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Does Hillary the Peacemaker deserve to be elected President? I believe she does.

Posted on March 26, 2016 at 12:45 PM Comments comments ()
After Super Tuesday No. 3 on the 15th March, there are five candidates still in running for the
Presidency, Marco Rubio the Republican Senator from Florida having curtailed his campaign. 

First of all, they still have more primaries and caucases before the Parties can decide on their
respective Nominees, this will become firm by mid June. 

At the moment, Hillary Clinton seems to have gathered the highest number of delegates and super-delegates
backing her nomination, and it is improbable that Senator Bernard Sanders' appeals to them to back him
instead will have any meaningful outcome.  The sheer numbers are in Hillary's favour, plus she has
all the credentials for the top job.

Her proposed Budget would seem to be workable, and would go well with the people of the U.S.

Her role as peacemaker at large in her term as Secretary of State is worthy of appreciation. 
She was very much trusted as an honest broker in the Middle East, and the largely peaceful time could in
no small measure be attributed to her diplomacy.

I was skimming through her autobiography, Hard Choices.  An example from a chapter entitled
Afghanistan : To End a War....."The need for reconciliation and a political settlement isn't going away. 
If anything, it is more pressing than ever."  Madame Secretary's privileged meetings with world leaders during her tenure
as Secretary of State have given her a unique, perhaps unrivalled,  understanding of the ground realities in many
nations and the dynamics at play.  This will surely give her an enviable position to craft peace treaties and
trade negotiations which would bring greater prosperity to all nations as well as help recreate America's image
as a force for good on the world stage.

I believe the world very much needs an American President as a peacemaker to be directing world efforts to
make peace.  People the world over are soulfully sick of war, peace would bring comfort and normalcy to all
the troubled parts of the globe. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton has the signature of the peacemaker; It seems it is her destiny to sign many peace agreements. 
If the  Democrat faithful agree with what I say, perhaps they could in growing numbers  help confirm her as
the Nominee, and thereafter, along with the rest of America, support her to the hilt to get her elected President. 

Kind regards,

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