, to be paid from funds from the aforementioned wealthy and humanitarian nations. 

At the time, I express the hope that the Islamic State and Al-Nusra followers may consider offering peace to the people of Syria, and packing away their guns and missiles, and allowing the free recreation of Peace, which is really I hope they agree humanity's birthright.  I often read something on the wall of a church in London.  It says 'Let us have peace.  Let it begin with me.  Let it begin with you.' These simple inspiring words sound like words from an angel. 

Today I pray for peace in Syria, a continued peace as is long-lasting, a peace offered with sincerity and understanding, a peace that may restore the normal good living of the people of Syria, in the guardianship of able people, as servants of God (whose name too is Allah), to the salvation of these people who have suffered distress for five long years and more.  I have faith in the generosity of our Heavenly Father, to restore the peace and normalcy amongst the people of Syria.  May that nation bloom like a flower, even upon stony ground.  I pray in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.

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